If you’re thinking of making a move to The Mitten, as Michigan is often called, you probably already know that it’s a state full of natural beauty. This state that touches four of the five Great Lakes offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities – but that’s not all that it offers. Michigan is also a state full of unique cities, each with its own personality. Although each city is different, all have thriving arts and culture scenes, plenty of employment opportunities, and plenty of things to see and do. If you are a part of the LGBTQ community and you have been thinking of making a move to Michigan, there will be no shortage of unique and charming places to choose from. Some of the cities you might want to consider include:

  • Detroit: The Motor City. The birthplace of Motown. Detroit is Michigan’s largest city, and it is certainly a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. It has a thriving music and arts scene, and any number of gay-owned businesses, as well as several neighborhoods, each with its own unique and quirky personality, but always welcoming. It is diverse and welcoming and would be a wonderful place to call home. Read the full Detroit Gay City Guide here.
  • Grand Rapids: Located minutes away from Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is a city that blends natural coastal beauty with a hip, eclectic, and inclusive vibe. Many know it as the “Furniture City” for the fact that it is one of the largest furniture manufacturing cities in the country, but it was also recently honored by The Advocate as one of the “Gayest Cities in America”. Expedia also recently declared it “among the cream of the crop of cool cities to visit in the United States.” Truly, Grand Rapids is known for being inclusive, hip, and fun. Read the full Grand Rapids Gay City Guide here.
  • Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the sixth-largest city in the state.  It’s also considered a part of the Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint Metro area, so residents have access to just about anything and everything they could ever want.  Perhaps best known for being home to the University of Michigan, this college town is also known for being very LGBT-friendly, and for being a place where everyone can feel welcome and at home. Ann Arbor also holds a special place in history – the city was the first to have an openly gay candidate be elected to a public office way back in 1974. Read more about some of the great places to live in Ann Arbor here.
  • Lansing: Lansing, Michigan is the capital of the state of Michigan with a population of 114,297. It is considered to be an important center for education, culture, government and industry and it is also an important center for gay lifestyle and culture. There is a great deal of LGBTQ nightlife in Lansing, as well as many gay-owned businesses of all kinds. The city offers plenty of opportunities, and a variety of wonderful neighborhoods to call home. Find out more about some of the wonderful neighborhoods in Lansing here.
  • Saugatuck: Saugatuck, Michigan is known as a gay haven with several outdoor resorts in the area that specifically cater to LGBT individuals. This tourist town is located in Allegan County is within close driving distance of Chicago, Detroit and Grand Rapids, and every summer it attracts thousands of both straight and LGBT tourists. They are drawn to this former old lumber town and port by the galleries, harbor, and nearby nature preserve of Dune State Park. Saugatuck enjoys the distinction of being a famous artist’s colony that was started during the Arts and Crafts movement in the late nineteenth century. Much of the architecture in the area is well preserved and from that era as well.  Read more about Saugatuck and all it has to offer here.

After you’ve decided which city in Michigan is the best fit for you, your next step should be to connect with a realtor who knows that city and its neighborhoods well, and who can help you find a home that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to do exactly that, we have over 20,000 LGBTQ realtors in our extensive network at www.GayRealEstate.com, and we are ready to help! Choose an agent and start a conversation – there is never a cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you find your perfect Virginia home soon!