How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the World?

Everyone in the U.S. knows that New York City and San Francisco are the homes of LGBT culture on the east and west coasts. But how do people who live outside of the United States see our country’s LGBT culture and lifestyle? How do New York and San Francisco rate when on the list of top LGBT cities from around the world? Do any other U.S. cities make the list?

The Criteria

How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the WorldThere are a number of different lists that rank cities, according to how great they are for LGBT people. Generally, these lists look at many of the same criteria, which is why their rankings tend to be fairly similar. Factors such as legal protections, safety, and city outreach are scored along with the rights of LGBT citizens in the country, the nightlife, the dating scene, and how open LGBT people can be without fear of discrimination.

U.S. Cities in the Top Ten

Many Americans might assume that San Francisco would rank as one of the top LGBT cities in the world, but it’s actually number ten! New York City is one slot ahead of it at number nine. Madrid, Amsterdam, and Toronto, often appear in the top three, although not always in that order. Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, and Barcelona also tend to rank within the top ten. Paris, Montreal, and Manchester sometimes rank higher than San Francisco and New York as well.

Other Cities that May Rank

While NYC and San Francisco do usually rank in the top 10 or so, there are a few other cities that can be found in the top 50 cities for LGBT people. Austin, Texas, can be found in the 20 to 25 range on a number of these lists. So can Miami, Florida. Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles tend to rank lower, but they’re still known for their welcoming atmosphere. Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and Las Vegas also appear on some of these lists.

A Helpful Guide to Moving

If you’re thinking about moving within the U.S., one of these world ranking lists can help you see how certain cities rank. It’s especially useful if you’re moving back to the U.S. from one of the other cities on the list. It can also help if you’re planning a trip abroad and want to know how you might be treated if you’re with your partner. Like many of these lists, though, it is somewhat subjective. How can you really assign an objective score to a city’s nightlife or dating scene, for example? Still, these lists can be helpful in deciding where to move.

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The Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. While most people understand that it’s a very welcoming city for LGBT individuals, it’s not the only place in the state where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. A gay or lesbian real estate agent in Pennsylvania can help you find a great home in a number of cities with growing LGBT communities. Here are a few of these cities.


The Best Places to Live in PennsylvaniaErie, Pennsylvania, is home to some great LGBT bars, restaurants, and other businesses. It has been ranked in the top ten LGBT cities in the country by the Advocate and as one of the top queer cities by Philly Magazine. The city is something of an oasis in a conservative part of the state. For transgender individuals, the fact that the city has passed a nondiscrimination ordinance that specifically protects these citizens is especially notable. Erie also has a newspaper aimed at the gay community.


Pittsburgh is quite a liberal city and is often included on lists of the most liberal places to live. You’ll be quite comfortable in Pittsburgh, especially if you live in areas such as Shadyside or East Liberty. You’ll find gay bars spread out across Pittsburgh, which is great if you love going out at night. If you don’t, there are a number of restaurants and stores that support the LGBT community.


Harrisburg features a number of churches that are very welcoming to LGBT individuals, something you don’t find in every city. For those who are very active in their church life, that may be a major factor. The city also is known for its LGBT protections and businesses that cater to LGBT individuals and families.

King of Prussia

This city may not be as recognizable by name as the others on the list, but King of Prussia does have a claim to fame: it’s known for its shopping. The city has the largest shopping district in the country. The King of Prussia Mall attracts people from all around the area, but the city has more than that. It’s also a welcoming place for LGBT people. If you love to shop, you’ll love it here!


Finally, there’s Lancaster. Most people know Lancaster for its large Amish population. Many assume that because of this, it’s not exactly a gay-friendly city. However, that’s not true. Lancaster is actually more liberal than you might think. The city hosts the annual Lancaster Pride Festival, has a drag queen bingo night, and more.

California Panel Addresses State’s Youth Homelessness

One of the issues that California faces is that many young people, especially young LGBT people, face homelessness. According to information presented before a panel hosted by the chairs of the California Senate Human Services Committee and the Assembly Human Services Committee, about a third of all homeless young people in the country are in California. Conservative estimates put that number at 12,000 or more, and around 40 percent of these homeless youth identify as part of the LGBT community.

California Panel Addresses State’s Youth HomelessnessAs many gay and lesbian real estate agents can tell you, housing prices in parts of California are incredibly high. Many neighborhoods in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego have housing prices that are much higher than the national average.

Of course, housing costs are only one thing that makes it difficult for those between 16 and 24 find and retain housing. Many young LGBT individuals are made homeless because they’re kicked out of their homes after coming out. Some of these people actually end up coming to California after losing their place to live in other states. Those who are moving from areas in the south or the Midwest, where the cost of living is much lower are often surprised at what it costs to rent even a very small apartment. They end up on the streets, unable to find work or a place to live.

The panel invited many of these young people and others who were once homeless to discuss the issues the state faces. Many believe that the state hasn’t dedicated sufficient resources to helping these individuals. With so many homeless people in the state, many see it as an issue that needs to be made more of a priority than it currently is.

The panel was held at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a place where many homeless people come every day for help. The center offers assistance in finding low-income housing, jobs, and other resources. The center often works with local real estate agents and others in the housing market to find homes for those in need.

Many nonprofits have worked with real estate owners and agents in California to create low-income housing to assist LGBT seniors with finding affordable living. This has resulted in many seniors being able to live in a comfortable setting. One solution to the housing crisis many young people are facing may be something similar.

Home Tasks to Do This Fall

Taking care of your home can be a full time task, especially if you do things the wrong time of year. There are actually better times of year to maintain your home when it comes to specific tasks. Do you know when you should buy new appliances, and when you should wait if it isn’t an urgent fix? Most homeowners do not. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home maintained, along with why this time of year is the best.

Buying Appliances is Great for This Time of Year

Home Tasks to Do This FallRight around the end of the year, but before the holiday rush, is when you should seek out new appliances for your home. The stores want to move the models that will be replaced with new versions in the next month or two, and they are more willing to negotiate on prices. So, if you need a new range, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or other major appliance, now is the time to go buy it.

Make Sure to Clean All Your Windows

The end of the year is an important time to clean your windows. It may not seem like it is that important, but it can actually help you avoid things like seasonal depression. This time of year, we have fewer hours of sun. This means that we need as much natural light as possible. By cleaning the windows, we let more light in and we get the advantage of each minute of natural sunlight possible.

Have Someone Check Your Chimney

It is really important that you have someone come out and check your chimney before the weather hits where you would need to use it. If you have a build up inside your chimney, and it is not inspected and cleaned before you light a fire, it could start your entire chimney on fire. Plus, it could also trap carbon monoxide in your home, which could hurt you or your family. Make sure to have a professional come in to help check your chimney before the cold weather hits. It leaves you and your family in a safer, cozier place.

For more tips on how to maintain your home this fall, contact us here at We can help you with anything from buying or selling a home, to helping you maintain the home you have for years to come.

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Cities to Consider if You Want an LGBT Friendly Vacation

Is the thought of an upcoming vacation starting to enter your mind? Perhaps life has just gotten crazy lately, and you simply want a place to go to relax? We can all relate. However, if you want to find a new place to visit that also happens to be LGBT friendly, then that list of places that sound appealing changes slightly. Here are some of the best places to go that also happen to be welcoming to members of the LGBT community.

Let’s Start with Tel Aviv

Cities to Consider if You Want an LGBT Friendly VacationTel Aviv, Israel, is incredibly welcoming to the LGBT community. You can go around and visit some of the most amazing places on earth. Plus, you can partake in many of the pride events that take place around Tel Aviv on a regular basis. There are new sights to see, foods to eat, and cultures to explore.

Berlin is Another Great Destination

If you want to consider going to a unique LGBT friendly location for a vacation, then you may want to look into Berlin. Known for its roots in Cabaret, there are plenty of activities that one could go and enjoy. There are constant parties to attend, mega-events at a lot of the local clubs, and bars that can keep you in touch with the locals who can show you a great time!

If You Want LGBT Friendly, Consider Guadalajara, Mexico

One of the most welcoming cities of Mexico, to the LGBT community, is definitely Guadalajara. You can go there and feel like home, only better! You can go out to nearly any bar or party and feel welcome. Plus, if you want to really get crazy, you can even go and enjoy the weekly underwear party at Voltio!

With a little research, you can easily find a lot of places that will be a lot of fun. Step outside of the box and find something that brings a smile to your face. Do not just go out and have the same old boring vacation. Plan one that will leave you with fond memories that will leave you smiling for years to come. That way, when you go back home, you have pictures to share, and stories to tell all of your friends and family. They will love the fact that you feel so rejuvenated, and you will love the time you spent there!

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The Most Important Considerations Before Buying a Home

Have you decided that you are ready to begin the process of buying a home? If so, it is important that you know what you are getting into. You need to have the right resources at your disposal, and know who to turn to. Buying a home is not a simple process, but it also does not have to be a complicated one. Knowing these considerations first, makes it a bit easier.

1 – Consider Your Life Today, and What Life Will Be Like Tomorrow

The Most Important Considerations Before Buying a HomeOne of the bigger mistakes people make is buying a home that is perfect for them right this moment, without thinking about the future. When buying a home, you want a home that is ideal for right now, plus will still work for the expected changes in your future life. Just because you do not have kids now, for example, does not mean you should avoid buying a home with extra bedrooms if you plan on having them. Think about what tomorrow will bring, and make sure your home works for that life, too.

2 – Don’t Forget to Negotiate

Each stage of buying a home involves some type of contract. You will likely feel like you are signing your life away at certain points. However, contracts are not all written in stone. If you do not like something in a contract, find out what options you have to make it something you do like. Talk about current contract wording, and figure out how to make it more pleasing when it does not meet your needs. You do not need to buy a home that works for anyone else. It has to work for you.

3 – Note the Neighborhood

While many areas of the country are LGBT friendly, not all specific neighborhoods are. On the contrary, some of the more conservative areas of the country are also far more welcoming than you may expect to members of the LGBT community. Make sure you look around the neighborhood before you sign on the dotted line. The last thing you want is to ignore a home that would be ideal simply based on the neighborhood.

4 – Always Use a Realtor You Trust

One of the most important parts of buying a home is making sure you use a Realtor during the process. There are a lot of great realtors out there, no matter what part of the country you live in. If you want the help of an LGBT friendly realtor, you can find one here on this site. Just make sure you find someone you like working with, and you trust their word. It makes the entire process a lot easier!

Before buying a home, make sure you know what you want out of it and what the buying process encompasses. Hopefully these tips help make it easier for you to get the home of your dreams!

The Welcoming Cities of New York

When people think of moving to New York, the first city that pops into mind is New York City. While it’s the largest and most populous city in the state, its cost of living may be much too high for some people. NYC is very welcoming and has many LGBT people living in it, of course, but it may not be right for you. If you’re moving to New York and want to find a place where you won’t feel like an outsider, but also won’t feel as if you’re always on the edge of being broke, here are a few suggestions.


The Welcoming Cities of New YorkBuffalo is only an hour away from Canada and Niagara Falls, making it a great location for those who may want to visit our neighbor to the north. Buffalo is home to the Pride Center of Western New York, which offers a good number of different programs and events throughout the year. The city also hosts Buffalo Pride Fest every year. The city has a growing arts scene, too. Your gay or lesbian real estate agent will be able to point you to an area of Buffalo that’s quite affordable, too.


Ithica is home to two major educational institutions: Ithaca College and Cornell University. That means it’s the definition of a college town. This rural area is fairly quiet in places, and its home to a number of LGBT bars and other businesses. Farmer’s markets, food festivals, and other food-related events are fairly popular here, too. If you love outdoors, you’ll enjoy spending time hiking in the nearby hills and viewing the 100-plus waterfalls that are spread throughout the area.


Albany is the capital of the state, and it’s also home to the U.S.’s very first LGBT community center. That adds a bit of history to the city, and today, Albany continues to show its support to the LGBT community. It has a very active pride group that hosts Capital Pride every year. If you’d like to try something a little different, there’s the Big Gay Cruise down the Hudson River. That’s a lot of fun for those looking to network with others in the LGBT community.


Rochester is the third-largest city in New York, and it’s also home to a couple of great universities. The city hosts the Rochester Pride festival every year, plus Rochester hosts the ImageOut LGBT film festival every year. If you’re looking for a larger city to call home, Rochester may be perfect.

By the Numbers – Best and Worst Places for LGBT Individuals in 2017

While many cities and states have become more welcoming of LGBT individuals over the years, there are still some places where lawmakers haven’t provided any protections for these people. Some, such as Texas, have actively worked to pass laws that restrict LGBT people. For example, Texas recently passed a law that allows child welfare organizations to refuse couples based on religious beliefs. But how rare is this? These numbers will help shed light onto the current LGBT situation in mid-2017.

Differences in States and Cities

By the Numbers – Best and Worst Places for LGBT Individuals in 2017First, it’s important to note that even when one state has a specific law regarding LGBT individuals, some cities within that state may actually offer many protections and be very welcoming. You do need to do some research before deciding where you’re going to move. Gay and lesbian real estate agents can help you learn more about any potential place to live.

Pro-LGBT Verses Anti-LGBT

When you compare states that have laws protecting the LGBT community verses those that don’t, it can be difficult to tell exactly how many are pro and how many are con. That’s because some have laws protecting things such as housing and employment, while others may have laws protecting adoption and employee benefits. Some states may even have laws, such as the one in Texas, that allows adoption agencies to discriminate, but then turn around and have strong hate crime laws.

However, overall, you can say that the states on the west coast and those in the northeast tend to have more protective laws than those in the south and Midwest, which tend to have more anti-LGBT laws in place. This isn’t always true, but it is something to keep in mind.

Hate Crime Laws

When it comes to hate crime laws, the Human Rights Campaign lists 20 states that do not have hate crime laws that specifically protect the LGBT community. Again, these are mainly in the south, but a cluster of states in the northern part of the state, including Montana, North Dakota, and Idaho, also do not have hate crime laws that address the LGBT community. Then there’s Texas and Tennessee, both of which most people would consider as more conservative, which do.


There are 29 different states with no laws preventing establishments from engaging in discrimination. The establishments in these states are free to refuse service to LGBT individuals. In 28 states, there are no protections for employment, meaning LGBT workers can be fired simply because of their sexual or gender preference.

Living the LGBT Life in Connecticut

Thinking about moving to the northeast? Connecticut is one of the most beautiful states in New England, and it’s also one of the friendliest towards the LGBT community. The state was the second in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, so that should tell you right off that you’ll be quite welcome there. There are also hate crime laws that protect people on the basis of sexual and gender identity, employment protection laws, and more. Same-sex partners can enjoy full state employee benefits, too. While these protections are statewide, there are still some cities that stand out as amazing places for those in the LGBT community to live. Here are a few of these places.

New Haven

Living the LGBT Life in ConnecticutNew Haven is home to Yale University, and that means this city is full of college students during the school year. It also means it’s an incredibly welcoming place to live. The city’s parks are gorgeous, while the harbor provides a great backdrop to many of the events in New Haven. Many in the LGBT community live near Wooster Square, which is also the city’s “Little Italy.” This part of the city features a number of art studios and small boutiques. The city hosts a large pride festival and other LGBT-friendly events. Housing is also quite affordable.

West Hartford

West Hartford is its own city, but many consider it a large suburb of Hartford. It’s a quiet, residential area where the median age is older than many locations. The crime rate here is incredibly low, while the school system is considered one of the best in the state. Like New Haven, you’ll find a number of gay and lesbian real estate agents here to point you to new homes.

South Norwalk

South Norwalk is known as a fairly up and coming city in Connecticut. It has a thriving LGBT community thanks in part to the many corporations that have their headquarters there. Xerox, Priceline, Pepperidge Farms, and Diageo all have their headquarters here. Homes in South Norwalk aren’t cheap, but they’re lower than what you’d find in some of the other large cities in New England.


Finally, there’s Westport. This is another city that’s really liberal. Crime is low, and while a lot of celebrities have lived in Westport or have vacation homes here, you’ll still find that homes are fairly affordable.

Ready to move to Connecticut? These cities are definitely great places to start your search for your new home!

Where to Live in New Mexico

New Mexico: the Land of Enchantment. The American Southwest is a gorgeous setting, and it’s a great place for you to start your new life. Moving to New Mexico for work, school, retirement, or simply for a change of scenery can be a big change. If you’re moving for work or school, you may not have an option as to where you live. But if you get to decide where you’re moving and are a member of the LGBT community, you may want to find a city that’s going to be welcoming.

Santa Fe

Where to Live in New MexicoSanta Fe is the capital of New Mexico, and it’s rated as one of the cities with the highest quality of life overall. The city hosts its annual Pride Parade every September, and it’s attended by people from around the state. In addition to having a thriving LGBT community, Santa Fe is also known for its unique architecture, art galleries, and other boutique stores. Home prices are fairly affordable, too.


The second major city in New Mexico and the largest in population, Albuquerque is known for its amazing arts culture. The city is also home to a number of museums and other amenities. Its school system is also surprisingly good, and classes have a low student to teacher ratio. However, home prices are fairly high, so be ready to pay a bit more for your housing here.

The LGBT community in Albuquerque is thriving, which should come as no surprise. The city hosts its own pride festival every year, and many visit the city even when it’s not Pride time.


But both Albuquerque and Santa Fe are fairly large cities. Hobbs, on the other hand, is a bit smaller. If you’d rather have that small-town feel, it might be a better fit for you. The city has a very low unemployment rate, plus it features some of the best little coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique shops around. The city is very welcoming, and there are a number of LGBT families and individuals making their lives here.

Other Great Places to Live

There are several other great cities in New Mexico you might consider if you’re set on moving to the state. Grants, Eunice, and Corrales are all good options, as are Socorro and Bernalillo. No matter where you plan to live, contact a gay or lesbian real estate agent first to assist you in finding the home that best fits your needs and budget.