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Arlington, Texas is one of the big cities within the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area.  Arlington is an enormous sprawling municipality with a population of 374,000.  It is only twelve miles east of downtown Fort Worth and only twenty miles west of Downtown Dallas, which makes quite a sophisticated and convenient place to settle down.  Living here you can enjoy the gay nightlife of three big cities as well the area’s other great features.

There are many signature destinations and institutions in Arlington including the University of Texas at Arlington, the Arlington General Motors Assembly Plant, the AT&T stadium, the Interfacial Bowling Congress and Museum, the historic theme park Six Flags over Texas and the headquarters of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region IV.

Arlington has its roots in the fifties when auto assembly and aerospace plants turned it into “a boomburb.” Our Arlington Gay Realtor tells us if you love post-war mid-century architecture in all of its styles and incarnations then you will love it here.  The city is also known for its many malls, several of which have amusement parks and hotels attached.  It also has a huge concert venue called the Levitt Pavilion that offers fifty free concerts per year in downtown Arlington.

In fact if you are an architecture buff you will love the impressive Georgian Revival Homes that are in some areas of the city with their huge pillars and front triangular roofed porches.  The city also has many examples of the asymmetrical bungalow that were built en-masse in the area starting in 1921.  There are also art deco style buildings in the area with decorative brickworks made from old red and coal brown colered blocks.  Turn of the century Queen Anne style residences with elaborate jigsaw trim are also quite common in Arlington.   Another signature style of Arlington residence is the one that is a hipped roof bungalow that has the historical classical influences in the front and windows with wooden cross-thatching.

The prettiest and most neighborly areas of the city are the Central, East and West areas where there are lots of homes with big yards and many older trees and sidewalks.  The Central area is home to the downtown Farmer’s Market and the Arlington Community Theater.   This is probably the only area in town where you can live without a car.

Most of the gay nightlife happens in nearby Dallas and Fort Worth although Arlington does have a couple of gay haunts downtown including the 1851 Club, Rack Daddy’s and the Sweet Rose Coffee & Wine Bar. Otherwise you do not see much evidence of a “gayborhood” or gay owned businesses.  To meet new people you might want to take part in one of the many gay Arlington “meet up” groups that happen online.

Arlington is not a city where you will see that much openly gay behavior and it is a state that does not recognize gay marriage. To find out the very best neighborhoods for you to live in it is best to consult with an Arlington gay realtor.

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