For many across the country and around the world, the last year has been anything but easy. It has brought significant changes to all of our lives. It has been painful and problematic on so many levels – but the good news is that hope is on the horizon. As the pandemic slowly begins to lift, many are looking optimistically toward the future. Certainly, that means different things to different people, but for many, it may mean turning the page on a new chapter in a new city. Sometimes, it even means moving across the country.

Why Make a Move?

Ultimately, you might have any number of reasons for wanting to make a move. Moving can be as simple as wanting a change of scenery. It can be for work, for family, for financial reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • To be closer to family: For many people, if there is anything that the pandemic highlighted, it was the importance of connection and closeness to those we love. Being unable to see loved ones was, for many people, a reminder of how much those relationships are valued. As a result, as we come out of the pandemic, more and more people are choosing to move closer to family and friends.
  • Picking a place you’ve always wanted to live: In many respects, the pandemic forced businesses and employees to adapt to new ways of working remotely. Many industries that never previously offered remote work were forced to adapt and create new and innovative ways of accomplishing the same tasks remotely. For many employees, this meant no longer going into an office. As the pandemic starts to lift, even though some businesses can potentially go back to conducting business in the same old way, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. In fact, many industries may be changed forever. Many employees who may previously never have worked from home may now find themselves permanently working remotely. For that reason, many people are finding it possible to move to a city not because they are required to be there for work but simply because they want to live there. Coastal communities are often very popular, but any location of preference may become a possibility in light of the new remote working conditions for many companies.
  • Moving to a tax-free state: For some, the pandemic was particularly difficult from a financial perspective.  In other cases, as noted above, people took new jobs or learned to do their current jobs differently. For any number of reasons, there may be increased interest in moving to a tax-free state following the pandemic. Many people may be looking to move from a high-tax state to states that charge less in income taxes. Sometimes, this means moving to a state right next door, and in other cases, it means moving across the country.

We’re Here to Help

Whatever your particular situation, and whatever your reason for wanting to relocate, one of the most important steps you can take to make your relocation successful is to find a realtor who knows and loves the community that you’re interested in. Our realtors are connected to expert local movers who can speed up the transfer process. At, that’s where we come in. We are proud of our reputation for connecting buyers and sellers across the country with LGBTQ-friendly realtors who can help you achieve your real estate goals and dreams – you can even request a free relocation kit! We are passionate about making real estate dreams come true, and we look forward to doing exactly that for you. Remember, we are all in this together, and together we will journey toward a brighter chapter ahead.