About Elisa

I am a wife, a mother, an LGBTQ+ professional, and I serve the Baltimore Area with Pride. I understand what the fears an LGBTQ family has when the first thought of homeownership arises. Although we still face these realities in our society, we have LGBTQ+ and Ally professionals to support our journey and to fight for us when we are faced with these bias in real estate. I am one of those professionals.

We help aspiring homeowners from start to finish, connecting you with lenders that are a part of, or allies to, the LGBTQ community. Letting you be you, every step of the way. Don't sensor yourself or code switch for us, be you, we've got you!

LGBTQ Fam finding themselves relocating to more LGBTQ friendly states, we offer video tours for you, through facetime or watch later links. Moving is stressful enough, moving to a new state can feel overwhelming, emotions can run high, an experienced real estate professional will help guide you through it, and be your constant contact for questions throughout. Not to mention your local guide in a new state! We use the newest technologies and software to give you concierge service before and after arriving in Charm City.

Choose Lucky for your Real Estate needs, and get more from your realtor.


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- Social Media & Membership Director for the LGBTQ+ Professional Group
- Real Estate Brokers of Baltimore (NAREB)
- Member of the Baltimore LGBTQ community.
- Small business owner
- Mentor
- Series 6 licensed (MD)
- Life Licensed (MD)

  • Buyer Agent, including relocations (MD)
  • Listing Agent (MD)
  • RE Investor Agent services (MD)

Went above and beyond to help me find a new place with my low credit score. Thank you, you are awesome!

- Jerry North