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The Nation's Top Gay Real Estate Agents Provide Free Buyers Representation

  • Instant free access to a top gay, lesbian/gay friendly real estate agent ~ enter city and state in the search box above.
  • 100% Confidential. Your information is never shared with anyone except the gay real estate agent you choose.
  • Gay, lesbian and gay friendly realtors pre-screened and rated by past customer experience. Not just a database of gay real estate agents ~ but the nation's oldest & most trusted real estate resource serving LGBT community.

100% Free and LGBT Friendly

Why take the risk of being discriminated against, losing money, or being made to feel generally less then welcome, when you can choose a gay, lesbian or gay friendly real estate agent to represent you FREE. Trusted Partners

At Gay Real Estate we only partner with gay, lesbian and gay friendly real estate agents that are willing to do business transparently and professionally with our community.

Hassle Free Buying and Selling

Finding the perfect gay realtor in your area has never been easier. Simply enter your state and city in the search box, hit the submit button, and we will provide you with a list top gay realtors / gay real estate agents in your area to choose from.

Our Commitment to the LGBT Community

Our number one priority is providing you a choice of a highly qualified and trusted gay realtor, lesbian realtor / gay real estate agent in any city in the United States.


When you promised a gay/gay friendly Realtor, you were right! My partner and I felt totally comfortable knowing our best interests were at heart, and for our comfort, it was handled in total confidence. Thank you! Read more testimonials

Sharon, California  

I would recommend Gay Real Estate Read more testimonials

Bernie, Washington  

We would highly recommend your site. It was easy to find. We had a very short time to find the perfect house for us. Our agent got right on it and in a week had found our house. We want to thank you very much. Read more testimonials

James and Randall, Florida  

We would definitely recommend to our friends that are considering buying or selling a home. Read more testimonials

Alisa, North Carolina  

My Realtor was very good at screening out potential properties and showing me only those that fit my criteria. Read more testimonials

Paul, California  

I was looking for a very specific REALTOR and your website was perfect in finding a match that fit our needs.  As we were first time buyers, we wanted someone who was imformative and understanding about our lives. Read more testimonials

Jenny, California  

The prospect of purchasing a home across the country is  intimidating at best. Our agent and his team made the process not  only approachable, but in the end smooth and without complication. Read more testimonials

Ed, Tennessee  

Extremely satisfied with I had a great experience. Read more testimonials

Scott, Georgia  

As first time homebuyers, my partner and I were looking for an agent who would not only show us houses, but educate us about the process of buying a house. Our agent not only met but exceeded our expectations. Read more testimonials

Laura, Tennessee  

My agent was a delight to work with.  He was very dedicated and worked night and day to get my closing done in the very short timeline that I had. Read more testimonials

Justin, Texas  

I do not have anything I would change about the website and I would recommend to my friends that are considering buying or selling a house. Read more testimonials

Mark, California  

I would recommend Read more testimonials

John, Minnesota  

I would surely recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home. Read more testimonials

Dianne, Arkansas  

Our agent's follow up from offer to final closing was impeccable.  He answered any questions or concerns we had promptly. Read more testimonials

Tom, Nevada  

When asked recently whether I would recommend Gay Real Estate I responded "Yes I would" Furthermore my agent was "...professional, caring, and patient. He knows his stuff! I appreciate all he did helping me find my new home." Read more testimonials

Bernie, Washington  

We would and have already recommended GayRealEstate to others. Read more testimonials

Ron, Texas  

I want to thank GayRealEstate for connecting us with such a wonderful broker who my partner and I felt comfortable with...I would recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home. Read more testimonials

Erin, New York  

I was extremely pleased with my experience. I would highly recommend your services again. Read more testimonials

Mark, Colorado  

My agent's organization and pre-communication to me before my flight out made for a very productive and efficient process.  He was able to refer me to a lender, builder, and draftsman.  I have already recommended to my friends! Read more testimonials

Michael, New Mexico  

Thank you sooo much! We found a house the first day, made an offer, and the sellers accepted. What a great service you provide. Read more testimonials

Liz, Virginia was a great resource and we would recommend it to our friends. Read more testimonials

Greg, California  

I would recommend Gay Real Estate. Read more testimonials

Don, Florida  

I am so happy I worked through this website! My agent was definitely a joy to work with, was super helpful, supportive and patient! I have already recommended this website to several friends. Read more testimonials

Georgia, Oregon  

Great to have your site!  Our experience working with our gay realtor was everything we expected and then some.  Thanks a bunch - we have told numerous folks about this site. Read more testimonials

Richard, New Mexico  

I was completely satisfied with GayRealEstate. com and would recommend their services again. Read more testimonials

Matt, Michigan  

My agent was great!  I would definitely recommend to my friends. Read more testimonials

Jeremy, California  

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Read more testimonials

Joseph, Florida  

We would absolutely recommend without any reservations. Read more testimonials

Ron, Florida  

I think your website is a fantastic idea.  My partner and I have received outstanding and honest service throughout this entire process.  I'm very impressed. Read more testimonials

Jeremy, Arizona  

I would definitely recommend to all my friends. Read more testimonials

Mary, Texas  

I could not have been more pleased with I recommend them highly and have already mentioned them to several friends when speaking of finding such a great realtor through the site. I would certainly recommend without hesitation. Read more testimonials

Robin, Virginia  

I would absolutely recommend I've already mentioned it to several of my friends while discussing how I found such a great realtor. Read more testimonials

Robin, Virginia  

We had a wonderful experience using this site. It is how we found our agent. We would recommend to our friends to use this site. We would use the site again in the future when buying or selling property. Read more testimonials

Kim, Nevada  

I would absolutely recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home.  Read more testimonials

Maurice, California provided us with a wonderful experience. We found our agent, Bill, through this site and would recommend him. For our friends who live outside Las Vegas we would recommend using this site for their search and we would use this site if buying or selling outside this area in the future. Read more testimonials

Kim, Nevada  

My agent, Tim, was always responsive when I had any questions or concerns and would reach out to the required parties on my behalf to light a fire or throw some gas on it! Everything went great. I would and have already recommended Gay Real Estate and my agent Tim to my friends Read more testimonials

Shane, Colorado  

I definitely would recommend!!! Read more testimonials

Rachel, Missouri  

We highly recommend - especially when relocating! Read more testimonials

Patricia, Arizona  

We tried another site and never heard back from the agent... Our agent contacted us within 20 minutes! Amazing service and amazing results ~ Thank you. Read more testimonials

Jerry , Colorado  

Our Realtor was great. He made reference to, but did not dwell on it or pry. He simply acknowledged it and we moved forward in a very professional way. Read more testimonials

Tom, Virginia  

I would recommend this site to others. Read more testimonials

James, Kansas  

Relocating to a new city is a scary process.  It is in these cases that you want to work with someone who understands your needs and takes the time to listen.  My agent (and his entire office) paid attention and provided the service I needed.  He was the best I have ever dealt with! Read more testimonials

James , Colorado  

I would recommend GayRealEstate to my friends Read more testimonials

Paul, Arizona  

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