How to Hire the Best Gay / Lesbian Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Typically the reason you need to hire a real estate agent would be to facilitate the quick sale of your home, sell at a better price and prevent any miss-steps. However, to ensure a smooth process then you need to find a competent, full-time real estate agent who can sell your property professionally.

There are some things that you need to know before hiring anybody to sell your home.

1. Find a Local Agent

Hire the Best Gay / Lesbian Real Estate Agent to Sell Your HomeIt is very important to find a local gay agent who understands your area in detail. Potential home buyers in most cases ask many questions related to shopping, schools, parks, libraries, taxes, fees and the like and any other life essentials in the area. A realtor who can answer them accurately and competently will help sell your home quicker than you imagined. Ask agents simple questions, such as the number of homes they have sold in the area and whether the area is where they reside and if so, how long have they been living in the area.

2. Request References

Asking for references will help in determining how competent and professional your real estate agent is. It’s a good idea to talk to clients who recently used the services of the realtor you’re considering hiring. If the agent backdates their reference 1 year or so, then there must be something fishy going on, so watch out!

3. Monitor the capacity of their work

Find a realtor who can focus on what you want and dedicate time for it. Never forget to ask the number of clients (home listings) they have at the moment, and estimate the hourly period they spend marketing each property. Do they have systems and procedures in place? Have they provided you a step by step list of marketing activities they will provide, with dates attached?

4. What are their Time lines?

Nowadays, we’re coming into fall (a slower period to sell homes) and some markets are still clunking along, so you need to find a realtor who is actually selling 100% of the listings he/she takes. Simply inquire about the listing period that the real estate agent is going to sell your property, if you’re concerned they will abandon hope after two months after your house fails to sell, then you need to hold their feet to the fire ~ make the listing agreement for 90 days, with one 90 days extension, if you are fully satisfied with their work and communication.

5. Ask About Fees

Ensure you have a detailed description of everything the agent will charge you at closing. Some agents want “processing fees” in addition to the commission never agree to this. Other agents may ask for marketing fees up front never agree to this. The agent should only be paid a fee (commission) when they have successfully sold your home, and then it is well deserved. So before you sign the listing contract, make sure you understand it fully, and all the services and fees that will be included. (you should always be provided a net sheet at the listing appointment which will outline all of your closing costs, payoff’s and fees, with an estimated net to you at closing)

6. Is Your Realtor Part of MLS?

Agents who are listed with the Multiple List Service (MLS) which is a nationwide database of houses on the market, have a higher chance of selling your home, therefore such an agent is a must when selling a home.

7. Is your Realtor Gay/Gay Friendly

Not only is it important to support our community, it’s doubly important to ensure the agent you’ll be paying a huge commission to is not funding organizations that are in complete opposition to our LGBT Community!

Using free services like will ensure you’re hiring a full-time professional gay, lesbian or gay friendly realtor that stands in full support of you, your family and our community.

Author Jeff Hammerberg is a gay realtor and Founding CEO of ~ Offering Free Instant Access to the Nation’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast. Free Buyers Representation ~ Free Relocation Kit to any City, USA ~ Free Sellers Market Analysis for home sellers.

Choosing The Right Gay Realtor To Sell Your Home

The chances of selling your home are only as good as your listing agent. This can be a tricky business because sometimes the agent that you get along with the best or like the best personally is actually not the best person for the job. You only have a short window of opportunity to get your property sold, so do your best to choose someone efficient, experienced, with a track record of successes and who can handle the ups and downs of what can sometimes be quite a rocky business.

CoupleSometimes the best agent does not have it all when it comes to personality but this doesn’t matter. You want someone who has marketing and organizational skills, a methodical process starting with a very organized, through listing presentation including a detailed marketing plan with dates and deadlines for specific tasks (place the sign, staging professional walkthrough, professional photographs, brochures, place the property on the mls, etc., etc.). It’s always great to find a listing agent that is hungry, ambitious and that has the most materialistic bent possible.

Check the listing agent’s history of selling. Does she or he have a great track record when it comes to selling properties? Does it take them forever to sell or do they have a reputation for finding buyers quickly? What percentage of their listings sell, and at what percentage of the listing price?

If you are trying to accomplish a short sale then it is a good idea to find an agent experienced in this. Some agents have a line-up and do not get your listing up until it is your turn. A listing agent that specializes in pre-foreclosure or short sales gets that listing up within a day or the same day and keeps in mind that your financial survival is at stake. They do not take your cry for help lightly. They express a desire to help you avoid foreclosure.

You should also use a listing agent that is honest with you about the market. There are many agents out there that know how to use charm to get your business – they know how to tell you what you want to hear. They price your home too high and it stays on the MLS for weeks, even months. Choose an agent that is not afraid to discuss the worst-case scenario with you. The best agent will also have strategies for dealing with homes that are not get calls. The longer your home is on the market, the less desirable it becomes (market age), so price your home as close to market value as possible, to maximize your net.

When interviewing realtors from, we recommend asking as many questions as possible and also speaking to the agents past clients  do your homework, and you’ll enjoy a real estate transaction to remember.

Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of Free Instant Access to the Nation’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast. FREE Buyers Representation ~ Free Relocation Kit to any City, USA ~ Free Sellers Market Analysis for home sellers.

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