When LGBT people are asked if they’re going to look for a home in a Gayborhood or gay ghetto, some may answer yes, while others may have no idea what the term means. While gay neighborhoods were once very thriving communities, today some see them as no longer a necessity. LGBT people are much more accepted and in most locations do not have to fear being attacked by their neighbors. But the gay neighborhood still exists in many cities, and there are still some LGBT individuals and couples who feel more at home there. If you haven’t thought about a home in one of these areas, here are some reasons why the Gayborhood might be a good fit for you.


There Are Still Many Perks to Living In a GayborhoodMany simply feel safer knowing that the people who live around them have chosen to live in a gay neighborhood and are very accepting of everyone. Some gay ghettos are very diverse and are home to others who may not necessarily feel welcome in other parts of the community.


Along the same lines, many feel like they are more of a part of a community if most of their neighbors are LGBT. They know that they will have something in common with those who live nearby. In other areas, they may not necessarily think they will be able to have any kind of friendship with their neighbors.

The Schools

If you’re parents, one of the major factors in deciding where you’re going to live is most likely going to be the school system. You want your children to attend a school where they won’t be made fun of or discriminated against. Schools in and near a gay neighborhood often have a very welcoming atmosphere. Students and teachers alike recognize diversity and strive to create a safe area where everyone can learn. LGBT parents are often on the school board or PTA, and there’s usually a Gay/Straight Alliance at the school, too.

Nearby LGBT Businesses

LGBT-owned businesses are often located near gay communities, and those who want to open their own business or support LGBT-owned businesses may find it helpful to live in a gay ghetto. You may also be within walking distance to local theaters, clubs, and other great nightlife. Pride parades are also often held in or near gay neighborhoods.

Overall, there are some great reasons why you might want to ask your gay or lesbian real estate agent if your city has a gay neighborhood, but don’t pass up your dream house just because it’s not in one of these districts.