When it comes to choosing the next perfect place to call home, there are many factors to take into consideration. The availability of jobs, the climate, the location, amenities and recreational opportunities to be enjoyed, proximity to family and friends – thinking all of these things over carefully can be important. The search doesn’t stop there, though. Even after you’ve selected a city that you’d like to live in, you’ll still need to find a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle needs and your personal preferences. Arbors Homes for Sale is a great option for hose seeking a great community.

At GayRealEstate.com, we’ve done some of that important research for you, and are happy to offer what we hope is helpful information about wonderful neighborhoods in cities across the country that might be a great fit for you, including Homes in Lake Murray.

San Francisco

  • The Castro: The Castro is pretty synonymous with San Francisco and LGBTQ. It’s one of the most gay-centric neighborhoods in the world. The lively block features everything from homey restaurants to upscale shopping and historical museums. The median home price in The Castro is approximately $1,749,803.
  • The Mission: The property values in the Mission have been increasing over the past few years. This neighborhood has a strong queer Latino presence and was home to the first gay Latino bar in San Francisco called Este Noche (along with other places like a La India Bonita and El Rio). Today, it’s a thriving and diverse community with plenty of resources for LGBTQ individuals. The median home price in the Mission is approximately $1,417,043.
  • Chinatown: People may not realize it, but this neighborhood is closely related to the LGBTQ culture. The area has a history of embracing sexuality and is rich in gay nightlife. In 1994, the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance and Asian Pacific Sisters joined the Chinese New Year Parade. It was the first time the city’s Chinese American society accepted the Asian American LGBT organizations publicly. The median home price in Chinatown is approximately $1,396,922.

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·        Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill is considered the center for the LGBTQ community in Seattle. 4.5% of households are same-sex couples and the neighborhood is a densely populated residential region. It holds one of the city’s most prominent entertainment and nightlife districts, boasting bars, nightclubs, eateries, coffee shops, etc. Capitol Hill also has a plant conservatory, walking trails, and excellent panoramic city views. The median price of homes currently listed in Capitol Hill is about $624,950.

  • Madrona: The Madrona neighborhood is mostly residential and located in east-central Seattle. It sits right on the shores of Lake Washington and has a motto of “The Peaceable Kingdom” because of racial diversity. 4.1% of couples in Madrona are same-sex, making it the second-largest LGBTQ neighborhood in Seattle. Madrona is bounded on the south by E. Cherry Street. It also offers Madrona Park with boating, lakeside swimming, hiking, picnicking, and other fun outdoor activities.  The median home value in Madrona is about $1,078,033.
  • Vashon Island: Vashon Island is the largest island in Puget Sound with a population of about 10,000. It’s 36.9 square miles and has a same-sex population of 1.8%. There are no bridges to connect this island to the mainland, giving it a rather rural character. Vashon Island is home to the annual Strawberry Festival and many creative LGBTQ artists. It’s an affordable place for artsy island living. The median home value in Vashon is about $638,840

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New York City

  • ChelseaChelsea has the highest density of same-sex couples in New York. 8th Avenue boasts a long line of gay-friendly businesses flying rainbow flags year-round. Chelsea is known for its chic art galleries and cool residents. The High Line Park is a converted high rail with excellent views of the city. The neighborhood also has vintage shops, gay bars, and Chelsea MarketThe median home price in Chelsea is about $960,185.
  • Hell’s Kitchen: Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood chock full of food fare. It also has a high concentration of same-sex couples and merges with the Theater District (home to Broadway). The dining-dense area has endless restaurants, drag shows, friendly nightlife, and rainbow flags galore. The median home price in Hell’s Kitchen is about $957,919.
  • West Village: This is where it all started. Stonewall Inn is off 7th Avenue and Christopher Street, which sparked the LGBTQ movement more than 50 years ago. The inn still stands and hosts nights of Drag Bingo and Big Gay Happy Hour. It’s also the site of the annual Pride Rally during Pride Week. The LGBT Center (also known as “The Center”) has its home on West 13th Street in the Village. The community organization hosts several art events a year and provides services like HIV resources and counseling. The median home price in West Village is about $1,995,000.

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Los Angeles

  • West Hollywood A tiny city within a city, West Hollywood (WeHo) is located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood. A trendy area, the neighborhood is known for its high-energy nightlife, comedy clubs, and live music venues. The heart of Hollywood lies here. The median home price in West Hollywood is about $865,735.
  • Silver Lake Fully embracing the hipster lifestyle, Silver Lake is an Eastside Los Angeles neighborhood that’s home to funky street art and vegan cafes. If you are a pet owner, there is also a popular dog park with trails and a grassy meadow. The median home price in Silver Lake is about $1,089,055.
  • Hollywood Hills The hillside neighborhood located in the central region of the city is called the Hollywood Hills. Home to many celebrities and people in the entertainment industry, it boasts stunning cityscape views, winding drives, and spacious lots. The median home price in Hollywood Hills is about $1,590,222.

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  •  Downtown Portland: This neighborhood has recently gone through a complete renaissance and has been established as an LGBTQ enclave in the city. Downtown is a buzzing and vibrant area with indie shops selling local brands, creative dining, and eclectic food trucks. The Tom McCall Waterfront Park is right nearby, and the Portland Saturday Market is in the neighborhood too. The area is also home to the Portland Art Museum and the Keller Auditorium. The median home value in Downtown Portland is about $409,955.
  • Pearl District: This is a former industrial section of Portland that now booms with commerce and art. This district is often called “fashionable” and “lively” and is the prime shopping destination in the city. From hip brands to indie boutiques and warehouse spaces, it’s the cool neighborhood to live in. The median home value in Pearl District is about $541,016.
  • Southwest Hills: One of the most upscale neighborhoods in Portland, this area is upbeat and known for the attractions offered in one space. You can find the Oregon Zoo, Portland Japanese Garden, Marquam Nature Park, and much more. Hilltop Council Crest offers excellent panoramic views of the city. There is also a variety of dining options in the area from pubs to American eateries. The median home value in Southwest Hills is about $909,977. The median price per square foot is $333.

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Palm Springs

  • 92264: This Palm Springs zip code has a diverse economy with lots of recreation. The cost of living is 23% higher than the national average but the median commute is only 18 minutes. In this community, there are 12.4% LGBTQ couples per household. Homes range from 1-4 bedrooms with beautiful landscaping and Spanish flair. The median sales price for 92264 is about $337,500.
  • 92262 This is a bustling residential area with many hotels, spas, and cafes right around the corner. This zip code is closer to North Palm Springs and in the same vicinity as the airport. There are 11.3% LGBTQ couples per household with 1-4 bedroom homes. The median sales price for 92262 is about $433,000.

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  • West End: Considered the more “upscale” side of town, the West End used to be home to a large population of Portuguese fishermen. Today, it’s full of cafes, art studios, and cool clubs where people need a country club membership to be able to enter. The median sales price for a home in P-Town is $530,000 and the average price per square foot is $780. This area typically has over 50 homes for sale ranging in price from as low as $300,000 up to $3,000,000.
  • East End: Usually referred to as the “quiet side of town,” the East End is the old Yankee part of the city where the ship’s captains used to reside. Today, it’s a diverse neighborhood and a great place to raise a family. The median sales price for a home in P-Town is $530,000 and the average price per square foot is $780. This area typically has over 50 homes for sale ranging in price from as low as $300,000 up to $3,000,000.

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San Diego

  •  Hillcrest: Hillcrest is the “gayborhood” of San Diego and the center of LGBTQ activities. They host the city’s annual gay pride parade, as well as other events year-round. Don’t forget about the Wednesday night drag show at Urban MO’s Bar & Grill. 5.1% of households in the area are same-sex couples. Most of the architecture is single-family homes and condos. A lot of the population commutes to work by bike, and the area is full of gay bars, farm-to-table eateries, and fabulous shops. There is also a weekly Farmer’s Market that sells produce, flowers, and local treats. The median price for a home in Hillcrest is about $545,006. 
  • North Park: North Park, 3.1% of the households are same-sex couples. It’s a tad quieter than Hillcrest and more family-oriented. The area is full of condos built in the 80s and single-family homes that date back to the 20s. You can find a cute, vintage space here. The median price for a home in North Park is about$576,028. The neighborhood is nestled directly next to the huge North Park Community Park with a recreation center, basketball court, and hundreds of activities. There is also the North Park Community Association that watches over the area to ensure the safety and contentment of all residents in the neighborhood.
  • Normal Heights: Normal Heights is considered a densely urban neighborhood with 1.7% of residents living with a same-sex partner. This area is more affordable than other LGBTQ enclaves in San Diego, but the housing is smaller. It has a higher proportion of luxury apartments and condos than in other areas. Normal Heights is home to Ward Canyon Park and is a lively area with gastropubs, cool cafes, and thrift shops. Concerts are held frequently at Trolley Barn Park, as well as outdoor movie screenings. It’s a hip paradise. The median price for a home in Normal Heights is about $467,618.
  • University Heights: This neighborhood sits in central San Diego and offers a variety of different housing options from condos to cottages to million-dollar homes. 3.9% of households in this neighborhood are same-sex couples. Like Old Town nearby, there are a ton of Spanish Colonial bungalows that populate the area. The residents in University Heights make above-average income and most people have a 15 minute or less commute to work. The area is only a few minutes away from Balboa Park, San Diego State University, and the San Diego Airport. The median price for a home in University Heights is about $540,745.

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Key West

  • The happening neighborhood for the LGBTQ community is in and around Duval Street. It’s a downtown, commercial-zoned street in zip code 33040. The median sales price for a home is about $550,000 and the average price per square foot is $500. The area typically has 377 homes for sale. This area is also referred to as Old Town. Here, the architecture is classic bungalows and guest mansions.

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  • Boystown: The Boystown neighborhood in Chicago is home to one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the Midwest. The bustling neighborhood in West Lakeview has been hosting the Chicago Pride Parade since 1971and is full of charming boutiques, cool coffee shops, and trendy clubs. The neighborhood is bordered by tree-lined Halsted Street on the north side of the city and is home to comedy clubs, theaters, and a young and vibrant nightlife. The Chicago Diner is also in Boystown which is the city’s oldest vegan restaurant. Boystown also has the award-winning Legacy Walk and boasts the world’s only outdoor LGBTQ history museum. The median price of homes listed right now in Lakeview is about $473,836. The median cost per square foot is $353. That’s higher than the Chicago average of $240.
  • Andersonville: Labeled “Girlstown” in the 90s due to a vibrant lesbian population, Andersonville is a thriving LGBTQ community that’s nestled between Edgewater and Uptown. The neighborhood is located on the north side of the city with most of the action taking place between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue. The community also has a Swedish heritage with the Swedish American Museum being a main cultural attraction. This also means the neighborhood is full of delectable bakeries and cute cafes. Andersonville is also home to Women and Children First, one of the largest feminist bookstores in the United States. They’ve been bringing LGBTQ-friendly literature to Chicago since the 70s. The median price of homes listed right now in Andersonville is about $451,443. The area is known for its 19th-century row houses and European architecture.
  • Pilsen: In the past, the Pilsen neighborhood has been known as the center of the Latino community in Chicago. It’s now an up-and-coming LGBTQ community that’s welcoming to all. The urban enclave sits a little southwest of downtown, just below Little Italy and the Near West Side. The long history is written in the neo-bohemian buildings, upscale lofts, and colorful murals.   Pilsen is artsy. Enthusiasts should appreciate the National Museum of Mexican Art, which offers free admission, as well as eclectic eateries, diverse crowds, boutiques, and bars. The median price of homes listed right now in Pilsen is about $306,545.

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  • Capitol Hill: In the heart of the city is a neighborhood nicknamed “Cap Hill,” which has always attracted a large gay population. It’s dotted with stately old mansions and has a residential, bohemian vibe. Capitol Hill is home to many popular attractions, including the Molly Brown House Museum and the gold-domed state capitol. The neighborhood is lined with offbeat shops, hip bars, and late-night coffeehouses. The median sales price of homes in Capitol Hill is about $301,000.
  • Cheesman Park: Cheesman Park is the gayest park in Denver and home to the annual gay pride parade. The surrounding neighborhood is a welcoming and tight LGBTQ community with plenty of resources. The tranquil neighborhood has expansive lawns, a dramatic neo-classic pavilion, and shady jogging trails. It is home to the Denver Botanic Gardens, relaxed coffeehouses, and craft-cocktail bars. The median sales price of homes in Cheesman Park is about $350,000.
  • Cherry Creek: This neighborhood is a high-end residential with some commercial space as well. It’s a pretty exclusive neighborhood that boasts high prices per square foot. The median sales price of homes in Cherry Creek is about $799,000.
  • Country Club: This neighborhood is located adjacent to the Denver Country Club. It’s one of the elite neighborhoods in the city with lots of large elegant homes. The neighborhood is bounded by University Boulevard, Cheery Creek, Downing Street, and 8th street. The median sales price of homes in Country Club is about $1,227,500.

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Washington D.C.

·        Dupont Circle: One of the most traditional gay neighborhoods in the area, Dupont Circle is full of interesting shops, cafes, bookstores, bars, and restaurants all geared toward the LGBTQ community. The area tends to be on the more expensive side for D.C. with Queen Anne, Richardsonian, and Beaux-Arts style homes. The population in this neighborhood hovers around 23k. The median price of homes listed right now in Dupont Circle is about $469,347

·        Capitol Hill: This is the neighborhood where many gay and single families move to get away from the hubbub. Still near the excitement, but a quiet LGBTQ enclave, Capitol Hill is elegant and informed. Here you can find restaurants, markets, crafts, antiques, and all types of unique entertainment. The median price of homes listed right now in Capitol Hill is about $864,885.

·        Columbia Heights: Much like many other popular cities, Columbia Heights is a predominantly Latino area that welcomes the LGBTQ community with open arms. In the past five years, the area has been revitalized. There is new diversity in both business and population. The median price of homes listed right now in Columbia Heights is about $663,953. The densely populated neighborhood (35K+ people) has a weekly farmer’s market, vegan bakery, the GALA Hispanic Theater, and Mexican Cultural Institute. Most of the real estate is comprised of elegant row homes and embassies.

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  • Loring Park: Home to Twin Cities Pride, Loring Park is a charming neighborhood that is mainly residential. The area is known for its large green spaces. Loring Park has a lake and extensive hiking and biking trails. The neighborhood also features cozy cafes, upscale new American restaurants, and independent shops. Loring Park is also home to the Minneapolis Convention Center, so if you do a lot of business there, this would be the perfect neighborhood. The median sales price of a home in Loring Park is about $322,000.
  • Powderhorn Park: Located approximately three miles south of downtown, Powderhorn Park is home to the May Day Festival and Powderhorn Arts Festival. The area is residential, consisting of single-family homes, three-story apartment buildings, and duplexes. The population of Powderhorn Park is approximately 9,000 people and it’s extremely diverse. Every year, the May Day Festival is held on the shores of a sparkling lake in Powderhorn Park itself. The median sales price of a home in Powderhorn Park is about $237,000.
  • Northeast Minneapolis: One of the newer LGBTQ neighborhoods, the Northeast neighborhood is located along Central Avenue and is home to a variety of gay establishments, art galleries, cafes, boutiques, microbreweries, etc. It’s a thriving gay-friendly scene. In 2009, Northeast was named the city’s gayest neighborhood. It’s a resourceful community with affordable housing prices. The median sales price of a home in the Northeast neighborhood is about $290,000.

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Fort Lauderdale

  • North Beach: This area is undergoing a tremendous transformation. It’s located just south of Sunrise Blvd. and north of Las Olas Blvd. There is a large amount of mid-century modern architecture, many of which are being updated. However, this is still the gayest neighborhood. Just like South Beach in Miami, North Beach is on its way to becoming the gay mecca of the city. It has a beachy vibe with a lot of life.
  • Pompano Beach: This is an up-and-coming neighborhood that has a steady growing LGBTQ community. The area has many waterfront homes and condos. It’s close to Wilton Drive and Sebastian Beach. It’s also pretty affordable.
  • Sea Ranch Lakes: This is an enclave within Lauderdale by the Sea and while this tends to have an older crowd, it’s rapidly changing. This is resort-style living at affordable prices. The community has tennis courts, 3 heated pools, and 3 patio bars. Sea Ranch Lakes also has its own shopping plaza and more amenities than other neighborhoods. It’s super close to downtown.
  • Lauderdale Lakes: This neighborhood offers a series of gated condo communities including some that are lakefront. It’s less than 10 minutes from the beaches, Las Olas, and more. The architecture here ranges from modern to mid-century complexes. If you are on a budget but still want to be in a Fort Lauderdale LGBTQ community, this is your neighborhood.

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Fire Island Pines

  • Fire Island PinesThe Pines has the most expensive real estate on Fire Island, with approximately 700 houses in total on its one square mile of location. Despite being located on only one square mile of the total space on the island, The Pines have nearly two-thirds of the island’s swimming pools. Homes are certainly not inexpensive on the island, with the median sale price in 2019 being approximately $750,000.
  • Cherry GroveOne of the oldest communities on Fire Island, Cherry Grove is widely known as being the first community in America where gays and lesbians could be open and free in expressing their sexuality, even long before the modern gay rights movement began. To this day, it remains a place where LGBTQ individuals can feel free to be and celebrate all that they are, and enjoy a community that does the same. Like The Pines, homes in Cherry Grove tend toward the more expensive, with the average sale price in recent years hovering right around $630,000.

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  • South End: Nestled in between Back Bay, Roxbury, and Chinatown, many say that the South End is one of the best gay areas in Boston. Initially established in the 1850s, the South End has gone through many transitions. It is now home to a very diverse population including a large number of LGBTQ residents. South End is filled with old Victorian houses and beautiful green spaces. In addition to several eclectic shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, South End also offers several unique events, including Pride Lights. This event features a majestic collection of lights, as well as musical performances and moving speeches. Truly, there is something in the South End for everyone. The median price of homes currently listed in South End is about $1,189,000.
  • Fenway-Kenmore: Even 20 years ago, the Fenway-Kenmore area was known primarily for one thing – being home to the Boston Red Sox and the storied Fenway Park. Over the last several years, however, it has also become known as one of the best gayborhoods in Boston. It is an area full of history and plenty of events and activities to enjoy year-round. The median home value in Fenway is about $656,755. 
  • Back Bay: Back Bay is an iconic Boston neighborhood, one that has been part of the city since the 1820s. Initially, a neighborhood developed in response to overcrowding, it soon became a popular destination for Boston’s most wealthy families.  Many mansions now dot the neighborhood’s tree-lined historic streets.  In addition to being home to many historic landmarks like Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library, Back Bay is now also home to a significant portion of the city’s LGBTQ community. Current median home sale prices in Back Bay are approximately $975,000.

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  • Downtown Providence: This is the city’s business hub and is where the neoclassical State House sits with its marble dome. The area has hip brewpubs, trendy restaurants, and walking paths that skirt the Providence River. Bonfires are lit several times a year for the WaterFire art show, which provides 15,000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibition. The neighborhood has unique shopping and gorgeous scenery. It’s bounded on the east by Canal Street and also houses the Providence Performing Arts Center, a 1928 movie palace that stages live shows. The median cost for a home in Downtown Providence is about $565,000.
  • West End: The West End is located in the southwestern part of the city in the area often referred to as the South Side. It is bounded by Westminster Street to the north and Huntington Avenue to the south. The historic urban neighborhood is bustling with revitalization where homes have been renovated and sidewalks repaired. The community is fostered with the help of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) who organizes and connects neighbors to promote the diverse and historic community. The area has places to shop, eat, and play. The median cost for a home in the West End is about $204,900.
  • Lower South Providence: The Lower South Side is a neighborhood in the southern part of the city that is bounded from upper South Providence by Public Street. Living in this area has a dense suburban feel with a homey nature. This area is home to lots of bars, cafes, and boutiques. There is also an abundance of parks. So, this is a great neighborhood for nature lovers. The median cost for a home in Lower South Providence is about $167,350.

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  • South Beach: A glittering art deco enclave that’s the apotheosis of the city, South Beach was the start of the Miami gay scene and will probably always remain so. Miami Beach is a neighborhood on its own little island. It’s a glamorous scene full of hot nightspots and celebrity-chef eateries. South Beach is lined with chain stores and little indies shops. Ocean Drive is best known for its well-preserved art deco architecture and cool, casual vibe. It takes up the southernmost two miles and is the main neighborhood everyone thinks of when they hear “Miami.” The median price for a home in South Beach is about $570,000.
  • Wynwood: Also referred to as the “Design District,” it has recently been revitalized and renewed. The area is full of oddball galleries and high-end shopping. This is definitely where the art resides in Miami and is home to the Arsht Center, a performance venue. Wynwood is also known for its many colorful murals. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum promoting large-scale works by world-renowned street artists. The surrounding areas have converted warehouses that are now hip craft breweries and chic boutiques. The median price for a home in Wynwood is about $277,000.
  • Coconut Grove: This is one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods and considered the “Wall Street of Central America.” It hugs the shoreline of Biscayne Bay and is an upscale and green neighborhood with a mangrove forest. The boho hangout has been home to many celebrities and is also host to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a stunning villa and estate with a Farmer’s Market every Sunday. The neighborhood also hosts sailing clubs and several marinas that dot the waterfront. The median price for a home in Coconut Grove is about $887,500.

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  • Downtown Berkeley: Downtown Berkeley is full of high-rise buildings, cafes, shops, music venues, and restaurants. Located a block away from UC Berkeley (but away from the scene), the tree-lined avenues are the nicest part of the city. The neighborhood has a diversity of food, art, and music you won’t find anywhere else in the city. The feel is hip, young, and lively The median price of homes listed right now in Berkeley is about $1,001,354.
  • West Berkeley (Fourth Street): Away from college life, Fourth Street is much quieter with predominantly single-family homes. Real estate here largely consists of small cottage and bungalow types that work perfectly for the LGBTQ community. The neighborhood is also home to the Fourth Street Shopping District offering up high-end, brand-name stores in a concentrated area. It has a semi-industrial vibe with the most upscale shopping and dining in the city. The median price of homes listed right now in West Berkeley is about $627,000.
  • Northside/North Berkeley: Northside is the oldest residential neighborhood in Berkeley. The area is populated with working-class professionals and graduate students. It’s mostly residential with quaint single-family homes and tree-lined streets. There is a small shopping area on Euclid but it’s not big. Mainly this is a wonderful place if you are seeking an LGBTQ enclave away from city life.

The median price of homes listed right now in Northside is about $1,064,00.

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Long Beach

  • While some cities have one or two areas that could be referred to as “gayborhoods”, Long Beach is unique in that this can be said of almost the entire city. Whether you choose a beach cottage, a bungalow, or a luxury beachfront home, there are plenty of options to fit varying tastes and needs. The median home value in Long Beach is approximately $630,000.

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  • Davie Village: Also known as Davie District or Davie Street, this is the top gay neighborhood in Vancouver and is located in the west end. The area is centered around Davie street and includes Burrard and Jervis streets. All along Davie Street, you’ll find a variety of cute shops, restaurants, hotels, and private residences. One of the most famous places to visit in the neighborhood is Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, a gay and lesbian bookstore. They are famous for ongoing legal battles with Canada Customs for LGBTQ rights. You will also see a massive amount of rainbow flags here flying from every business. Recent enhancements to the village include the now world-famous rainbow crosswalks at the corner of Bute and Davie. The Heart of Davie Public Space Improvement Project is also looking at revitalizing the Jim Deva Plaza area. The median price for homes in Davie Village is about $680,000.

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  • Washington Square West: This is the gayborhood of Philly. It’s a neighborhood in downtown that corresponds to the area between 7th and Broad Streets. It’s a desirable residential community with a diverse array of shops, coffee houses, and restaurants. The area contains a multitude of gay-friendly establishments and is home to “Outfest” every year. The real estate in the area is a mix of commercial and residential. It’s characterized by 2 to 4 story rowhouses that are interspersed with mid-rise apartments and condos. There is also a lot of office space with ground-floor retail. The median price for homes in the Washington Square West neighborhood is about $453,700.
  • Manayunk: This is a coveted neighborhood on Philadelphia’s northwest side. Manayunk is known as the place to come for drinks in the city. It’s filled with eclectic bars and unique eateries. The area has Victorian-style homes, lofts, and rowhouses that hug the Schuylkill Riverbanks. The steep incline of the Manayunk Wall punishes bikers every year in an annual race. Cute galleries and boutiques line the streets punctuated with trendy bars. The median price for homes in the Manayunk neighborhood is about $269,900.
  • Fitler Square: Fitler Square takes its name from the leafy pocket park that hosts an annual spring fair with live music. Every Saturday, there is a year-round farmers’ market. With a population of fewer than 2,000 people, Fitler Square is a residential neighborhood with a dense urban feel. The region is a mix of stately brick townhouses, quaint cafes, and hip wine bars. You can get affordable deals on Townhouse Interior Design Services if you decide to get that townhouse in Filter Square. Fitler Square is known for the bronze turtle sculptures and the large Victorian-era water fountain. The median price for homes in the Fitler Square neighborhood is about $657,850.

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  • East Austin: This neighborhood is close to downtown and has been recently revitalized for the gay community. The area is home to a diverse collection of bars, boutiques, and restaurants. It is growing in popularity. The area has mostly homes and condos, but it should be noted that since the neighborhood is growing in popularity, prices are going up. The median price for a home in the East Austin neighborhood is about $425,000.
  • Clarksville: The Clarksville neighborhood is located near 6th street, which is Austin’s hip and lively entertainment district. Although you’re right in the middle of a large city, the area still has a small-town feel. In Clarksville, you’ll find unique shops, cool cafes, and popular restaurants. The shopping is also fabulous. The median price for a home in the Clarksville neighborhood is about $392,000.
  • Downtown Austin: Just like any city, this is where you find the hustle and bustle. However, Austin has a very laid back and cool vibe. You won’t feel rushed like New York City. It is currently in a state of expansion with many new and exciting projects on the horizon. Keep in mind. There is a lot of new downtown housing but it’s selling fast. The longer you wait, the more the prices will go up. The median price for a home in Downtown Austin is about $520,000.

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New Orleans

  • Mid-City: This is one of NOLA’s most accessible and central neighborhoods. The vibe in the area is hip and young with streetcar lines intersecting from both uptown and downtown. There is a large Vietnamese population with excellent Asian-inspired cuisine. Mid-City is also home to the city’s largest park, City Park. That’s where the New Orleans Museum of Art is located. The Drifter Hotel is also in the area, which has one of the best LGBTQ pool parties around. The median list price for homes in Mid-City is about $395,000.
  • Uptown: This is a bustling neighborhood that has families and college students alike. It’s a charming area that’s overflowing with shopping, restaurants, music and all kinds of entertainment. Uptown has a laidback vibe with impromptu front porch gatherings and a real sense of community. This part of town is perfect for a casual stroll or bike ride. It’s lined with classic Victorian homes that come in a rainbow of colors. The properties often have elegant gardens with large verandas that beckon you for sweet tea. This area is also home to Audubon Park, which has lush manicured grounds and paved bike paths. The median list price for homes in Uptown is about $399,500.
  • The French Quarter (Vieux Carre): This is the neighborhood everyone has heard of and easily the most well-known. From the gorgeous balconies to the secret gardens, it has a historic appeal like nothing else in the city. The French Quarter is teeming with LGBTQ culture, from gay bars to cafes. Whether you’re wig shopping or enjoying an early evening cocktail, the French Quarter is the liveliest place to live in New Orleans. The median list price for homes in the French Quarter is about $499,000.
  • The Marigny: Located right outside of the French Quarter, the Marigny is a tad quieter. The stylish and charming neighborhood has a revival of old and decadent homes with a culture of people that march to their own beat. The Marigny is also home to Crescent Park, which has local vegetation and a fantastic view of the New Orleans skyline. The median list price for homes in Uptown is about $499,900.

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  • Colonialtown: Colonialtown is just northeast of downtown Orlando, close to Orlando Executive Airport and bisected by East Colonial Drive, with the Harry P Leu Gardens to the north. Colonialtown is characterized by historic homes, tree-lined brick streets and lots of charm. Colonialtown is popular with the gay community due to its proximity to downtown, its nightlife, and the excellent restaurants in the area. The median home value in Colonialtown is approximately $319,600.
  • Thornton Park and Lake Eola Heights: The Thornton Park and Lake Eola Heights neighborhoods are very popular with the LGBTQ community. Within walking distance to Downtown Orlando, this area offers a wonderful and eclectic mix of restaurants and bars, and a thriving and diverse community. The neighborhood is characterized by beautiful bungalows and craftsman-style homes on quaint cobblestone streets. The median home value in the Thornton Park and Lake Eola Heights neighborhood is about $344,700.
  • East Downtown: The neighborhood with the most LGBTQ couples in Orlando is East Downtown. East Downtown has many different LGBTQ-owned businesses, and the city council seat that represents this district is often held by a member of the LGBTQ community. Those interested in purchasing a residence downtown can choose between condos or single-family homes, at a variety of price ranges.

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