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Fort Lauderdale is a huge sprawling metropolis with many different districts that can differ in terms of price or development. That is why it is very important to consult with a Fort Lauderdale gay realtor who has some knowledge of the most LGBT friendly areas in the town.  It is often called the “Venice of America” because of all of its boardwalks and waterways. It is a retirement community that is also highly reliant on tourism to keep its economy stable.

As of November 2012 the average price per square foot is $174 which is, according to Trulio market trend statistics a 59.3% drop from 2010 at this time ~ so clearly a good time to buy!

One of the least expensive areas is Lauderdale Manors that has an average listed home price of $99,893.00.  This area is known for its affordable mid-century bungalows that have big yards. This area is just southwest of the very famous gay and lesbian friendly area known as Wilton Manors. It is several miles from the sea front beach.

Another affordable area is the South River area that has an average listing price of $150,696.00.  The area also features affordable mid-century bungalows and is a couple of miles from the beach. However it is right next to the river and located near many shopping malls.

More expensive and very popular is the Victoria park area where the average listing price of a home is $489,246.00.  This area is right next to Las Olas Isles, which is the center of the yachting community in Fort Lauderdale.

Broward Estates is also another sought after area with an average listing price of $253,571.00. The average house price listing in this area has jumped 102.9% since just last year.  This area is also sometimes known as Parkway.  It is inland, consists of newer homes, and is one of the areas in Fort Lauderdale with the least cultural diversity.

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