As anyone who is married knows, it is equal parts work and play—and sometimes just a lot of work.  This is set to be boon for businesses in communities where gay marriage is legal. Take all the aspects of any heterosexual marriage—mortgages, car payments, legal and financial considerations, condo association fees, and taxes—and put a slight twist on them. Overnight, you have a new industry.

Professionals of all types are bound to find new and unique ways to cater to same sex couples and reap the financial rewards.

There is never a shortage of lawyers, and with law schools reporting record attendance, this utilitarian breed will surely be amongst the first to specialize on a large scale in gay specific procedural and public services. Moreover, this kind of advocacy will further ingrain gay-friendly legislation into the American legal system.

Adoption and childcare services sensitive to the needs of children with same-sex parents would do well to build a reputation early and keep it. Childcare is a competitive and lucrative business these days. Children of same-sex parentage should be made to feel no different from their peers of course, but there may be occasions that warrant sensitivity and intelligence on the part of childcare professionals. 

Gay-friendly realtors and gay realtors are perhaps some of the most knowledgeable and adept gay-friendly professionals out there. Gay-friendly real estate services have long been the benchmark of specifically gay-friendly services. One standard bearer in the gay service industry is  They already have 20+ years of gay-friendly business knowledge, and a huge base of associates and clients.

As same sex partners continue to realize equality under the law, expect an upsurge in the gay real estate business, as LGBT newlyweds look for that first condo or finally land a dream home.

Gay-friendly services might also benefit by honoring a socially progressive agenda that expects clients, gay or straight, to be open-minded and welcoming. To some degree, these services should work to promote networking and understanding between all their clients. This is a fundamental aspect of any successful service industry, and clearly something that established successful gay enterprises, like, employ as a best practice. The gay-friendly service industry has the opportunity to make a fortune and do good.