Without a doubt, Canada is a big country, full of many beautiful places, each with its own personality and unique characteristics. Regardless of the particular city you’re in though, one thing that’s true of the country as a whole is that it is generally known for its friendly, warm, and welcoming people, and for being a wonderful place to live. If you are a part of the LGBTQ community and you have been thinking of making a move to Canada, there will be no shortage of unique and charming places to choose from. Some of the cities you might want to consider include:

  • Calgary: Calgary is a city of unique charms. Nestled beside the beautiful Bow River, and approximately 50 miles east of the Canadian Rockies, it is a city of stunning outdoor beauty, while simultaneously being a thriving, diverse, and cosmopolitan town where everyone can feel at home and find their place. Read the full Calgary Gay City Guide here.
  • Winnipeg: Located at the confluence of two rivers, the name Winnipeg comes from native words meaning “murky waters”. It is the capital city of Manitoba, Canada, and it is known as the “cultural cradle of Canada” because of its vibrant arts, culture, and museum scene. Winnipeg is home to the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and more – so the title is very much deserved. Winnipeg is also a city full of festivals – including, among others, the popular Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, among others. Read the full Winnipeg Gay City Guide here.
  • Toronto: Located on the northwestern shore of beautiful Lake Ontario, Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and a diverse, multicultural city with a thriving and vibrant LGBTQ community. Toronto is home to Canada’s only “Gay Village”, which is one of the largest, most unique, and welcoming LGBTQ communities in the world. Truly, it would be a wonderful city to call home! Read the full Toronto Gay City Guide here.
  • Edmonton: Known as the “Festival City” for all of the annual celebrations and festivals it offers, Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, and sits on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It is a place of incredible beauty. Edmonton’s river valley comprises over 20 large parks, making it the largest expanse of urban parkland in all of Canada, offering 93 miles of trails to enjoy. In addition to its natural beauty, it’s a lively city, full of friendly, down-to-earth people, and plenty to see and do. Canada is a nation well-known for its openness and its welcoming spirit – and Edmonton is no exception. Read the full Edmonton Gay City Guide here.
  • Montreal: Located where the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers meet, Montreal is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province. It is a dynamic, welcoming city with a hip, eclectic vibe. It’s a city that’s overflowing with culture, festivals, wonderful food, and plenty of outdoor activities, not to mention endless opportunity and a wide variety of warm and welcoming neighborhoods that will eagerly embrace anyone who wants to call it home. If you’re looking for a rent to own place in Quebec, check out optionachat.com. Read the full Montreal Gay City Guide here.
  • Vancouver: Canada’s most gay-friendly city, Vancouver is a jewel of the Pacific Northwest and a mecca for the LGBTQ community. From outdoor enthusiasts to coffee gurus and artists galore, the metropolis is home to a diverse group of people. Recently, they celebrated ten years of marriage equality and have often been referred to as “Canada’s San Francisco.” Read the full Vancouver Gay City Guide here.
  • Ottawa: Amazing Ottawa, Ontario is a city of rivers and canals backed by the Gatineau Mountains located just over the bridge to Quebec.  If you’re planning on moving to Quebec, be sure to check out Reprise de finance. This capital city of Canada is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River in Southern Ontario. It is a progressive urban center with two official languages and a diverse and very gay-positive population. Gay marriage is legal here and Mercer rates the city as having the second-highest quality of living of any large city in North America. It is also the third cleanest city in the world. Read the full Ottawa Gay City Guide here.

After you’ve decided which city in Canada is the best fit for you, your next step should be to connect with a realtor who knows that city and its neighborhoods well, and who can help you find a home that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. If you’re ready to do exactly that, we have over 2000 LGBTQ realtors in our extensive network at www.GayRealEstate.com, and we are ready to help! Choose an agent and start a conversation – there is never a cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you find your perfect Canadian home soon!