For sale: Where Marilyn met Kennedy (allegedly)

If walls could talk, the ones in this 50s-era home would probably be slurring from all the highballs.

Frank Sinatra rented it in his Rat Pack heyday and sublet the guest house to Marilyn Monroe. It was the site of her last photo shoot and allegedly where she met the 35th president for an affair.

If it looks familiar, it may be because you watch TV or movies. It’s been a set in “Dreamgirls,” Usher’s “Burn” video and “Mad Men,” among many others. The latter makes perfect sense since  the whole property is decorated in period motif.

The seller makes the case that you can bring in a couple hundred thousand dollars a year easy just renting it out as a set. That’s not going too far to  offset the $12 million asking price, but you might not need the money.


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