Atlanta: An LGBTQ Community for Nature Lovers

Enchanting Atlanta is known as the “City in a Forest,” sporting over 100,000 shade trees throughout the town. If you love nature, this city is one of the most heavily forested urban areas in the country. It’s a diverse metropolis full of art, entertainment, and amazing food.

A Brief History of Atlanta

Atlanta started as the terminus of a large, state-sponsored railroad. In 1836, the Georgia General Assembly voted to build the Atlantic and Western Railroads. This was to provide a link between the port of Savannah and the Midwest. By 1860, the population in the city grew to nearly 10,000.

On December 15, 1939, Atlanta hosted the premiere of “Gone With the Wind.” The city has played a critical role in the Allied effort during World War II. This was due to the town’s war-related manufacturing companies. In the 60s, Atlanta became a major organizing center of the Civil Rights Movement.

Today, it’s a prosperous urban array that is the heart of the music industry and a thriving mecca of diversity.

Fun Facts About Atlanta

  • There are 71 streets with a variation of the word “Peachtree.”
  • It’s the only city in North America to have been destroyed as an act of war.
  • Atlanta has the world’s largest drive-in restaurant.
  • It has the busiest airport in the world (for 18 years now).
  • Atlanta is the next Hollywood.

Here are some more fun facts about Atlanta.

The LGBTQ Atlanta Community

The Phillip Rush Center

This center exclusively rents to non-profit organizations and grassroots groups that are in alignment with their values and mission. The center has a bunch of community meeting spaces that range in size depending on your business needs.

The Best Atlanta Weather

Atlanta is pretty big and encompasses an area of 134 square miles. It’s situated along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and has a humid, subtropical climate. The winters are short but still susceptible to snowstorms (unlike the rest of the southeastern United States).

The city has an average of 48 freezing days a year but warm air from the Gulf of Mexico can bring spring-like highs year-round. Temperatures in the suburbs are slightly cooler due to the urban heat island effect.

Events Not to Miss

Black Gay Pride

What started as an informal house party on Labor Day weekend has grown into one of the largest black gay pride celebrations in the world. From community empowerment seminars to mind-blowing dance parties, it’s an all-inclusive event that always welcomes a diverse crowd.

Out on Film

Some of the most provocative and entertaining selections in LGBTQ film, this event happens every fall and is a blast. Approaching the Silver Anniversary, it’s one of the oldest LGBTQ film festivals in the country.

Atlanta Pride

This Pride attracts a whopping 300,000 festival-goers each year. Recently switching to a fall schedule, Atlanta Pride is held every October in Piedmont Park.

Top Atlanta Queer Neighborhoods

The center of gay life in Atlanta is Midtown, but there are several other “gayborhoods” to be explored as well. It just depends on the scene you seek.


This is Atlanta’s original gay neighborhood and is the core of LGBTQ life in Atlanta. It’s located at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street. This is considered a good starting point for any new queer transplants to the city.

The median sales price for homes in Midtown is $318,600 with an average cost of $341 per square foot. The area is lively and typically has about 221 homes for sale.

Midtown is also where you will find the best gay nightlife. The neighborhood is full of fun bars, cool cafes, and a general diverse feel.


Most journeys in the city begin in Downtown. The area is home to all of the great tourist attractions, venues, and sporting events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It’s also full of trendy art galleries and inspiring attractions.

The median sales price for homes in Downtown is $211,950 with an average cost of $247 per square foot. The area typically has about 48 homes for sale.

There is always something to do downtown. Whether you’re visiting the World of Coca-Cola or taking a stroll through Centennial Olympic Park. This is where the big events happen in the city.


Westside is an up and coming neighborhood is West Midtown. Highlighted by Atlantic Station, the neighborhood has recently been revitalized and makes for a wonderful place to work and play. Once an industrial haven, it’s now become a mecca for artists and young professionals.

The median sales price for homes in the Westside neighborhood is $323,500 with an average cost of $231 per square foot. The area typically has about 137 homes for sale.

Just down the street is the Westside Provisions District. This is where you’ll find delectable haberdasheries and decadent noshing all day long.

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Arts and Entertainment

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

This museum was founded in 2000 and showcases significant contemporary works from Georgian visual artists. Come to see hundreds of different types by local artists.

Skyline Park

With amazing views of the city, Skyline Park offers up the grandest views of the Ponce. From cocktail classes to brunch with a view, its Atlanta’s favorite adult playground.

Parks and Recreation

Piedmont Park

This is where it all happens in the city. It’s an urban park located 1 mile northeast of Downtown and where Pride is held every year. It’s located smack dab in the middle of both the Midtown and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods.

Check out This Nightlife

Atlanta Eagle

This is a low-key leather bar with karaoke, dancing, pool, and theme nights.  

Blake’s on the Park

Blake’s is a straight-friendly gay bar and neighborhood hangout. Open since 1988, it features DJs, karaoke, and a drag show.

Atlanta is a good time all around. The entire city has gotten a facelift in the past year and it’s the perfect place to escape into a forest for the day!