How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the World?

Everyone in the U.S. knows that New York City and San Francisco are the homes of LGBT culture on the east and west coasts. But how do people who live outside of the United States see our country’s LGBT culture and lifestyle? How do New York and San Francisco rate when on the list of top LGBT cities from around the world? Do any other U.S. cities make the list?

The Criteria

How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the WorldThere are a number of different lists that rank cities, according to how great they are for LGBT people. Generally, these lists look at many of the same criteria, which is why their rankings tend to be fairly similar. Factors such as legal protections, safety, and city outreach are scored along with the rights of LGBT citizens in the country, the nightlife, the dating scene, and how open LGBT people can be without fear of discrimination.

U.S. Cities in the Top Ten

Many Americans might assume that San Francisco would rank as one of the top LGBT cities in the world, but it’s actually number ten! New York City is one slot ahead of it at number nine. Madrid, Amsterdam, and Toronto, often appear in the top three, although not always in that order. Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, and Barcelona also tend to rank within the top ten. Paris, Montreal, and Manchester sometimes rank higher than San Francisco and New York as well.

Other Cities that May Rank

While NYC and San Francisco do usually rank in the top 10 or so, there are a few other cities that can be found in the top 50 cities for LGBT people. Austin, Texas, can be found in the 20 to 25 range on a number of these lists. So can Miami, Florida. Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles tend to rank lower, but they’re still known for their welcoming atmosphere. Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and Las Vegas also appear on some of these lists.

A Helpful Guide to Moving

If you’re thinking about moving within the U.S., one of these world ranking lists can help you see how certain cities rank. It’s especially useful if you’re moving back to the U.S. from one of the other cities on the list. It can also help if you’re planning a trip abroad and want to know how you might be treated if you’re with your partner. Like many of these lists, though, it is somewhat subjective. How can you really assign an objective score to a city’s nightlife or dating scene, for example? Still, these lists can be helpful in deciding where to move.

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