When people think of California, they often think of surf, sand, and sunshine – and certainly, it does have those things in abundance. What California also has in abundance though, is a number of LGBTQ-friendly cities situated all across the state – each unique, welcoming, and wonderful in its own way. If you’re a part of the LGBTQ community and you’ve been thinking of making a move to California, you’ll have plenty of great cities to choose from, including:

  • Los Angeles: The entertainment industry and Los Angeles are synonymous. The city is home to engaging people, charming professionals, creative innovators, and risk-taking adventure-seekers (to name a few). The region has a rich history of religious, sexual, racial, gender, and socioeconomic factors that contribute to the vast diversity of the city. It’s long been a welcoming place for the LGBTQ tribe and a nexus to queer culture.
  • San Francisco: San Francisco is home to one of the most thriving and vibrant LGBTQ communities on the planet. It’s also the center of groundbreaking activism and the history of LGBTQ rights. Nicknamed the “gay capital of the world,” the famous Harvey Milk fought to make it a place of universal acceptance where the LGTBQ community can network, learn, and grow. It’s been called “the original gay-friendly city” and will continue to be that way for years to come.
  • Palm Springs: Laidback and resort casual, Palm Springs is the American epicenter of the LGBTQ community. Boasting over 325 days of sunshine and a 50% gay population, residents here feel truly at home. From charming village shops to unique artsy stores, wrapped up in old-Hollywood glamour, this desert town is far from sleepy.
  • San Diego: Sun-kissed and seaside, San Diego has long shrugged off its stuffy military beginnings for a colorful and diverse community. From trendy boutiques to the world’s only gay brewery, America’s 8th largest city is practically built for an LGBTQ transplant. 
  • San Jose: San Jose is the third-largest city in California, and considered by many to be the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” In addition to being famous for being a city on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, it’s also a city that offers world-class dining, a wide variety of museums and cultural events, bustling nightlife, and a pleasant climate year-round.  In addition, San Jose has a strong and vibrant LGBTQ community that is continually growing and welcoming to all. Truly, it would make a great city to call home.
  • Huntington Beach: Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in sunny Southern California, Huntington Beach is often called Surf City – and with good reason. It’s well known for its consistently wonderful waves, and its 9.5-mile stretch of beautiful sandy beach. It’s not a big community by the standards of the greater Los Angeles area – 200,000 people or so – but it’s a community that offers plenty to see and do for all who visit, and for those who call it home.
  • Fremont: Fremont sits to the southeast of San Francisco and is considered part of the East Bay area. Home to nearly 250,000 people, Fremont is the fourth largest city in the San Francisco Bay area. Fremont is close to Silicon Valley and is well-known for being home to companies like Tesla, Seagate, and others. It’s also a city full of many beautiful green spaces and has been recognized as a Tree City for more than 20 years. It’s also a very diverse, friendly, and welcoming place for all.
  • Fresno: Located in sunny central California, in the center of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is the fifth-largest city in the state. It is a city with a rich history, plenty of opportunity, and many things to see, do and enjoy. It is both a center of technology and industry, and a paradise for nature lovers, due to its proximity to natural treasures like Yosemite National Park, the Sierra National Forest, and more. Without question, Fresno is a city with much to offer and much to enjoy for those who call it home.
  • Sacramento: Sacramento is a city with several nicknames. Whether you call it Sactown, The Big Tomato, River City, or the City of Trees, it would be a wonderful place to call home. Sacramento offers pleasant weather, plenty to see and do many job opportunities, and a thriving and diverse LGBT community. In fact, with a final score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2019 Municipality Index Scorecard, Sacramento is a wonderful and welcoming community for visitors and residents alike and would be the perfect place to begin your next new chapter.
  • Oakland: Situated on the east side of the San Francisco Bay which is the area with the largest LGBTQ community in America, Oakland is a beautiful, eclectic, and diverse city with a come as you are mentality. It is a city known for embracing original and creative people, and for celebrating the diversity that people of all kinds can bring to a community. Its inclusive feel and free spirit, combined with all that it offers to see and enjoy would make it a great place in which to find your next home. 

If you’re thinking of making a move to California, there are clearly plenty of wonderful cities to choose from. Maybe you’ll want to visit a few before you decide – or maybe you already know which one would be the perfect place for you to call home. Whatever your particular situation, at www.GayRealEstate.com, we’re here to help. We’d love to connect you with a realtor who knows and love the city that you’re interested in, and who can help you find a home that you love. Get in touch with us today – we look forward to helping you find the perfect place!