Gay Real Estate San Diego Best Neighborhoods

San Diego is a huge sprawling city but it does have neighborhoods that gay real estate San Diego can identify as being a bit tonier and more luxurious than others. These neighborhoods tend to be in the suburbs where life is a little quieter ~ also note that these properties are also more expensive and require a commute to enjoy the city life.

Hillcrest is perhaps the most gay-friendly and also artistic community in San Diego ~ Just north of Balboa Park, Hillcrest is a mix of small bungalows with low rise apartments, and a fabulous mix of urban boutiques, restaurants and theatre. You can live here if you do not have a car because there are many bus connections in Hillcrest.

Mission Hills is a suburb just north of Hillcrest that is very wealthy. The homes are grand colonials and Greek revivals mixed with Spanish architectural treasures. These homes tend to be huge.

Gay real estate San Diego also recommends Kensington as an ideal place for busy urban professionals to buy a home. This is a peaceful neighbourhood that is closer to downtown than other neighbourhoods. There are many cinemas, bars and restaurants in the area also.

North Park is the most chaotic of the San Diego neighbourhoods but it is also one of the cheaper areas to live. It is an area characterized by smaller Craftsman style bungalows located on the northern rim of Balboa Park. It is near the interstate which makes travel downtown, to the airport and San Diego Charger’s games quite handy.

Normal Heights is another neighborhood that is characterized by a chaotic mix of apartments and family homes. Homes and apartments tend to be cheap here and it is in the process of slowly being gentrified so it might be a good area for property investors and members of our LGBT community to sink their money into.

Little Italy in San Diego is one of the coolest neighborhoods to live in. It is fully gentrified and boasts many condos, apartments and small homes. The entire district has been renovated and it boosts a small but interesting artistic community as well as many ethnic restaurants. This is a good neighborhood for the single urban professional to invest in as it can be very lively. It is also an affordable neighborhood compared to others in this town.

Golden Hills is an area southeast of Balboa Park that is full of run down old mansions, little bungalows and old-style apartment buildings. This area is going through a gentrification and is also a good area to invest in. It is known for its pockets of artists and also for its record stores, supper clubs and restaurants.

If you want to settle down in a community that truly feels like it has not changed since the sixties then try finding a place in Ocean Beach. The homes here are small and affordable although the neighborhood feels crowded. It is a good place to invest because the large numbers of people that rent here.

No matter what your life style or cultural preferences are, gay real estate San Diego is sure to find you a place to live that is both beautiful and affordable in this large city just north of the Mexican border.

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