Are you considering retirement? If so, congratulations! Retirement is certainly a life milestone to celebrate, and one that is often the start of a wonderful new chapter. Whether you’re interested in traveling, exploring new hobbies, or simply spending extra time with the people you love, there is so much to look forward to.

Two things that also often go hand-in-hand are retirement and relocation. Often, when people make the decision to retire, they also make the decision to move to a new area – whether it’s to be closer to family, to enjoy better weather or different amenities, or simply to explore and experience a part of the country they’ve always wanted to live in.

Whatever your relocation needs and desires, at, we have years of experience connecting retirees with excellent LGBTQ-friendly agents in communities across the country as they seek to find the perfect place and home in which to retire. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way about choosing a retirement community that will be a wonderful fit as you begin this next exciting chapter:

  • Consider the cost of living: The truth of the matter is that the day-to-day cost of living can vary quite widely in communities across the country. This is not only true with respect to the housing prices themselves, but also for basic living expenses – expenses for things like food, gas, grocery bills, and utilities. It is always wise to spend some time researching a community in which you might be interested and to consider those day-to-day costs carefully. Thinking through these factors before choosing a community in which to retire is always a wise choice.
  • Take a look at taxes: Along with considering cost of living generally, it is also important to consider the tax laws in the locations that you are considering. For example, some states have income tax, while others don’t. In those states, however, property and sales taxes may be higher. Of course, it might also be true of some communities that the prices on everyday purchases are higher, but the taxes are significantly lower, which could balance out the cost of living overall. Thinking through the tax consequences ahead of time can pay off significantly in the long run.
  • Compare your interests and goals with what the community offers: Spend some time really thinking through what you envision for your retirement lifestyle. Do you enjoy a more urban lifestyle, where you can easily walk to stores, restaurants, and other amenities, and a vibrant arts and culture scene where there are many activities to enjoy and participate in? Or do you prefer a more peaceful, less crowded environment, where you can enjoy the outdoors and have more room to yourself? If that’s the case, a more rural, small-town setting may be a better fit for you. Think through your interests, preferences, and retirement goals as you begin to research various communities and what they offer in order to make a choice that truly fits your needs.
  • Friends, family, and a support system: For many people, retirement is a chance to finally be closer to and spend more time with the people that they love. Moreover, as many people retire, they want the reassurance that they’ll have a support system and a community where they feel loved and connected as they age. While this may not be a necessity for everyone, if it is important to you, give it strong consideration as you make your choice about where to retire. Even if you don’t choose to retire in the same community as your family or your friends, you may consider choosing a community that is easy to travel to and from, or within a reasonable drive time to enable more frequent visits.

If you are ready to begin your search for the perfect retirement home in a community that you’ll love, we encourage you to contact us at today. We are passionate about and committed to our mission of connecting LGBTQ buyers and sellers across the country with excellent agents who know their communities well, and can provide the highest quality professional representation for all of your needs. Call us today – and, congratulations on your retirement!