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If there is one scenario that gay realtors San Diego see being played out again and again it is the distress that a home owner feels after getting a contract on your home, having an appraisal, and finding out the appraiser feels it is worth a lot less than you ever imagined.

It is difficult to trick an appraiser into thinking your home is worth more than it is. A little staging might help impress the appraiser but they are not going to add a couple of grand more to the worth of your house because you painted it or cleaned it up  a bit. The appraiser is there to look at the nuts and bolts of your home and not the way you have it painted.

Even though you can’t fool an appraiser, gay realtors San Diego does recommend you be very nice to the professional visiting your home. They are there to relay their opinion of the worth of your house to your buyer’s lender, and you want them to be generous. If the house is appraised at lower than you are asking, you’ll be in for quite a disappointment.

It is not unusual in today’s increasing home prices for a buyer’s appraisal to come in lower than you are asking. It seems to be one of the necessary evils of being in the housing game… trying to keep appraisers up to speed on home values. The news about a low appraisal can be difficult for some people to accept because they may feel that their home has been sold at a much lower price in the first place. To have that price undermined by an even lower quote can be quite upsetting for some people.

The key to surviving this kind of shock is to realize that it is not a personal attack, that there is still a recession affecting markets and that you are not alone in this kind of appalling situation.  Furthermore it is a mistake to view an appraiser as a bad guy. They have to take into consideration the real worth of your home on the market or they will get fired, or worse, end up in jail.

However if you really do feel that the low appraisal is unfair you can review the situation with your realtor who then has the option of appealing it. Sometimes the lender will send a second appraiser if you have reason to believe that the appraiser was not competent, biased or uninformed in some way.

The problem is that these figures do impact a deal and you really do sometimes end up settling for much less. This means that you have to choose whether to take the reduced price in stride and close the sale or hope that you will find a buyer with a new appraisal that will value your home at a lot higher figure. However gay realtors San Diego warn you that it is quite possible that there is not much difference in appraisals from one appraiser to the next as they have to follow some strict guidelines in order to relay the truth about a house. A key to avoid much of this is to ensure you are pricing your home at market value ~ not above.

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