What a Gay Realtor Can Do for You

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and are thinking about buying a house, you might not immediately think of finding a gay or lesbian real estate agent.  After all, why would their sexual preference make any difference in their ability to find you a great home?  However, there are a few reasons why you might want to seek out a gay or lesbian realtor, especially if you’re new to the area and are looking for some specific things in your neighborhood.

Gay Realtors Can HelpBecause they’re a part of the local gay community, these realtors often understand the local politics better than other realtors.  They will be able to tell you about the gay-friendliness of certain businesses or local organizations.  If you’re wondering if your daughter would feel comfortable among the local Girl Scouts chapter once they find out she has two dads, ask a gay real estate agent.  He will be able to tell you if he’s heard anything about the troop or if there are other children of gay couples in it.  Naturally, not every gay or lesbian realtor is going to know every detail about the neighborhood, but if they don’t have the answers you seek, they may know someone who does.

There’s also no need to hide your sexuality or wonder if your realtor is unconsciously working against your best interest.  Some gay couples feel like they need to appear as friends or create some other façade when looking for homes, but there’s no need to do so if you are working with a gay or gay-friendly real estate agent.  You’re free to be yourself.

If you’re looking to live in an area of town that has a high gay population or that is near the gay district, these realtors are definitely the right people to ask.  They often watch for homes that come up for sale in these areas and will quickly point their gay and lesbian clients towards them.  They will also know the areas of town that are more run down and may be potentially unsafe for anyone, not just gay and lesbian homeowners.

While some gay and lesbian buyers may not feel the need to work with a realtor who is gay themselves, it can make some feel more comfortable.  In the end, that’s the most important thing.  A good relationship with your realtor can often result in finding the house that is absolutely perfect for you.

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In the mid 1990’s Jeff Hammerberg a Gay REALTOR working at a successful ReMax Office in Colorado witnessed discrimination first hand and has spent his career changing the way the Gay & Lesbian Community buys or sells a home. “My goal is to make sure when you walk in to or call a real estate office, you have an appointment with a top producing agent that you know stands in full support of you as a gay or lesbian person and works with you as your advocate throughout any transaction. Let’s make sure the commissions earned by an agent you employ, are not being used to fund positions or causes that don’t stand in full support of the LGBT Community. Many of our Gay & Lesbian REALTORS are Top Producers in their communities, offering unparalleled service today and in the future. There is no cost or obligation to use any of our services or directories.”