RochesterRochester is a large city of 210,565 people that is now known has a major center for the development of technology, medical research and higher education. Big corporations like Kodak, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox have major facilities here.  The schools here are rated as being some of the best in the country and it has been called the third best place in America to raise a family by Forbes magazine in 2010. This lovely city, located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario  also has a low jobless rate and a median housing price of $83,186.

At the south end of the city are some gorgeous cliffs that has created a line of hills and this is where the well-heeled live in the tony neighborhoods of Highland park Pinnacle Hill and Cobb’s lake. The Genesee River with its beautiful waterfalls and gorges is also nearby making this a healthy, hike-oriented city to live in as well. The city also enjoys four distinct seasons with a colder winter and a humid summer.

Equally classy and pricey is the Upper Monroe neighborhood, which consists of seventeen streets that weave around a beautiful woodland called Cobbs Hill Park. This is a great place for homeowners who are wall protected in every way by The Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association that is dedicated to improving home values n the neighborhood.

If you are wealthy then you might want to consider buying a home in the lake front community of Charlotte, which borders on Lake Ontario. It is home to Charlotte Beach, which is still swimmable, and Pier 45 that boasts many fashionable shops, grocers and restaurants.

A prime gay area in the city is the culturally and ethnically diverse 19th Ward that includes a posh new development full of shiny new condos called “Brooks Landing.”¬† The homes here were built in the sixties and very upper class with leaded glass, hardwood floors, gardens, wide driveways made by asphalt paving arizona and open porches.

A less expensive area of town is Corn Hill, which is considered to be one of the city’s best locations for artists and LGBT individuals to settle down. This is one of the nation’s best preserved Victorian neighborhoods. The community is tight and runs several art ad musical festivals in the area every year.

The East End also has a sizeable number of gay residents and it is also where you will find all of the LGBT friendly cafes and nightlife. There is also a second-run film theater and many interesting boutiques and shops in this vibrant part of the city.

Housing prices are generally affordable in beautiful and progressive town that is known for its arts, research and intelligence. It is a good idea to consult with a gay realtor who resides in Rochester to find the best neighborhood for you to live in. For more information about the beaches, parks, trails, theater, music venues and other great things about Rochester then it is a good idea to check out the Visit Rochester site at