Gay Realtors Los Angeles On Home Layouts to Avoid

When investing in property gay realtors Los Angeles advise staying away from properties that have bad layouts. Sometimes a bad layout in a home is obvious ~ the bedroom is where the front hall should be and the kitchen is in the basement. If something seems upside down about the house then it is usually due to a bad layout or what we call functional obsolescence.

The problem is that it can be hard to sell a home with a terrible layout. You can buy a home and try to correct but gay realtors Los Angeles would like to advise you that this can be very expensive. This is because it often means pulling out walls and making big changes to the very structure of the house.

If you’re buying the home for as an income property, renters tend to stay away from homes that open onto long dark narrow hallways with rooms off to each side. This causes the home to feel dark, archaic and uninviting. Many rooming houses are laid out this way with rooms for rent on either side. Renters love loft style and open concept style rooms which is something to keep in mind when you are renovating one of these places with an awkward layout.

Gay realtors Los Angeles would also like to note that not all bad layouts are that obvious. One annoying bad layout is having the inside stairway facing the entrance, you open the door and there is a stairway right there. In better laid out homes the stairway is positioned to the side of the door and curved.

Another layout hat can be awkward is the one where the dining room is located in the center of the house, there is no real hallway. You must walk through the living room into the dining room to get to the kitchen. These types of homes have floor plans that are difficult for a property investor to turn into apartments, unless they are completely renovated to become an “open concept.”

Yet another not-so-common layout that is found in cheaper homes is the one where the bedrooms are located of the dining room or kitchen ~ this kind of layout is depressing and just simply does not make sense.

Another bad layout features bedrooms that adjoin. Often you walk upstairs and there are two bedrooms that lead into each other with no hallway. This does not allow for much privacy.

 A problem we see quite often is a bathroom that is too small to accommodate the fixtures. Beware of buying a house with a toilet that is wedged up against a sink or shower, it is often impossible to sit on these toilets.  Yet another bad bathroom location, when you only have one, is in the basement.  For some reason some homes from the seventies and eighties seem to have a bathroom located inconveniently in the basement and separated from the rest of the house.

The one situation where gay realtors Los Angeles advise buying a home with a less than perfect layout is if you are going to gut the inside and renovate it anyway. In this case, the home might actually be a bargain as for the most part sellers are aware when they have a bad layout.

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