Concord CA - Gay Lifestyle for Wine and History Lovers

Concord, California is a very convenient place to live if you want to be right at the junction of where all the action is in northern California. This city of just 122,067 is located just 29 miles northeast of San Francisco and 22 miles northeast of Oakland and just 65 miles southwest of Sacramento. It is the ideal commuter’s town with an old-fashioned center square called Todos Santos Plaza that boasts a charming historic central city square with a farmer’s market, free concerts and many small boutiques and restaurants.  The city’s original name was Todos Santos Plaza but was changed to Concord after the concord grapes grown in the many vineyards that surround the town.  There are also wheat fields and walnut orchards.

There are many different types of properties to consider when buying in Concord. The downtown is gentrified and redeveloped with many new glassy condominiums integrated into the older architecture overlooking the Todos Santos Plaza and nearby urban parks. However the north and the east of the downtown are many mid-century style homes as well as older ones built before World War II.  Seventies and eighties style home are found mostly in in the southern parts of the town.

Concord is also the home of the annual Concord Jazz Festival and Concord Jazz record label as well as the Port Chicago Naval magazine National Memorial. There is an old-fashioned Drive-In Theater called the West Wind Solano, a Six Flags Waterworld and skate park in the vicinity.  However, the one thing that Concord is really known for are all of the nearby wineries including the Sterling Albert, Viano, Climbing Monkeys, Wine Chest and Shadowbrook wineries.  Most of these wineries have tasting events and restaurants and there are all kinds of wine tours by bus offered in the area.
As Concord is in an agricultural and wine growing area of California, many of the local restaurants are quite good. There is a lot of diversity in cuisine as many of the Mexican and Asian descendants of workers in the fields have opened restaurants here.

There are not many gay bars at all near Concord, however there is a popular one just south of the city in Walnut Creek called Club 1220. The nightlife and extensive LGBT communities in Oakland, San Francisco and Sacramento are also less than an hour away.

This pastoral and sophisticated part of California is a desirable place to live and quite expensive so it is best to consult with a Concord gay realtor to find the property that is right for you.  The average price per square foot for a place in Concord was $264 this fall, which is a sharp increase of 37.5% compared to the same period of time last year.  The average listing price for a home for sale was $418,316 for the week ending November 13, 2013.  However, as of that same week there was also 375 homes in the foreclosure process, so there are short-sales available to buyers in Concord.

For more information about the city in general the average listing price go to the Concord Chamber of Commerce website at www.