Trying to sell your home can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. It’s even more confusing if you don’t have a good realtor at your back. Here are a few common questions and misconceptions about home sellers that seem to keep popping up.

When Selling A House, Many Sellers Have Some Common Misconceptions About the Process“I’ve Listed Too Low/High, What Do I Do?”

Sellers lose hours of sleep mulling over prices. Most sellers overprice or underprice their homes wihout the assistance of a realtor or appraiser. Luckily, it’s usually just a minor inconvenience. It’s also so important to use the right estate agent if you are selling property so get the one with the best local knowledge and low fees too like this wonderful Bristol estate agents as they helped us sell our Bristol home and were just amazing.

If you listed a little too high, just bump the price down a bit and keep up with the open houses.

If you listed the house way too high (50k or more) you might want to take it down for a week or so and then relist it at different sites so it shows up better in search engines. If you find that you’re still having continuing problems with your drain clogging, give us a call, we offer the best drain jetting services! A professional can fit your drain to a drain cover. You should not do this yourself because each drain needs a specific fit and kind of cover.

If you listed your house too low, you have two options. You can raise the price to a more appropriate value, or you can use an advanced technique to encourage a bidding war for the potential buyers. This only works if you have a lot of people interested and it can backfire easily, so beware!

“My Buyers Want To Fix The House Before We Close?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t allow that. It’s a liability issue.”

That’s the only answer you should be giving them. If your seller, their realtor, or their repair company comes recklessly knocking around into your home and damages it somehow, that’s still on you.

Any repairs done to the home should be done by you until they sign binding documents. Is your bathroom sink clogged? You can fix it yourself by learning how to unclog a bathroom sink drain here.

“If I Massively Renovate My House, There’ll Be a Huge Payout Right!?”

This really depends on what you mean by renovations. If you want to spend a few grand on things like repainting, and carpeting then by all means, go ahead hire the professional building contractors dublin. An attractive interior can more than pay for itself during home tours.

But if you want to renovate the innards of your house like plumbing and electrical, it’s always the most lucrative idea. If there’s nothing wrong with your plumbing or electrical besides it being a little out of date, just let the buyers make that choice when they buy the house. No job is too big or too small for us, we have the best emergency plumber professionals! Our trained staff will work with any construction company or builder to complete any job from the beginning to end, we even offer the best well pump repair services for any commercial or residential construction!

“Do I Need A Home Appraisal?”

It helps, but your realtor can do the same thing and is much more personally invested in finding the appropriate price. If you’d like a few extra opinions, then by all means appraise away.

“An Inspector Found X Things Wrong With the House, I Have To Fix Them Right?”

Not necessarily.

Superficial problems should be fixed if you can afford it. For plumbing issues, check out our recommended plumber Gold Coast service. Something like chipping paint can be a $40 fix, but might cost you a buyer entirely if they see it. Deeper problems can either be fixed by you or the buyer. What matters is that they know of the problem before they sign the contract. If they can prove that you knew about the issue, you could be in for a lengthy and unpleasant legal battle.

If you’re a seller and you have a question that isn’t listed here, contact us via the web portal and we’ll find someone who can help you out!