The Gayest Cities in California

California is known as a haven for the LGBT community. A gay or lesbian real estate agent will tell you that people move from around the country to San Francisco, thinking it will solve all of their problems. But while San Francisco has a long history with the LGBT community, it’s also just one of the very open and supportive cities in the state. As it’s quite expensive, many people find themselves looking at other places in California. Here are some of the gayest cities in the state based on a number of factors, including the number of same-sex couples in the city and the number of city ordinances protecting LGBT people.

Palm Springs

The Gayest Cities in CaliforniaWhile it’s still fairly expensive, Palm Springs actually has more LGBT households per capita than any other city in California. More than eight percent of all households here are same-sex, so you know you’ll be able to find some LGBT friends pretty easily. This also means that the school system is very open to kids with same-sex families.

West Hollywood

While technically different from Hollywood, West Hollywood is still as open and welcoming as its more popular sister. It’s also much less expensive than Hollywood proper, though it is still a part of LA, so you can expect housing costs to be a bit higher than they’d be elsewhere. Still, with more than six percent of households made up of LGBT-identifying individuals, it may be worth the extra cost.

Cathedral City

You may not be familiar with Cathedral City. It’s not one of the most well-known cities in California, but it is home to many LGBT people. The city only has a little over 50,000 citizens, so it’s nice and small. It’s located in the Coachella Valley not too far from Palm Springs. Overall, things are cheaper in Cathedral City, so it’s a nice change of pace from the rest of the area. In addition to its lower cost of living, Cathedral City is known for its number of gorgeous parks.

Rio Dell

Another small city, Rio Dell has less than 4,000 people living in it. Out of these, around three percent of households are same-sex. Like Cathedral City, it’s more laid back, relaxed, and low-cost. This town is also in the Northeastern part of the state, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to get caught up in the rush of LA or San Francisco.

These are just a few places where the LGBT community is very large and strong. Check them out if you’re planning a move to California.

How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the World?

Everyone in the U.S. knows that New York City and San Francisco are the homes of LGBT culture on the east and west coasts. But how do people who live outside of the United States see our country’s LGBT culture and lifestyle? How do New York and San Francisco rate when on the list of top LGBT cities from around the world? Do any other U.S. cities make the list?

The Criteria

How Do the Top LGBT Cities in the US Rank in the WorldThere are a number of different lists that rank cities, according to how great they are for LGBT people. Generally, these lists look at many of the same criteria, which is why their rankings tend to be fairly similar. Factors such as legal protections, safety, and city outreach are scored along with the rights of LGBT citizens in the country, the nightlife, the dating scene, and how open LGBT people can be without fear of discrimination.

U.S. Cities in the Top Ten

Many Americans might assume that San Francisco would rank as one of the top LGBT cities in the world, but it’s actually number ten! New York City is one slot ahead of it at number nine. Madrid, Amsterdam, and Toronto, often appear in the top three, although not always in that order. Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, and Barcelona also tend to rank within the top ten. Paris, Montreal, and Manchester sometimes rank higher than San Francisco and New York as well.

Other Cities that May Rank

While NYC and San Francisco do usually rank in the top 10 or so, there are a few other cities that can be found in the top 50 cities for LGBT people. Austin, Texas, can be found in the 20 to 25 range on a number of these lists. So can Miami, Florida. Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles tend to rank lower, but they’re still known for their welcoming atmosphere. Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and Las Vegas also appear on some of these lists.

A Helpful Guide to Moving

If you’re thinking about moving within the U.S., one of these world ranking lists can help you see how certain cities rank. It’s especially useful if you’re moving back to the U.S. from one of the other cities on the list. It can also help if you’re planning a trip abroad and want to know how you might be treated if you’re with your partner. Like many of these lists, though, it is somewhat subjective. How can you really assign an objective score to a city’s nightlife or dating scene, for example? Still, these lists can be helpful in deciding where to move.

The Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. While most people understand that it’s a very welcoming city for LGBT individuals, it’s not the only place in the state where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. A gay or lesbian real estate agent in Pennsylvania can help you find a great home in a number of cities with growing LGBT communities. Here are a few of these cities.


The Best Places to Live in PennsylvaniaErie, Pennsylvania, is home to some great LGBT bars, restaurants, and other businesses. It has been ranked in the top ten LGBT cities in the country by the Advocate and as one of the top queer cities by Philly Magazine. The city is something of an oasis in a conservative part of the state. For transgender individuals, the fact that the city has passed a nondiscrimination ordinance that specifically protects these citizens is especially notable. Erie also has a newspaper aimed at the gay community.


Pittsburgh is quite a liberal city and is often included on lists of the most liberal places to live. You’ll be quite comfortable in Pittsburgh, especially if you live in areas such as Shadyside or East Liberty. You’ll find gay bars spread out across Pittsburgh, which is great if you love going out at night. If you don’t, there are a number of restaurants and stores that support the LGBT community.


Harrisburg features a number of churches that are very welcoming to LGBT individuals, something you don’t find in every city. For those who are very active in their church life, that may be a major factor. The city also is known for its LGBT protections and businesses that cater to LGBT individuals and families.

King of Prussia

This city may not be as recognizable by name as the others on the list, but King of Prussia does have a claim to fame: it’s known for its shopping. The city has the largest shopping district in the country. The King of Prussia Mall attracts people from all around the area, but the city has more than that. It’s also a welcoming place for LGBT people. If you love to shop, you’ll love it here!


Finally, there’s Lancaster. Most people know Lancaster for its large Amish population. Many assume that because of this, it’s not exactly a gay-friendly city. However, that’s not true. Lancaster is actually more liberal than you might think. The city hosts the annual Lancaster Pride Festival, has a drag queen bingo night, and more.