Gay Realtors Top Five Reasons Gays are Buying Homes in the Suburbs

A suburb is a residential neighborhood area on the outskirts of a city. There are many factors and aspects that are attracting the LGBT community to the suburbs.

Here are the top five reasons to consider the suburbs for your next home purchase;

1.You generally get “more home for the buck”. In many cities your budgeted purchase price will buy you twice the square footage in the suburbs.

2.The suburbs offer larger residential lots compared to living in the city. In   addition these homes tend to be cheaper to maintain, as they are newer and require less maintenance, and may be green built offering lower utilities.

3. Also of benefit, by definition, the suburban area is within mass transit commuting distance to the core of the city and the jobs, services and entertainment it offers.

4.Typically, there is less pollution and more open air; leading to better health and higher quality of life. There is also usually less traffic in suburbs, allowing greater ease of traveling to destinations such as local stores and restaurants.

5. Lastly, in general, suburbs typically boast less crime, newer/more modern schools, and excellent recreation areas.

All things considered; there are many benefits to living in the suburbs ~ these advantages are just a few of what attract the gay and lesbian community to the burbs, according to a recent survey of our gay realtors.

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Gay Realtor Tips on Buying your First Home Effectively

Tips for first time home buyers.

Gay Realtor Tips on Buying your First Home EffectivelyBefore you decide on buying your first home, you need to be sure that you are ready to make the investment. The following steps will help first time homebuyers to make correct economic decisions as they search for their new home.

Compare the available offers.

Check the price of the house or home you want to buy and compare the home sale prices in the location you want to invest in. You should be working with a gay buyer broker that can provide you comps, and do a complete market analysis to determine the fair market value.

Fix a limit on cost.

As a first time buyer, you should not buy for more than you can afford. Use the available bank rate calculator (on to see how much your annual payments would be and if you can reach them. Choose a mortgage that will not be a strain on your income. You can also determine how much to spend from your income. It is not advisable to spend more than 28 % of your income on housing costs.

Calculate your costs per month.

It is important to calculate and analyze monthly housing costs plus taxes and insurance. Sometimes the tax and insurance escrow can be as high as the mortgage itself, depending upon the location. For example, average annual insurance premiums can be as low as $477 or as high as $1372 in Texas, according to insurance information institute. To have a clear number of the payment expected you could choose one of the properties and confirm all the payments with your insurance company. (plus don’t forget maintenance and upkeep, water/sewer and utilities)

Estimate your closing costs

The initial costs involved in setting up the home including lender charges, legal fees, taxes and prepaid insurance. Your realtor should provide you an average cost at closing, so know how much they need to have.

The first time homebuyers should also spend with precaution. Buying a home comes with other overhead costs such as roof repairs, floor repairs, repainting walls among others. Such expenses are always expected eventually. The new homebuyer should keep a cushion amount of money in their account to cater for these costs.

Consult Professionals

New homebuyers should be working with a full time profession gay realtor. It costs nothing to be represented in your home purchase (the seller pays your brokers commission) and you ll have a full-time professional advocate representing you ~ someone that does it many times each month!

Sites like provide instant free access to the bio’s of the Nationa’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors.

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5 Keys to Becoming a Successful Gay Real Estate Agent

Like most any sales profession, real estate sales can be very lucrative and rewarding if taken seriously and worked diligently. Real estate sales is very competitive so each agent must differentiate themselves from their competition. Being the best at what you do will always keep you at the head of the pack.

Gay Real Estate AgentHere are 5 Keys from the Nation’s Top Gay Real Estate Agent

Pick a Niche.

Although most agents want to be all things to all people, the experienced and successful agent will pick a niche market and become an expert in that niche. For example, if a potential buyer is looking for a home with acreage in the country, they are not going to contact an agent that is an expert in beachside condos.

Pick a niche that interests you and that may be underserved and become the local expert in that market.

Treat your Real Estate Business like a Job.

Being a real estate agent is not a hobby… it’s a profession and needs to be treated like any other full-time job. This means getting up, showering and getting dressed, just like any other job ~ it also means working (prospecting) for 8 hours per day, unless you’re with a pre-qualifed buyer, or seller.

Your only job as a real estate agent is to be with a buyer, be with a seller, or be prospecting… period.

Be Available.

Nothing disappoints a prospective buyer more than waiting more than a day for an email or phone call to be returned. All successful agents are available to prospective buyers and sellers throughout the work week. Never let a call or email go unanswered ~ same day, timely responses are what the prospect expects, but when that call or email comes in at the end of the day, responding the next morning is perfectly acceptable.

Appear Busy and Successful.

A prospective buyer wants to know that their agent is successful and busy. They want to do business with someone that has experience and can represent them with authority. Even if listings and sales are minimal, do not let a prospect think you are hurting for business. Always remember that perception is reality for the majority of prospects; never expect the benefit of the doubt.

Get out There.

Unless required to put in desk time, the office is no place to sell anything. Your time should be spent networking with potential clients and resources. Always make it a point to forge a relationship with lenders, title agents, home inspectors and insurance agents. Being able to steer your buyer to the best resource will make a closing happen faster.

Chamber events are fun but home buyers do not hang out there. Go where they are… not where you want to be.

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Gay Realtors Top 5 Most Common Home Buyer Mistakes

Right from the time you start looking for a home to the time you close escrow, there is a lot to consider and many decisions to make. Making mistakes along this journey is not something new. But with the current financial standards, making mistakes will end up wasting your hard earned money. Common Home Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You need to avoid the mistakes at all costs, but how?

Below are some five mistakes that are very common among home buyers, and ways to avoid them

Expecting to negotiate a lower a price after making a deal.

In many cases, homes sell for more than the asking price since the real estate industry has been on fire. A couple of buyers will simply bid higher to win only to end up trying to get the prices down by requesting inspection credits during escrow. This can only work in weaker markets. Avoid this mistake. Most sellers nowadays have other backup offers from other buyers who would do anything to have the house. Never ask for unwarranted credits it could scare the seller, make them question your loyalty and decision making skills, and you will be left out of the deal.

Working with the lender with the lowest rate.

It’s never a good idea to buy anything based solely on price ~ the same is true for choosing a lender. Every day there are hundreds of deals across America that do not close, because a lender has failed to do their due diligence on you, and they have failed to meet the basic deadlines of the contract. You see teaser ads every day for the cheapest car, lowest cell phone service & best prices on groceries this is no different for lenders, but there is always something not quite disclosed! Do yourself a huge favor, and ask your gay realtor for a referral to a reputable lender, and save time, money and frustration.

Trying to shave every penny off a deal.

It’s true that everyone wants to strike the perfect deal but there are some dangers involved in the process. Pushing too hard with the seller can tell a lot about you. Win-win always works best give and take. If you attempt to shave every possible negotiation in your absolute favor, the seller might decide that you are too difficult to work with, and that he/she is no longer interested in any of your deals.

Use the advice of your professional gay realtor ~ they negotiate deals every day, and typically can lead you in the right direction.

Trying to find the perfect home yourself, without the help of a professional gay realtor.

The simple fact is ~ a large number of the homes you are finding on-line in your searches, may not even be on the market any longer.  A huge sum of money is involved in buying a home, so you have to do everything to make a wise investment, including working with a professional buyer’s broker.

Agents have a strong connection to the local market and know the hot spots of getting homes that are in accordance to your preference or choice. To buy a home in many cities today, you need access to them the minute they hit the market, you also need access to properties before they hit the market ~ this is where your professional full time gay realtor will be invaluable.

This will give you an added major advantage once you specify to them the kind of home you need and the price which you feel comfortable with. Plus you can trust your agent to assist you with areas you are not experienced with.

Not looking at your purchase like a seller.

There will come a time where you need to sell your home and therefore it is important to think like a seller. What are the future expectations of your home? Do you plan to sell it later on? Consider yourself a potential seller in the future and see that you make someone’s dream of owning a good home a reality. The last thing you can ever imagine doing is buying a home that won’t sell in the future. Funky is fun, but probably not a great idea when it comes to buying a home, unless you have the opportunity to take some of the functional obsolescence out of the home and turn a nice profit in the future.

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Dallas Gay Realtor on Saving for a House Down Payment

Everybody wants to buy their dream house, as simple as it may appear there are certain challenges that are involved. One of them is a lack of sufficient money to make a down payment. So, irrespective of whether you have been out and about in the city and found a place to live in, settling for the new house is almost like traveling, you must have your fare ready.

Dallas Gay Realtor on Saving for a House Down PaymentDon’t have enough money at your disposal? Relax, listed below are some of the tips that will ensure you save money for the down payment and get to pay for a new house in no time. The tips will also show you how to remain financially stable even after making the down payment.

Know how much you need

The first step is to determine the cost of the down payment, in order to know the amount you are going to require. A good hint on this would be to talk to a competent Dallas Gay Realtor who can listen and understand your situation or the kind of house you are looking for. This will ensure that you get a good estimate of the new home, and clearly the amount needed for the down payment. Just to be clear, down payment normally ranges from 3.5% – 20% of the total home purchase price, though the range is mainly dependent on loan type or the lender.

Make your Future home your top priority and Motivation

It doesn’t matter whether your down payment would be $20K or more, what is clear is that it may take some time for you to save up the money.

If you want to achieve such huge saving targets, let your future home be your greatest motivation, so you will work hard to make your dream come true. If possible, get good visual reminders that will be within site to remind you that you have something to achieve. Another hint you should consider is to have a picture of your dream home placed on a big piece of cardboard or to make things interesting, a poster board. You can also spice the motivation up with inspirational messages e.g. “My Dream House!” you can add a countdown timer that would indicate something like “Only 9 months and 23 days until I purchase my dream home.”

Such ideas may appear crazy, but if you give it a try you will be amazed by the positive potentials. You see your mind doesn’t operate like a computer; it needs some kind of positive support for it to continue pushing further, or else it will be demoralized and definitely you will lose your momentum.

Find out What Jeopardizes your earnings and Deal with It

Now that you have your time span ready and some motivation, all you need to know now is ways of saving more cash in every possible way. At this point, you need to observe your spending habits for the last two months to realize the category in which you have been wasting money, and substantially reduce it. It could be that you have been eating out or travelling unnecessarily, so this is a good place to start with to save more money for the down payment. It doesn’t matter which case, but it’s time you lower your spending habits to the lowest level possible. This way you can ultimately speed up your savings and thus will own your new home sooner.

Find Ways to Earn Extra Income

Gone are the days when you could just depend on your own job, nowadays there is a huge variety of side jobs and ways to earn additional income. The internet is an amazing workplace where you can earn money as a freelancer for instance; this will boost your savings by whooping margins. You can work as a freelancer on sites such as, or where you get offers for your services for a pay. Cool isn’t it? All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection, the above mentioned sites are available for bid offers e.g. some of its members are writers, virtual assistants, illustrators etc. This is good since you will be working at the comfort of your home. You can make from a couple of hundred, to a couple of thousand dollars per month online (or through conventional side jobs using skills you have) this will boost your savings greatly.

Set Milestones, Beat them and Celebrate without Giving Up.

Everything starts from a small beginning, just like a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, so motivate yourself by saying “A journey to $1000 begins with $1”, every dime counts when it comes to saving. At least learn to appreciate your effort, so if you are saving $20,000 don’t wait until you attain the entire amount, you can treat yourself to a nice meal at an awesome restaurant each time you achieve $3,000.00 (for instance). By doing this, your motivation will never go down and you will be working hard to get another reward soon. Have fun and appreciate your efforts along the way as you save enough money for a down payment for your dream house.

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Gay Real Estate and the State of LGBT Relocation

The good news was that on July 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court overturned a section of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) that refused to recognize the marital status of same-sex couples. The bad news is that even though the federal government now recognizes the marital status of same sex couples, there are still 37 states that do not recognize marriage equality.

State of LGBT RelocationAs heartening as the revocation of DOMA first seemed the let-down according to gay real estate is that the Supreme Court left it up to the individual states to decide whether or not a gay marriage would be recognized with the definition of the state usurping the definition of the federal ruling.

Also disappointing is the fact that the status of a marriage is defined by location and not the place of celebration. This is important because this means that if a gay couple is married in New York, where their union is legally recognized and they move to somewhere like Alabama, where it is not, then they lose their legal married status and all the benefits and constitutional rights that go with that.

The main impact that this has on legally married couples relocation is that it puts a lot of pressure on the couple to put the matter of where they live before the progress of their careers or a real desire to live in a certain climate or environment.

Heterosexual couples do not have to live like this ~ Politics and the search to be treated equally do not determine the planning of life goals. They do not have to choose to live in the areas that comprise that thirty percent of the state governments in the United States that legally recognize them as couples.  Opposite sex couples can live wherever they like in the country without fear of financial penalties or a lack of recognition of their most important relationship.

Obviously the stress of deciding between having constitutional rights and no career path in a state that recognizes gay marriage or having a good job and no rights can cause a lot of stress in any relationship.  Those in gay marriages may find themselves making tough choices such as having to lose constitutional rights because they want to live near an ailing relative who lives in a state that does not recognize gay marriage. Another tough choice might have to do with needing to relocate to a state where there is no tax on gifts to a spouse if a spouse happens to be ailing.

DOMA has also affected those who have married in other countries, such as Canada, and then returned to the United States to make a home for them.  Sadly many couples have ended up separated from each other because the marriage was not recognized and the spouse was not able to obtain a Green Card. For couples this has happened to in the past it might be a lot easier to get their spouse into the country now provided that they choose to live in a state that recognizes the marriage.

The fact that status and rights depends so much on geography is an anomaly that has created a great deal of confusion and even led to situations where married same-sex couples living in a state without marriage equality can be treated as single. This is expensive emotionally as it takes away from the integrity of the relationship and many LGBT citizens end up suffering financially for many reasons. That is why consulting with a gay realtor and also a tax expert that is familiar with tax law and the DOMA repeal is a good idea before you relocate anywhere in the U.S.

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As we come into the fall season real estate listings (For Sale) often outweighs demand, the easiest thing to do is to ensure your home is the best priced product on the market, in order to sell it fast. But that is not the only way out ~ there are other ways on how you can easily sell your home besides lowering the price.


Make it unique from the neighbors.

For you to attract attention to your home, you need to improve the appearance, not only of the house itself but also of other factors such as landscaping design, façade features or the roof. This will improve the aesthetics of the home, effectively improving its value. Make sure the add-ons are attractive and do not compromise on higher tech amenities such as a smart home system, etc.

However, ensure you do not over-improve the house. Some add-ons may not always work to your advantage such as adding a fountain in the entrance. Do a thorough research on things that will add value to your house, and improve on them. After adding things that you think will be attractive to a potential buyer, make sure you mention them in your listing information.

Clean the clutter

Make sure you clean the house and any other stuff around it to make it appealing to the buyer. Buyers usually see themselves in that environment. Get rid of excessive furniture to make it appear a little larger. You can even hire the services of a stager who will help you make good use of space, helping you to organize spaces and remove clutter. It may be an additional cost, but it is well worth the sacrifice in the end.

Make the deal sweeter

Always try and make your deal sweeter than other deals offered.

  • You may want to consider offering the buyer some credit in terms of closing costs.
  • You can also offer a limited warranty on some of the appliances such as air conditioners in case they fail within a specified period of time.
  • Offer a super quick, or delayed closing to meet the buyers needs.

Improve the curb appeal

First impressions are lasting ones. One of the things buyers look for when they want to buy a home is its external appearance and how it blends with the environment. Make sure the outside appearance of the house shines. For example you might consider repainting the exterior and enlisting a professional gardener to fluff or create some magnificent flower beds..

Make it “ready to occupy”

Make sure the home is in the right state for occupancy. Ensure all appliances are in good working condition and give the impression that the house can be occupied as soon as possible.

Give it the right price

Irrespective of how well you renovate your house, ensure you appropriately price it. Do thorough research on how much the houses in that area are going for. You should not price it too low especially after you have done all the improvements. Similarly, ensure the price does not cross the average boundary. Assume you are the buyer and determine what you would consider a fair price. Any top gay real estate agent will be happy to provide you a free competitive market analysis, outlining the value of your home, the selling costs and your net at closing.

Bottom line

The whole idea is that selling a home may not always be a walk in the park. Make sure you give the home an attractive look and be ready to make some sacrifices. Following these tips will eventually get your home sold.

Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of Free Instant Access to the Nation’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast. FREE Buyers Representation ~ Free Relocation Kit to any City, USA ~ Free Sellers Market Analysis for home sellers.

Gay Realtor Warning on Buying Condominiums, Lofts or Townhomes

If you are purchasing a home then consider yourself likely to be among the 25% of individuals who purchase a property with a home owners association (HOA). Normally, all properties have issues, but HOAs have their own exclusive collection of additional operational, financial and legal issues that all buyers must analyze, review and consider in concurrence with their interest in buying a property.

Gay Realtor Warning on Buying Condominiums, Lofts or TownhomesMany people are reluctant to purchase an HOA because of horror stories that are linked to them, which of course can easily be understood (and prevented). This is one personal choice for any buyer to think about.

Below are some of the HOA horror stories. Some of the stories might never have happened if the buyer had reviewed properly the HOA documents, reserve studies, financial statements, CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) and demand statements.

The mentioned concerns offer an insight into some of the issues. Gay Realtor reminds us that it is your sole responsibility as a buyer to consider all factors to avoid making a purchase that will end up being a disaster to your financial future.

Ka-ching: $7,500 surprise three days after closing.

If you never heard, there is a true story about a couple that didn’t consider reading the condominium board meeting notes and minutes related to an $850,000 construction flaw that was supposed to be repaired, and the estimate cost for repairing each unit was $7,500 upon assessment. Well, this was noted down several months before the couple made the purchase but they never considered reading the pile of documents that were in relevance to their purchase that originated from the escrow. The couple was not aware about the assessment until three days after they closed on the unit.

NOTE: Always read the board of directors notes/meeting minutes to reveal potential assessments or emerging issues in relevance to the property.

Yikes! Purchasing rental property that can never be rented.

Sad as it may be, a big number of communities restrict the number of rental units in the property. This means that once the threshold value is reached (5 units as an example), there will be no other owner who can rent out their unit, and the only option they have is to let it remain vacant, or use it as their own personal residence.

NOTE: Make sure that you read the CC&Rs in order to fully grasp the restrictions such as the one mentioned above.

Astonished: The HOA fees are way beyond the mortgage fee.

The story here is about a buyer whose HOA fee gradually began exceeding his mortgage payments. For him, he lived on a restricted income. As years pass by, older buildings have items that need replacement, including expensive items like the boiler, the elevator and roof. Because of this, HOA fees can rise at alarming rates if the HOA Board has not budgeted in advance for these capitol replacements.

NOTE: Make sure you go through the Budget and Reserves information provided to you prior to purchase.

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Gay Realtors Guide to Unloading Your Timeshare

Timeshares are responsible for providing owners joint ownership of vacation properties commonly in resort and or tropical places around the world like Mexico, Florida and Hawaii. Apart from the buying price, the properties also come with annual maintenance charges and other expenses along the way that can add up to thousands of dollars annually.

Timeshares ContractIrrespective of the fact that the resort property you acquired didn’t seem to be the paradise you dreamed of owning, or the annual expenses outweigh the benefits… then know that you are among many timeshare owners who strive to unload properties they once purchased when the economy and perhaps your life were in a much better place.

The desperation of timeshare owners wanting to sell their timeshare has attracted many scam artists. Many of whom charge an upfront fee, and promise to sell your timeshare – only to end up failing to do so.

This issue and the practice of charging consumers large upfront real estate fees is so alarming that the Federal Trade Commission warns about it.

On the brighter side of things, you can actually have your timeshare unloaded without being scammed; however, it comes with its own price. You are going to lose some money upon a sale, this is because the resale price is relatively much lower that the purchase price.

You need to ensure that all your ownership paperwork is together with specific details concerning what and where you own, fees and resort amenities, etc. are ready before you decide to sell it. All your maintenance fees and payments must be up to date for you to successfully transfer the title.

A good number of homeowners associations and timeshare management companies do offer free ads on their website or newsletter in case you venture into attempting to sell it on your own.

It is possible to have your timeshare advertised on websites like eBay and Craigslist for free or a very reasonable fee ~ our local gay realtor tells us this is one of the most successful methods of selling a time share. You can have your ads on travel and real estate sections of websites and magazines that are dedicated to timeshare resale, though this will cost more. In different scenarios, advertising fees may range from a few dollars to hundreds, therefore you need to put into consideration the cost and the duration in which your ads will be available ~ and what the success rate is.

The moment you get a buyer, you will undergo similar steps as selling a home. Besides drafting a contract that has all purchase details, the buyer might ask for your hand in having a closing company help the entire process transfer, this will cost you up to $300 or more.

It is recommended that you make effort in contracting with the company that is responsible for your property management and development. In some cases, high end companies with timeshare properties e.g. Hilton or Marriot can assist broker a resale, in this case you will pay a pricy commission. Ensure that you inquire on any transfer fees or restrictions that are related to reselling your property.

If you are willing to pay commissions of 10 – 30%, then you can work together with a licensed real estate company. The benefit of this is the advertisement and international access to clients they will offer, together with the entire closing and transfer of your property.

To sum everything up, make sure you find resellers who don’t ask for upfront payment. Be careful of other red flags like too promising deals like “eager buyers” willing to pay more.

It is possible to donate your timeshares to charity if you are a frustrated owner, this case does require thousands of dollars in fees. While the companies responsible advertise the possibility of a tax write-off, the percentage of money you can legally subtract to go for a charity donation will be weighed against the market value, and in some saturated markets it could mean zero value.

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Gay Real Estate Agents – Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Though the real estate industry is changing every day, mistakes made by first time homebuyers seem not to change that much according to a survey of our gay real estate agents.

Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers MakeThe mistakes range from mismanaging their financial picture, to finding the perfect home before being qualified, to choosing the wrong lender. Below are the top five mistakes first time buyers make:

1. Wrong moves in terms of credit management: This is confusing for many and it can be tricky especially in preparation to buy a home. Don’t open new credit accounts, or run out a buy a new car before closing! Your debt ratios are looked at very closely, and will be verified again prior to closing.

2. Trying to pre-approve oneself: Pre-qualification is an important factor when finding the perfect home to buy, don’t try to pre-qualify yourself the very first thing you should always do is to meet with a reputable lender (preferably one that is recommended by your realtor).

3. Choosing a loan officer by lowest rate: Teaser rates are a fact of life, and you can’t believe everything you read. Not all lenders are equal; ensure you work with one that is qualified, since they are responsible for your joy or headaches in the future.

4. Choosing your realtor from an open house: Yes, most realtors at open houses will treat you and or, you and your partner very nice after all, they may possibly earn a multi-thousand dollar paycheck from you (and then give a portion of it to an organization fighting against everything we’re fighting for). Choose a competent, professional, full-time gay, lesbian or gay friendly realtor from sites like, and ensure your best interests, and your financial spending is supporting our community.

5. Waiting for the perfect property: As you wait for the perfect property, in many parts of the country prices are raising at 10% per year, this means your purchasing power is dropping at almost 1% per month! Make a list of desires and must haves, and be flexible in your search for the perfect home. Secure your investment and make it your own a another move will most like be in your future.

Author and Gay Real Estate Agent Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of Free Instant Access to the Nation’s Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast. FREE Buyers Representation ~ Free Relocation Kit to any City, USA ~ Free Sellers Market Analysis for home sellers.