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Gay Real Estate Orlando | Popular House Styles

Gay real estate Orlando experts have always agreed with their clients when it comes to noting the diversity of architecture in the city. Orlando is a charming place full of pretty neighborhoods with homes that come in many styles.

One of the most prevalent of styles is the Mediterranean style home. It is also called the Spanish style home. These homes are noted for their smooth stucco exterior walls and tiled roof. Gay real estate Orlando has noted that you often see knock-offs of the genuine style in many suburbs. The iron work and terra cotta ornaments may be in place but the tiled roof will be replace by a cheaper slate one.

The prairie style home is also very popular in Orlando. This style is based on the flat, pristine designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. These homes often have low pitched roofs and plain neutral walls. Gay real estate Orlando has noted that this quite a popular but also expensive style. You can find retro versions of these boxy little houses in newer suburbs but for the most part they are found in neighborhoods that were gentrified recently.  These homes were originally built in the forties and fifties (also known as the Atomic Age.) This type of real estate is also well known for the flat lines of it’s roofs and details made of aluminum and stainless steel.

The Pueblo style of design is also quite common in the Orlando area. The style is similar to the Spanish style but the difference is that the walls are rounded and the wood beams are often exposed. This style is more Southwestern in flair than the true Mediterranean style. It is also a bit humbler in its design as well. Pueblo style homes also feature the tile roofs.

Another quaint style found in the Orlando area is the bungalow style. This is just a single story home with dormer windows and a covered front porch. The bungalow has been around since the middle of the last century and is one of the more affordable choices for a home in Orlando, unless it has actually been designated a heritage home.

Orlando also has its share of glassy high rise condos. Many of them have lake views. These building tend to be tall, elegant and feature a lot of glass panes on the exterior. Condos can be more affordable than most types of homes in Orlando, but keep in mind the added HOA fee when it comes time to evaluate a purchase.

Another type of condo that is common in this area is known as the “resort style condo.” These usually look like Spanish villas and are attached to swimming pools, a golf course, a gym and/or a clubhouse. This type of home can be found throughout Orlando as a mix of vacation and time share homes but also as simple communities and retirement communities. These areas are very pleasant to live in and affordable for most people.

No matter what your style preference, gay real estate Orlando assures buyers that they are likely to find the home and community that is perfect and affordable for your lifestyle.