Birmingham, Alabama is known for being a warm and welcoming city full of southern hospitality. It’s also a city full of diversity, rich natural beauty, many opportunities, and plenty of eclectic, unique neighborhoods where all can find their place and feel at home. Even better, it has a thriving and diverse LGBTQ community, where all can feel welcome and celebrated. The LGBTQ community in Birmingham is well-supported by a variety of resources across the city, including:

  • PFLAG Birmingham: PFLAG Birmingham is the city’s chapter of the national PFLAG organization, which is a support, education, and advocacy organization for LGBTQ people, as well as their families, friends, and allies. It is the largest grassroots-based family organization of its kind in the country. PFLAG Birmingham seeks to celebrate and support the city’s LGBTQ community and to create an environment of understanding so that everyone can live in a world that is safe and inclusive.
  • Magic City Acceptance Academy: Magic City Acceptance Academy is a unique charter school specifically focused on LGBTQ+ youth in grades 6 through 12  in the greater Birmingham area. The school not only provides an education but also a wide range of opportunities and resources to support the diverse needs of youth and their families.
  • El Centro – The Hub: El Centro-The Hub is a division of AIDS Alabama, which is a group that works to support all who are diagnosed with or affected by AIDS/HIV across the state. In Birmingham, The Hub seeks to be a welcoming, comfortable space that centers on the experiences of young gay, bisexual, and trans people of color but is welcoming to all.
  • Central Alabama Pride: For almost 50 years, Central Alabama Pride has been celebrating the LGBTQ community and all that it adds to the area. Central Alabama Pride is committed to spreading the message of equality every year by providing excellent and engaging LGBTQ pride events which bring together all Alabama citizens.
  • Magic City Wellness Center: Birmingham’s Magic City Wellness Center was the first comprehensive healthcare facility to be founded in Alabama. The mission of the MCWC is to provide a safe, open, and welcoming space for each individual to receive culturally competent care and wellness services, with the goal of living longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Birmingham’s Best Neighborhoods

Without question, Birmingham has so much to offer its LGBTQ+ community, and those resources are intended to reach the LGBTQ+ community throughout the city. While there are many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, here are a couple that are particularly popular with the LGBTQ community:

  • Crestwood: Crestwood is a beautiful, older, and well-established Birmingham neighborhood characterized by bungalows and older, more historic homes with plenty of personality and character. Crestwood is a very diverse, welcoming, and walkable neighborhood with plenty to see and do. The current median list price of homes for sale in the Crestwood area is around $360,000.
  • East Lake:  East Lake is one of the most diverse and multi-ethnic neighborhoods in Birmingham, and it is also considered to be one of the most affordable. It’s also a neighborhood that is very welcoming to and popular with the LGBTQ community. The median sale price of homes in East Lake over the last year was around $100,000.
  • Homewood: Homewood is considered one of the hippest neighborhoods in Birmingham. It is an affordable neighborhood characterized by Art Deco and Spanish mission-style housing. Many of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1920s and have a unique personality and character. The neighborhood is also very walkable and includes many shops, restaurants, and nightspots to enjoy. The median sale price of homes in Homewood over the last year was approximately $520,000.

While these neighborhoods are particularly popular with the LGBTQ community, there are many other diverse, welcoming, and friendly areas of town as well that may be worth considering depending upon your budget and personal home style preferences. Regardless of which neighborhood ends up being most appealing to you, one thing is certain – you’ll need the help of a realtor who knows and loves that community to help you find the home you love, and that’s truly the best fit for you. At, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

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Birmingham is a city with so much to offer its LGBTQ community. Whether you already live in Birmingham and you’re thinking of moving to a new home, or if you’re planning to relocate to the area to enjoy all that Birmingham has to offer, at, we’re here for you. We would love to help you take the first step toward finding an agent who knows and loves the community, and who can help you find a home and a neighborhood you’ll love. We’re proud to have a network of the best realtors in Birmingham, and we would love to help connect you with one today. Contact a Birmingham gay realtor today for a free, no-obligation consultation!