Jackson, WY Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Jackson Gay Neighborhoods

Jackson, Wyoming, is surrounded by many beautiful scenes.  The residents of the city are a liberal bunch, and Jackson is very welcoming to people from all works of life.  Jackson is also known as a fairly different type of city from the rest of Wyoming.  There are a good number of gay and lesbian people in the city—Jackson has the fifth highest percentage of same-sex households in the state.  There’s no real gay neighborhood in Jackson since LGBT people live throughout the city. 

Condos in the city start out at $230,000 and range to $1.5 million.  Single family homes start out at around $300,000 for very small homes.  The most expensive can cost $24 million or more—these are huge, sprawling mansions on the outskirts of Jackson that truly let you immerse yourself in nature.

Jackson Gay Realtors