Renting a space isn’t as large of a commitment as owning one. When you rent, you’re able to pick up and leave more easily and you’re not liable for damages to the home that you didn’t cause. However, renting can be a bit more risky than home buying because anyone can do it. You need to be extremely vigilant when you decide to rent from a landlord because the property isn’t yours. You could be subject to a lot of annoying quirks and negligence if your landlord is unscrupulous.

Renters Need to Have Realtors Helping Them Out Just As Much, If Not More, Than Homebuyers DoFor some strange reason, people often don’t bother finding realtors when looking for rental properties. But it’s just as dangerous to buy without a realtor as it is to rent. Here are 5 reasons why you should find a realtor when renting something.

You’ll Get Access to More Renters

Most people find apartment listings on sites like Zillow, Trulia, or Craigslist. Zillow and Trulia are fine, but Craigslist is usually a mess. Oddly enough, craigslist usually has the most homes listed.

Instead of dealing with all of the risks that come with Craigslist, contact a realtor. They have access to channels and libraries that the average person doesn’t. They also know where to look for homes if you can’t find any.

If your realtor is particularly well connected, they might even know about places where the tenants haven’t even finished moving out yet so you can snag it before it even hits the market.

You Can Thoroughly Check Landlord Backgrounds

Good realtors also have access to special channels that they can use to investigate landlords too. There’s no better way to find out the worthiness of your new landlord than by investigating her track record.

For example, your realtor might be able to track down a few of her past clients and ask them about your landlord’s habits.

You’ll Catch Houses Before They Fall Through the Cracks

In some cases, there are simply way too many properties for rent in a given area. The overflow might be so much that you could pass right by the perfect house without even knowing it. An extra set of experienced eyes will eliminate the chance of this happening. You don’t want your dream home to be gobbled up by someone else!

It Still Doesn’t Cost Anything

Remember how realtors get their commission from the seller of a property when buying a home? The same thing applies to renting. There’s absolutely no financial incentive that encourages a buyer not having a realtor.

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