Young, energetic gay women and men who are looking for a dramatic change of pace from the boring traditions of their hometown need to look no further than the fast-paced, fun lifestyle available to them in Key West, Florida. Key West is a true American paradise, an architectural and botanical jewel. It is located only miles away from sandy beaches that stretch as far as one can see, set below clear blue skies without a cloud in sight, that last the entire year round. The most gay friendly neighborhood in the Key West area includes the Bahama Village, which was founded in the late 19th century by immigrants who came to the United States from Bahama. Based on this rich history, the Bahama Village is a fulfilling place to reside.


The nightlife in Key West, Florida never seems to end, based on it’s almost limitless supply of gay and lesbian bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Some of the most prestigious gay hotels in Key West include the Island House, which is actually an all-nude, all-male resort (Old Town – 1129 Fleming Street) Oasis, another clothing-optional establishment which is located only a few blocks away (Old Town – 823 Fleming St.) Big Ruby’s Guest House (Old Town – 409 Applerouth Lane), and Alexander’s Guest House.


For gays and lesbians who are more particular to enjoy their nights at a nice bar or club, they are in luck since Key West has dozens and dozens of them. Some of the best of the bunch (and conveniently located nearby the Bahama Village neighborhood) are a Louisiana-style pub called Bourbon Street Pub, located on Duval street, a similarly-named drag club also on Duval street called 801 Bourbon, Bobby’s Monkey Bar in Oldtown, La Te Da, Kwest, and Pearl’s Patio Bar for Women. Pearl’s is actually a bar which caters specifically to lesbians and bisexual women, something that can be especially difficult for women of this alternative lifestyle to find.


In Key West’s Old Town neighborhood there are many options for affordably priced living arrangements which will suit the needs of both younger gay and lesbian singles and older lesbian and gay couples who are looking for a place to settle down and call their own. The main appeal of the Old Town neighborhood is that it, like Bahama Village, is rich in historic history and has a certain turn-of-the-century style charm in its architecture. Key West’s rich history, along with it’s bustling beaches and electric nightlife are sure to appeal to the gay and lesbian community of all ages, whether they are simply looking to have fun or relocate into something more permanent.

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