There are a number of places around the U.S. that played a key part in getting the LGBTQ community to where it is today. Some people like to visit these historic sites to learn more about what part they played in LGBTQ history, while others enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and openness. You might even love one of these areas so much that you want to move there! While some are fairly well-known, others may not immediately come to mind when you think about places to visit with LGBTQ history. Here are a few places that need to be on your road trip bucket list.

San Francisco

Building Your LGBTQ Road Trip Bucket ListOf course the number one spot on just about every LGBTQ road trip list is San Francisco. Widely regarded as the Mecca for members of the community, people come from around the world to visit the Castro district and experience San Francisco’s annual pride festival. It’s definitely a place to visit at least once. If you’re thinking about moving to the Bay Area, consider the suburbs. Buying in San Francisco itself will cost you a good amount, but the areas surrounding the city itself are much more affordable. The BART rail system can get you just about anywhere, so commuting isn’t a problem.


The Chicago neighborhood of Boystown is notable for being the first gayborhood in the country. This relaxed area may not seem that important to the LGBTQ movement at first glance, but many of the homes and businesses here have been owned by or catered to the LGBTQ community for decades.

Greenwich Village

All of New York City could be on your LGBTQ road trip bucket list, of course, but the Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village definitely needs to be on the itinerary. It’s the home of the Stonewall Inn, the location of the famous Stonewall riots that took place in June of 1969. This event was one of—if not the most—important event that started the modern LGBTQ movement for equal rights. Visitors can learn more about the riots at the Stonewall National Monument.

Go to a Large Pride Festival

Most large cities around the country hold annual pride events. If you’ve never been to one before, it’s time to change that! These festivals are a great place to meet new friends, experience unique events, and have a lot of fun. Just being in a place where you know you’re accepted by everyone around you can be a life-changing, or at least life-affirming, event.