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Known across America as “Rocket City” for being home to the United States Space and Rocket Center, and for the important role, it plays in aerospace research and development. Huntsville is the fourth-largest city in Alabama. In addition to being known for its prominent role in the aerospace industry, Huntsville is also known for being home to many historic sites and buildings, even being named one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2010 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Even better, it’s a diverse city with a friendly and welcoming LGBTQ community. Huntsville would truly make a wonderful place to call home!

A Look at Huntsville’s History 

Huntsville is named after John Hunt, who initially settled the area in 1805. The area grew quickly as an important center of the cotton industry, along with the railroad which was quickly established there. It played an important role as a munitions center during the Civil War, and after the Civil War became a center for cotton textile mills. It remained that way for some time until, in the 1960s, President Eisenhower formally dedicated the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. The city earned the nickname Rocket City for its close ties to U.S. space missions and remains an important center for space and aeronautical industry today. In addition, it is a city full of much to see and do friendly people, and welcoming neighborhoods.

A Few Fun Facts About Huntsville

  • In addition to having plenty of rockets, Huntsville also has plenty of fresh, local food. In fact, there are numerous farmer's markets throughout the city which are very popular with residents and visitors alike, and offer plenty of options for every taste.
  • Huntsville is called “Rocket City” for good reason – it’s home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, as well as NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command.
  • Huntsville is home to the Alabama Hammers, a Professional Football team that won the Professional Indoor Football League title in 2013. It’s a very popular sport here, and watching a game is a fun way to spend a day with friends. 

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Huntsville’s LGBTQ Community

Huntsville is a city that loves and supports its LGBTQ community with a variety of resources, including:

PFLAG Huntsville

PFLAG Huntsville is Huntsville’s local chapter of the national PFLAG organization, which is the largest grassroots organization of its kind in the country. PFLAG is well-known for its mission of supporting LGBTQ people, friends, family, and allies across the country in a wide variety of ways. With 500 chapters and more than 200,000 members in the United States, PFLAG plays a critical and important role in providing advocacy, support, and resources to the LGBTQ community.

Rocket City Rainbow Pages

Rocket City Rainbow Pages is a wonderful resource to find what's going on in the LGBTQ community and to access any support and services you might need in Huntsville. Whether you're looking for a church, recreational activities, resources, support groups, or more, you can find it here.

What's the Weather Like in Huntsville? 

Huntsville residents can expect to experience all four distinct seasons each year. Generally, fall and spring are the two most pleasant seasons to enjoy the outdoors each year, with fall bringing brightly colored leaves and crisp breezes, and spring bringing beautiful blooming flowers. Summers bring plenty of heat, with temperatures often reaching close to 100°F, but the trade-off is that winters are fairly mild, with temperatures averaging around 50°F.

The Best Events in Huntsville 

Rocket City Brewfest

Huntsville prides itself on its craft beer scene, and the Rocket City Brewfest has become a very popular weekend each year for those who love craft beer to come together and enjoy great beer, good food, and fun with friends as well as live local music from many wonderful artists.  

Rocket City Pride

Rocket City Pride is a non-profit group in Huntsville that works to promote and support the LGBTQ community in the greater Huntsville area. They also sponsor an annual pride festival and parade and it’s a wonderful event that you’ll definitely want to put on your calendar.

Where to Live in Huntsville 

Huntsville is a warm and welcoming city, and there are many neighborhoods here that would make wonderful places to call home. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a higher concentration of LGBTQ families, however, Five Points should certainly be on your list of places to check out. 

This historic district is home to a variety of different homes, including some gorgeous Victorian houses and some cute bungalows.  It has continued to grow since its creation, especially as more and more LGBTQ people move into the area.  Condos in Five Points start at $67,000 for a small one-bedroom, while larger ones are priced in the $450,000 range.  Single-family homes start at $65,000 and end at around $230,000. The median list price of homes currently for sale in Five Points is around $335,000.

Arts and Entertainment 

Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Center

This former textile mill turned event space is the perfect backdrop for seeing any number of artists and performers throughout the year. It is in fact the largest privately owned arts facility in the southern United States. Whether you enjoy visual arts, performing arts, learning yourself, or being entertained and inspired, there’s something for you to enjoy here.

Theatre Huntsville

Theatre Huntsville is a performing arts group in Huntsville that aims to present diverse and entertaining quality performances of all kinds every year. Since the 1950s the group has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring Huntsville residents. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a show (or several!) for yourself!

Parks and Recreation

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center

When you’re in Huntsville, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center is a must-try experience. This museum showcases rockets, achievements, and many interesting artifacts of the United States space program. It is the largest space museum in the world and a Smithsonian Institute affiliate. For all who want to learn more about space and Huntsville’s important role in space exploration, this is a great place to do it.

Monte Sano State Park

Beautiful Monte Sano State Park is a natural treasure for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. The park offers more than 14 miles of hiking and biking trails, as well as campgrounds, playgrounds, and even a Japanese garden. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful Huntsville day!

Huntsville Nightlife

Voodoo Lounge Bar and Grill

Although not specifically an LGBTQ bar, the Voodoo Lounge is a very welcoming, friendly place that's a great stop on any night out in Huntsville. Opened in 2007 by a local blues artist, this dive bar supports local musicians of all genres and styles and is a wonderful spot to have a drink, play darts, and enjoy some great live music with friends. 

The Nook

If you love a wide variety of great drinks, a warm and cozy atmosphere, and friendly crowds, The Nook should definitely go on your list of must-try stops in Huntsville. The Nook was voted Best Place to Drink a Beer in Alabama every year from 2013 to 2018, and it’s no surprise. The bar offers more than 500 beers, and around 200 whiskeys. There’s truly something here to suit everyone’s tastes!

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