Boise is Idaho’s beautiful, bustling capital city. Situated on the banks of the Idaho River, it was once ranked as one of the “Queerest Cities in America” by The Advocate. Indeed, it is a warm and welcoming city with a strong and vibrant LGBTQ community. It also has a rich arts and culture scene, abundant natural beauty, and many unique and welcoming neighborhoods. The LGBTQ community in Boise is well-supported by a variety of resources across the city, including:

  • The Community Center: The Community Center of Idaho was founded in December 1983 with the mission of uniting and supporting Idaho’s LGBTQ community through educational and developmental programs, and by providing resources to the community. The center hosts regular monthly group meetings and activities as well, and actively seeks to bring the community together in celebration and support of the LGBTQ community and all that it adds to the city.
  • Idaho Pride Foundation: Since 1985, The Idaho Pride Foundation has been working tirelessly to advance LGBTQ causes and push for LGBTQ equality across the state of Idaho. In furtherance of this mission, Idaho Pride proudly partners with many local organizations and leaders across the state of Idaho who share its vision of a world in which all LGBTQ people can live openly, safely, and genuinely. 
  • Boise Pride Pages: The Boise Pride Pages are an in-depth and extensive listing of a variety of LGBTQ resources around the city. Whether you’re looking for LGBTQ-friendly restaurants, bars, shops, legal or healthcare services, churches, or more, you can find them here.
  • The Community Center Youth: The Community Center has a specific branch dedicated to serving LGBTQ youth across the greater Boise area. The program offers resources, events, support, and generally a safe place for youth to gather and feel celebrated for who they are and what they will become.
  • St. Luke’s LGBTQIA Healthcare: The LGBTQIA branch of St. Luke’s Hospital provides comprehensive, compassionate care to all LGBTQ patients who seek healthcare services, both mental and physical.

Boise’s Best Neighborhoods

Without question, Boise has so much to offer its LGBTQ+ community, and those resources are intended to reach the LGBTQ+ community throughout the city. While there are many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, here are a couple that are particularly popular with the LGBTQ community:

  • North End: North End is a neighborhood known for its older homes, which are beautiful and full of character. The area is also very walkable, with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby, as well as a few of the more popular gay bars in the city. There are also several bike paths and green spaces nearby for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The center of the North End community is a large park called Hyde Park, known for its many trendy restaurants, galleries, and shops. The median list price of homes currently for sale in North End is approximately $780,000.
  • Downtown Boise: For those who want a busier, more urban feel, Downtown Boise is a great choice. The site of the annual Boise Pride festival, the downtown area has many LGBTQ-friendly shops, bars, and restaurants. Many available residences are condos, although there are some single-family residences mixed in as well. The median list price of homes currently for sale in Downtown Boise is around $528,000.

While these neighborhoods are particularly popular with the LGBTQ community, there are many other diverse, welcoming, and friendly areas of town as well that may be worth considering depending upon your budget and personal home style preferences. Regardless of which neighborhood ends up being most appealing to you, one thing is certain – you’ll need the help of a realtor who knows and loves that community to help you find the home you love, and that’s truly the best fit for you. At, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

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