Are you thinking of making a move to the Southeast? If so, there are plenty of things to love about making your home in this beautiful, sunny, southern part of the country. Generally, housing prices are affordable, the weather is mild, and there is a rich history and a variety of unique cultures in the area, along with much diversity and many welcoming, friendly people. Moreover, there’s a great mixture of busy, bustling cities for those who like a faster pace, as well as smaller towns, where the pace of life is a bit slower, but there’s still much to see, do, and enjoy.  If you’re considering making a move to this region of the country, there are many wonderful cities in several states to consider.

As we take a look at those states together, we direct our readers interested specifically in the state of Florida to check out our listing of many “Great Gay Cities for LGBTQ Folks in Florida here. For those looking at other southeastern states, however, some of the cities you may want to consider include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia: Enchanting Atlanta is known as the “City in a Forest,” sporting over 100,000 shade trees throughout the town. If you love nature, this city is one of the most heavily forested urban areas in the country. It’s a diverse metropolis full of art, entertainment, and amazing food. Read the full Atlanta Gay City Guide here.
  • Augusta, Georgia: When many people think of Augusta they make an immediate association with golf – and certainly, Augusta is very well-known for its rich tradition of hosting the Master’s Tournament each year. Beyond golf, however, Augusta is also known for being a city that celebrates its rich history while also having a modern and progressive vibe. Augusta offers a cutting-edge arts and theater scene, an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, excellent live music, plenty of festivals, and lots of business opportunities too. Truly, in Augusta, you can have it all! Read the full Augusta Gay City Guide here.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Known by many as the Queen City, Charlotte is a city that has deep historical roots, but is constantly looking toward the future. From its historical past through the present, Charlotte has been a city that is constantly growing and evolving. It is now a thriving, diverse, and welcoming metropolis, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Read the full Charlotte Gay City Guide here.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina: Known affectionately by residents as the City of Oaks for its vast number of oak trees and beautiful green spaces, this capital city of North Carolina has so much to offer. It is well known for its amazing educational opportunities, but beyond that, it has a diverse performing arts and music scene, plenty of museums and cultural attractions, many job opportunities, and lots to see and do. All of this, and a growing LGBTQ community welcoming to visitors and residents alike make Raleigh a great place to consider calling home. Read the full Raleigh Gay City Guide here.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: As one of the oldest cities in the state, Charleston, South Carolina, is full of history. Its roots stretch back to 1670, but while it was founded as a small town, it quickly grew. Within ten years, Charleston was one of the five largest cities in the country. While it’s no longer in the top ten (or even the top 50) largest cities, there are still many reasons why living in Charleston could be on your list. It’s a very friendly, diverse, and welcoming city with a thriving LGBTQ population. Read more about some of the wonderful neighborhoods in Charleston here.
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Nashville. It’s a city of swinging honky-tonks, neon lights, country cowboys, friendly people, and lively nightlife. Although known as Music City for its deep connections to country music, Nashville is a creative community generally, where arts and people of all kinds are celebrated. Most people who visit the Music City quickly fall in love with it, and for good reason. It would be a wonderful place to find your next home. Read the full Nashville Gay City Guide here.
  • Memphis, Tennessee: Known across the world as the Birthplace of the Blues and the Home of Rock n’ Roll, Memphis was home to many music legends including Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Al Green, and Justin Timberlake, to name only a few. Beyond being a musical city, it’s also known for being home to some of America’s best barbecue, some of its friendliest people, and for being a city full of rich history and plenty to see and do.  Read the full Memphis Gay City Guide here.
  • Birmingham, Alabama: As the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham is home to more than a million families – more than a fourth of the state of Alabama’s entire population. While it is a city with a long history, it is also becoming an increasingly progressive one – modern, urbane, and with its own eclectic personality. This city offers a thriving arts and culture scene, plenty of job opportunities, lots of outdoor recreation opportunities, and many good restaurants and nightspots. It’s truly a southern city that offers it all! Read the full Birmingham Gay City Guide here.
  • Huntsville, Alabama: Known across America as “Rocket City” for being home to the United States Space and Rocket Center, and for the important role, it plays in aerospace research and development. Huntsville is the fourth-largest city in Alabama. In addition to being known for its prominent role in the aerospace industry, Huntsville is also known for being home to many historic sites and buildings, even being named one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2010 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Even better, it’s a diverse city with a friendly and welcoming LGBTQ community. Huntsville would truly make a wonderful place to call home! Read the full Huntsville Gay City Guide here.
  • Montgomery, Alabama: Montgomery is the capital city of the state of Alabama and is home to more than 370,000 people.  Over the 200 years that it has been a city, it has grown into a thriving center of government, technology, and culture.  It’s also home to several universities, including Alabama State University, Troy University, Faulkner University, and Air University, and is a part of Maxwell Air Force Base where many of the Air Force’s recruits study. Although Alabama may generally not be well-known for being particularly LGBTQ-friendly, the city of Montgomery is certainly an exception. It has an eclectic, welcoming, and vibrant LGBTQ community where all can find their place and feel at home. Read the full Montgomery LGBTQ City Guide here.

After you’ve decided which city in the Southeast is the best fit for you, your next step should be to connect with a realtor who knows that city and its neighborhoods well, and who can help you find a home that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to do exactly that, we have over 20,000 LGBTQ realtors in our extensive network at, and we are ready to help! Choose an agent and start a conversation – there is never a cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you find your perfect home in a city you love soon!