Tips for Same Sex Couples Selling their Home

Selling your home can be complicated and stressful. Buyers are a lot more savvy today than they were in the past due to the wealth of information that is available on the Internet. Following are some tips for same sex couples selling their home.

RE101Learn Your Market

Real estate selling strategies are local and has its own customs. General rules for selling real estate will not work in every location. The best way to do this is to hire a real estate agent. See our article Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Gay Realtor for your Home Purchase. LGBT real estate agents know their local market and can offer advice on pricing, marketing and negotiation.

Open House

Holding an open house allows potential buyers an opportunity to explore your home and picture themselves living in it. In order to make a favorable impression, you should spruce up the outside of the home and the yard, and make sure the inside is clean and clutter free. The outside of the home is the first things that potential buyers see and is your first shot at making a favorable impression.

Find somewhere to go and let your real estate agent handle your open house. Buyers tend to feel uncomfortable while exploring a home with the sellers present. They also tend to give a realtor more honest feedback regarding their thoughts on the price and presentation of your home. That feedback can assist your realtor in ways to increase interest in the home. Another good reason to be absent during your open house is that both you and the buyers will form opinions about each other while you talking about the home that could interfere with a buyer making an offer or your acceptance of an offer that may otherwise be acceptable.

Offer and Acceptance

Real estate laws vary from state to state. Generally, there must be an offer and an acceptance of the offer as evidenced by the signatures of all parties involved. Making a written offer is not legally binding and the seller is free to make a counter offer or decline the offer. Once the seller accepts the offer and all parties sign the document, a ‘meeting of the minds’ takes place and the contract becomes legally binding.

Real estate contracts generally include the terms of the sale and the deadlines that must be met before the sale can be finalized. For example, a buyer has two weeks to secure financing, or the seller has one week to repair the furnace. If those deadlines are not met, the contract will be breached and can be declared invalid. Setting deadlines should be done realistically. One of your real estate agent’s responsibilities will be to assist you in setting those deadlines and monitor them to ensure that the contract does not go into default and result in the loss of the sale.

Real Estate Agent Consultation

If you are considering selling your home, you should consult with an LGBT real estate agent in your location ~ find one free at sites like He or she is in the best position to know and discuss the local market with you and guide you through the process of selling your home.

Major Mistakes Home Sellers May Make

Selling your home involves a lot of work, especially if you’re trying to buy a home at the same time.  You have to get all of those little things done around the house that you’ve been meaning to do for years—things like touching up the paint, replacing that cracked tile, and getting the rest of that backsplash put in.  You also have to pack and take care of everything involved with moving, all while trying to keep your home in pristine condition.  Doing all of this work can cause sellers to skip over important steps or forget about certain things.  If you’re selling your home, try to avoid making these costly mistakes.

Common Selling MistakesDon’t skip the home inspection.  You will want to have a pre-listing inspection if possible.  This way, you’ll be able to look at the issues that come up and fix them before buyers have a chance to look over the home.  You can also handle things on your own schedule and fit repairs into your budget as needed instead of trying to get everything done before the closing.

Not Doing your Prep Work.  All those little chores mentioned above?  Do them.  Buyers are very picky, and they’re going to be looking for any little thing they can find to justify offering you less money or asking you to fix things.  You and your realtor should sit down with the report from your pre-inspection and determine what absolutely must be done before the property can be shown to anyone.

Going with the Wrong Real Estate Agent.  Some people ask their realtor friend or relative to represent them, but this isn’t always the best.  They may not know that much about your area or the type of home you’re trying to sell.  You should always look for a realtor who has an excellent reputation and knows your neighborhood.  If you’re a member of the LGBT community, you may feel more comfortable with a gay or lesbian realtor, especially if your home is located in one of your city’s major LGBT neighborhoods.

Pricing your Home Too High.  One of the reasons finding the best realtor is a must is that they will help you determine a good, reasonable price for your house.  Your realtor shouldn’t be afraid to tell you that you’re asking too much, nor should they let you set your price too low.  If you do set your price too high, you’re going to have to come down eventually or let your house sit on the market for months.