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Real estate service conducts internal survey, finds safe neighborhoods a top priority among LGBTQ Recently Conducted a Survey of Their 1,500 Real Estate Agents Which Revealed Powerful Findings

Press Release - July 16, 2019, a service which connects buyers and sellers with compatible agents, recently surveyed their more than 1,500 partner agents and found the biggest trend among their LGBTQ clientele is the priority of finding a safe, welcoming neighborhood.

Among those surveyed, about 69.62 percent stated that the neighborhood is even more important than the actual house among LGBTQ homebuyers and sellers.

The trend with the most momentum among LGBTQ buyers and sellers by a margin of about 50 percent, according to the survey, is the safety of neighborhoods. This is a result of an open-ended question on the survey which asked agents to theorize on the foremost permeating trend among LGBTQ clients, according to their experience and expertise. About 50 percent of the answers were related to neighborhood safety and included crime rates, safety, diverse/welcoming neighborhoods, community, living in LGBTQ areas and successful integration.

These powerful survey results are not altogether surprising given that about six in 10 LGBTQ students report feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, according to a survey on the experiences of LGBTQ youth. These disturbing statistics illustrate the importance of cultivating communities that promote and embolden inclusivity. 

The team works to identify the best LGBTQ-friendly cities and communities in each state and region of the country and cultivates relationships and deep networks in each, to provide their clients the support they need to find ideal residency. The service provides is one of many that LGBTQ individuals can use to bypass the potential for anxiety, discrimination and inequitable treatment.

With more than 25 years of experience as the industry leader, continually strives for the protection of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, and will continue to advocate for the full and equal treatment of all individuals: in real estate markets and all areas of life.

The team hopes that these statistics will encourage communities to rally around their LGBTQ neighbors and proliferate safe, welcoming places for people to live, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.

Jeff Hammerberg
For Immediate Release

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