Are you thinking of making a move to the Pacific Northwest? Without a doubt, the Pacific Northwest is well-known for its uniquely stunning natural beauty – and plenty of it. It’s a region also known for its wide-open spaces, laid-back vibe, adventurous, free-spirited people, and friendly, welcoming communities. It’s generally a progressive, forward-thinking region of the country, and it’s certainly a region with many wonderful cities, each unique in its own way, and many with thriving and growing LGBTQ communities.

If you’re considering making a move to this region of the country, there are many wonderful cities in several states to consider. Some of those cities include:

  • Seattle, Washington: One of the most beautiful cities in the country, Seattle is the largest city in Washington, and is home to a chill and relaxed LGBTQ lifestyle. It’s a thriving gay community that ranks as the 6th largest in the nation. Seattle is also a place you can quickly escape with a ferry across the magnificent Puget Sound or a winding drive through the Hoh Rainforest. It offers a perfect blend of culture and nature, and there’s truly something for everyone in this city. Read the full Seattle Gay City Guide here.
  • Spokane, Washington: Spokane is currently the second-largest city in Washington state. Often called the Lilac City because of the beautiful flowers known to grow there, Spokane is also known for being a gateway to the northwest Rockies, Glacier National Park, and the Columbia Valley wine region. Spokane is a city known for its natural beauty, and also for its friendly people and welcoming vibe. If you’re thinking of finding your next home in Spokane, you’ll find a lot about it to love! Read the full Spokane Gay City Guide here.
  • Tacoma, Washington: Situated on beautiful Puget Sound near Seattle, the Tacoma area is known as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly areas in the country. In fact, The Advocate named Tacoma the “Gayest City in America” in 2012. Tacoma offers abundant natural beauty, plenty to see and do, and opportunity for everyone, all amidst an eclectic, free-spirited, welcoming vibe. The “City of Destiny” as Tacoma is often called, would truly make a wonderful destination to call home! Read the full Tacoma Gay City Guide here.
  • Olympia, Washington: Olympia is a naturally beautiful and slightly smaller city that serves as the capital of Washington and also as a major cultural center of the Puget Sound region.  Olympia is a hip city, known for its progressive attitudes, indie music scenes, and thriving theater industry as well.  Its LGBTQ community is large, proactive, and young – and the city offers many LGBTQ events throughout the year, not to mention being home to many LGBTQ-owned shops, bars, and restaurants. Nature lovers will also love living in this city, as it is full of stunning natural beauty and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. Read more about some of the wonderful things that Olympia has to offer here.
  • Portland, Oregon: Spend a day perusing Portland Market. Eat a Voodoo donut on the shore. Watch a ballet at Keller Auditorium. Take a selfie at the International Rose Garden. Portland has so much to offer any LGBTQ transplant. It’s known for an artsy and folky vibe with upscale housing. It’s also known for stunning natural beauty, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, not to mention many wonderful and unique neighborhoods where all can feel at home. Read the full Portland Gay City Guide here.
  • Salem, Oregon: Salem, Oregon, may often be confused with Salem, Massachusetts by those who do not live in either state, but the two are really quite different.  Salem is the capital city of Oregon and is home to more than 150,000 people.  It’s home to several universities and many job opportunities, as several major corporations and universities are located here.  The Capitol Pride festive is also held each year in Salem, and although the LGBTQ community is not large, it is a growing and welcoming group, and one actively involved in the life of the city. Read more about some of the wonderful things Salem has to offer here.
  • Boise, Idaho: Situated on the banks of the Boise River, Idaho’s capital city of Boise is a city with so much to offer. Some often describe Boise as being a big town city with a small-town feel, where locals are friendly, warm, and welcoming. With a growing arts scene, plenty of business opportunities, and recreational activities of all kinds to enjoy, Boise would make a great place to call home. Read the full Boise Gay City Guide here.
  • Jackson, Wyoming: Jackson, Wyoming, is a city known for its incredible natural beauty.  The residents of the city are a liberal bunch, and Jackson is very welcoming to people from all walks of life.  Jackson is also known as a fairly different type of city from the rest of Wyoming.  There are a good number of gay and lesbian people in the city—Jackson has the fifth-highest percentage of same-sex households in the state.  There’s no real gay neighborhood in Jackson since LGBTQ people live throughout the city.  Read more about some of what makes Jackson wonderful here.
  • Billings, Montana: Billings, Montana, is a city of 162,848 in the Yellowstone Valley and South Hills areas. Large cliffs called the Rimrocks run north and east of the downtown and have 500-foot cliffs. The Yellowstone River runs through the southeast portion of the city.  Residents of Billings also have an amazing view of six surrounding mountain ranges. The city sits in a downtown canyon carved out by the Yellowstone River and had humble beginnings as a railroad town. Today it is a bustling metropolis with many historic areas and plenty to see and do, including a small, but thriving LGBTQ community. Read more about all that Billings has to offer here.

After you’ve decided which city in the Pacific Northwest is the best fit for you, your next step should be to connect with a realtor who knows that city and its neighborhoods well, and who can help you find a home that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to do exactly that, we have over 20,000 LGBTQ realtors in our extensive network at, and we are ready to help! Choose an agent and start a conversation – there is never a cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you find your perfect Iowa home soon!