Florida is a popular tourist destination for a reason – there’s plenty of sun, fun, and natural coastal beauty abounds. Those reasons are also only a small part of why it’s a wonderful place to live. It’s also a state full of culture, character, and many strong LGBTQ communities.

If you’re considering making a move to Florida, there are many wonderful cities to choose from, each with its unique personality. Each of the following cities has something different to offer, but all have thriving, vibrant, and welcoming LGBTQ communities that would be wonderful to be a part of. They include:

  • Orlando: When many people think of Orlando, they often think of its many tourist destinations – Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and other vacation hotspots – and truly, Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Beyond its appeal to tourists, however, Orlando is also a wonderful place to call home. It is a diverse community, rich in culture and full of unique neighborhoods where everyone can find their place. Read the full Orlando Gay City Guide here.
  • Miami Beach: Miami Beach. Not only is it one of America’s preeminent beach destinations – but it is also a premier destination for LGBTQ individuals who want a community where they can truly thrive and feel accepted, appreciated, and welcomed for the diversity they offer. Miami Beach is a vibrant, artistic, and diverse community with a thriving entertainment and nightlife scene, that truly offers something for everyone to enjoy. Read the full Miami Beach Gay City Guide here. If you’re looking for another great beach place to stay in near Miami, check out these apartments for rent in West Palm Beach FL.
  • Fort Lauderdale: A progressive and diverse culture has earned Fort Lauderdale one of the top 100 places to live in America. An inclusive and safe destination, it’s a welcoming place to live and work. Known for its beaches and boating canals, there’s everything from upscale restaurants and boutiques to luxury hotels and housing. Read the full Fort Lauderdale Gay City Guide here.
  • Tampa Bay: This sunshiny city on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico has so much to offer visitors and residents alike. It offers professional sports, a thriving arts scene, excellent restaurants, and plenty of entertainment options, indoors and out. And beyond all of the fun it offers, it offers professional opportunities too – and plenty of them. It also has a strong, steadily growing LGBTQ community, one where everyone can find their place and be a part of all that makes the Tampa Bay area wonderful. Read the full Tampa Bay Gay City Guide here.
  • Jacksonville: Jacksonville, Florida, is the state’s largest city with over 860,000 residents. It’s also one of the state’s biggest seaports. Its metro area has more than 1.5 million people living in it. Jacksonville itself sits on the St. Johns River and is the financial, commercial, and cultural center for the northern part of Florida. The city is home to both civilian and military ports and includes two naval bases. Many corporations have their headquarters here, so there’s plenty of career-building opportunity in the city as well. If you’re looking for a great LGBT neighborhood, Riverside is a very popular choice – although there are no shortage of wonderful neighborhoods in the city. Read the full Jacksonville Gay City Guide here.
  • Hialeah: Located in Southern Florida, Hialeah is the state’s fifth-largest city, but one with one of the largest, and most vibrant Cuban populations in the state. Hialeah truly reflects the diversity of the greater Miami area, it is a diverse and thriving multicultural community. Hialeah is proud of its strong and steadily-growing business sector, its wide variety of beautiful and unique neighborhoods, parks and recreational facilities, and all that it offers to see and do. Read the full Hialeah Gay City Guide here.

If you’re ready to make a move to Florida, there is no shortage of wonderful cities to choose from – cities that would be warm, welcoming, and wonderful places to call home.

After you’ve decided which city is the best fit for you, your next step should be to connect with a realtor who knows that city and its neighborhoods well, and who can help you find a home that you’ll love and enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to do exactly that, at GayRealEstate.com, our over 2000 LGBTQ Realtors are here for you, and ready to help! Choose an agent and start a conversation – there is never a cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you find your perfect Florida home soon!