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Real Estate Service Provides Solution To Discrimination Concerns Among LGBTQ Clientele

LGBTQ Home Buyers and Sellers Face Legal and Personal Discrimination

Press Release - January 31, 2020, a service which connects buyers and sellers with compatible agents, found in a recent survey that many LGBTQ home buyers and sellers face discrimination among agents and other contacts in the real estate transaction process. In confluence with this information, the legal protections for LGBTQ homeowners vary by state and are not federally mandated. continues to work toward parity for all people in the real estate transaction process.

LGBTQ people face discrimination in many areas of life. More than half of LGBTQ Americans say they have experienced violence, threats or harassment because of their sexuality or gender identity, according to an extensive poll.

In real estate, the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, financing of or other housing-related transactions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status or disability. But it does not protect people against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Housing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people takes a variety of forms, according to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Many times couples are told they cannot put both partners' names on a homeowner's insurance policy, which is important to do if both partners share ownership of the home, according to HRC. Other couples are discriminated against when filing a claim, as some insurance companies attempt to refuse claims or cancel policies on the grounds that the owners are unrelated. These are just two examples of the ways LGBTQ people can face discrimination throughout a real estate transaction.

The team has worked for over 25 years to identify the top LGBTQ/LGBTQ friendly real estate agents in each city, in every state across the country. Cultivating deep relationships and networks in each, to provide their clients the support and full representation they need to find ideal residency. The service provides is one of many that LGBTQ individuals can use to bypass the potential for anxiety, discrimination and inequitable treatment. continually strives for the protection of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, and will continue to advocate for the full and equal treatment of all individuals: in real estate markets and all areas of life.

### connects buyers and sellers with trustworthy gay, lesbian and gay-friendly real estate agents to remove potential discrimination from all real estate transactions. The team maintains personal connections with reliable agents to ensure their clients are treated equitably and with respect. All agents are interviewed and investigated extensively and many have retained partnerships with for decades. With more than 25 years of experience, focuses on establishing reliable real estate connections with professionals who understand the unique needs and desires of the LGBTQ community.

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