New Orleans is a city with a rich history, strong French influences, and so much to see and do. The biggest city in Louisiana is not only home to Mardi Gras – it’s also home to a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, plenty of business opportunities, many excellent educational opportunities, and lots of diverse, friendly neighborhoods and communities – among them, a thriving LGBTQ population.

Among the many wonderful things that New Orleans offers its residents are many helpful resources and groups dedicated to the mission of serving, supporting, and celebrating New Orleans’s LGBTQ+ community. Some of those resources include:

  • PFLAG New Orleans: PFLAG New Orleans is New Orleans’s chapter of the national PFLAG organization, which is a support, education, and advocacy organization for LGBTQ people, as well as their families, friends, and allies. It is the largest grassroots-based family organization of its kind in the country. PFLAG New Orleans seeks to celebrate and support the city’s LGBTQ community and to create an environment of understanding so that everyone can live in a world that is safe and inclusive.
  • The LGBTQ Center of New Orleans: The LGBTQ Center of New Orleans is an integral part of LGBTQ life in the New Orleans area, and it supports a variety of community-driven projects across the city. With the mission of combating prejudice and celebrating the LGBTQ community across the city, this community-based group plans events and provides a wide variety of resources.
  • Gulf South LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce: The Gulf South LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, community-based LGBTQ business organization of the greater New Orleans area that seeks to promote LGBTQ influence through business association. The group provides valuable business development resources and educational opportunities, and with a wide variety of LGBTQ+ professionals, businesses, and allies as members, the group is an essential part of promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ businesses across the region. 
  • Out Loud LGBTQ Youth: Out Loud LGBTQ Youth is a program for LGBTQ teens and young adults run by the New Orleans Health Department. The mission of the program is to support teens and adults in leading happier, healthier lives through community engagement, education, and outreach. 

New Orleans’s Best Neighborhoods

Without question, New Orleans has a great deal to offer its LGBTQ+ community, and those resources are intended to reach the many wonderful LGBTQ+ neighborhoods throughout the city. Some of the neighborhoods in New Orleans which are most popular with the LGBTQ community include:

  • Mid City: This is one of NOLA’s most accessible and central neighborhoods. The vibe in the area is hip and young with streetcar lines intersecting from both uptown and downtown. There is a large Vietnamese population with excellent Asian-inspired cuisine. The median sale price of homes in the Hillcrest area over the last year was around $346,000.
  • Uptown: This is a bustling neighborhood that has families and college students alike. It’s a charming area that’s overflowing with shopping, restaurants, music and all kinds of entertainment. Uptown has a laidback vibe with impromptu front porch gatherings and a real sense of community. This part of town is perfect for a casual stroll or bike ride. It’s lined with classic Victorian homes that come in a rainbow of colors.  The median list price of homes currently for sale in the Uptown neighborhood is approximately $495,000.
  • The French Quarter: This is the neighborhood everyone has heard of and is easily the most well-known. From the gorgeous balconies to the secret gardens, it has a historic appeal like nothing else in the city. The French Quarter is teeming with LGBTQ culture, from gay bars to cafes. Whether you’re wig shopping or enjoying an early evening cocktail, the French Quarter is the liveliest place to live in New Orleans. The median list price of homes currently for sale in the French Quarter is around $419,000.
  • Maringy: Located right outside of the French Quarter, the Marigny is a tad quieter. The stylish and charming neighborhood has a revival of old and decadent homes with a culture of people that march to their own beat. It is also home to the city’s beautiful Crescent Park, which offers fantastic views of the New Orleans skyline. The median sale price of homes in the Maringy neighborhood over the course of the last year was approximately $318,000.

Regardless of which neighborhood ends up being most appealing to you, one thing is certain – you’ll need the help of a realtor who knows and loves that community to help you find the home you love, and that’s truly the best fit for you. At, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

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