There are a ton of things to consider when you decide to buy a home. Should you buy pre-owned, or new construction? What area of town? What’s your maximum price point?

Buying a home that’s brand new construction has it’s advantages. You typically get to choose all the finishes, from counter-tops to bathroom tile, flooring, carpet color and more; however, the buying process can be a bit more confusing than usual. Because of this, you absolutely need a real estate agent on your side.

The Seller’s Representative. The builders representatives in the sales center at the new home construction site represent the seller/builder, period. Their duty and obligation is to look out for the best interests of the builder. This means that they may omit details about the construction, the neighborhood, the schools, the soils (anything) unless you know enough to ask. They certainly won’t inform you, and probably don’t know, of other local properties that may be similar at a lower price. And most importantly, they will offer you nothing, if you don’t know what to ask for. The seller of the property has an licensed agent that is solely invested in their best interests. Therefore, you should too.

Your Realtor Can Communicate Better Than You Can. Your real estate agent/representative can communicate with the seller’s agent using industry jargon. Not only does it garner more respect for the both of you, it also means that both of you are more likely to be kept in-the-loop on every detail moving forward. This also takes negotiating into account. When you try to negotiate, it’s easy to come across as condescending or rude by accident, just because negotiating in real estate is complex. The builder (his agent) may be willing to negotiate in other ways beyond a straight price reduction. For example, instead of reducing the list price of the home from $600,000 to $585,000.00, they may be willing to “toss in” the cost of something else that costs $15,000.00. The selling price of the house doesn’t decrease, and you will still have saved $15,000.00. The realtor representing you has experience in business dealings, so you won’t have to worry about making this potentially costly misstep.

Your Representative Has More Information Than You . Sites like Zillow are great for general information and pricing. However, your gay real estate agent will be privy to different, in-depth sources that you won’t have access to. They also have the benefit of industry connections. Without this information, you could be working with a builder who is known for not keeping their word, or worse, building crappy homes, without knowing it!

Your Representative Might Find You Something Better. An experienced realtor from keeps themselves up-to-date with all of the current housing trends in the area. That means that they’ll tell you if an alternative to the new build home appears nearby, at a similar or cheaper price. They’ll give you a giant list of options to consider before you commit to one home.

Buyer Representation is FREE, but you MUST bring your agent, or mention/register your agent the very first time you visit the new home community! The builder has built into the price of any new home, the commission your real estate agent will be paid! There is never a cost to you. You won’t get a discount if you don’t work with your own representation / realtor. You MUST mention that you are working with a REALTOR at your very first visit to a new home community. Or you’ll not be allowed to be represented by your own agent.


Before heading out to look at new homes, connect with a top real estate agent that can help you find Land in Ogden, Our agents have been representing the best interests of home buyers and sellers for over 25 years! There is a never a cost or obligation. Everyone deserves to have their own representation in what may be the largest purchase of a lifetime.