Should you Fire your Realtor?

You’ve been trying to sell your home for months, or maybe you’ve been trying to buy one, but just haven’t found the right house.  Sometimes, the issue is that there are too many houses on the market or that the market is down and no one is buying.  Sometimes there are too few houses for sale and you can’t find the perfect one.  But sometimes you just need a different realtor.  Finding a realtor you really connect with can actually be one of the determining factors in how long it takes to find the house of your dreams or sell your current home.  But deciding when to change realtors isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been working with someone for several months.

Do You Have the Right Realtor?You and your realtor should communicate regularly.  Ideally, you’ll touch base about once a week.  If you haven’t heard from your realtor in several weeks, it may be a sign that you should change.  This is especially true if your realtor hasn’t been emailing you new listings or showing potential buyers your property.  Sometimes, realtors do take on too many clients.  If he or she doesn’t have time for you, it’s time for a new realtor.  Some realtors may stop communicating with you simply because they haven’t found any listings they think you’ll like or they have no one looking for homes in your area.  They should, however, at least let you know that this is the case and, ideally, check in regularly just to let you know they’re still working for you.

Sometimes, the problem is that you just don’t click or that your realtor doesn’t quite understand what you’re looking for.  Sometimes, you can talk this out, but other times, the only solution is to find someone else.  For example, if you’re looking for a home in an LGBT community, a realtor who isn’t familiar with that area or culture simply won’t be able to help you as much as a LGBT realtor would.  Ideally, you’ll find a realtor who specializes in the area or type of home you’re looking for right off the bat, but sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.

Finally, you should actually like your realtor.  While this is a professional relationship and liking each other isn’t a requirement, it does help.  If you don’t trust your realtor to sell your home for the best price possible or to find you the best deal on a house, you may end up disappointed.  Find a realtor you get along with is more important than many people think.

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In the mid 1990’s Jeff Hammerberg a Gay REALTOR working at a successful ReMax Office in Colorado witnessed discrimination first hand and has spent his career changing the way the Gay & Lesbian Community buys or sells a home. “My goal is to make sure when you walk in to or call a real estate office, you have an appointment with a top producing agent that you know stands in full support of you as a gay or lesbian person and works with you as your advocate throughout any transaction. Let’s make sure the commissions earned by an agent you employ, are not being used to fund positions or causes that don’t stand in full support of the LGBT Community. Many of our Gay & Lesbian REALTORS are Top Producers in their communities, offering unparalleled service today and in the future. There is no cost or obligation to use any of our services or directories.”