About Nicholas

Nick was immersed in the real estate business from a very early age. He is a third generation real estate professional in a family that has successfully owned and operated a full service brokerage firm for the past 57 years in the ski resort region of Sugarbush, Vermont. From an early age, he observed first-hand the interactions of his grandparents and his parents in helping countless individuals, families, and business clients trade a wide range of property in the Vermont countryside. While living in Vermont, Nick spent many hours after school in his fathers mortgage brokerage business absorbing all the information he could so he could go into school the next day and impress his teachers and friends with his knowledge of both the mortgage lending and real estate brokerage industries. Nicks family is now living in Massachusetts so its no surprise to anyone who knows Nick well that within three weeks of his 18th birthday, he took an exam and received his license as a Massachusetts real estate salesperson.

Nicks grandmother continues to run the family brokerage business; his grandfather, now retired, enjoyed a successful career in both working in the family brokerage business with his wife as well as developing his own business as a registered land surveyor and real estate developer. Nicks mother is currently a proud member of the team.

Nick has a mind for business and sales. He has learned a lot about sales and sales techniques from his parents and grandparents. He has watched and learned as his family purchased several investment properties, and understands full well the challenges and stress that comes to sellers and buyers in trading real property. Being a member of the Millennial generation, he has grown up surrounded by computer and internet technology and has developed an impressive proficiency in many aspects of technology based communication.

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