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J.R. is a Miami-based Florida Real Estate Broker and Realtor, and owner of his own independent brokerage with over 10 years experience.

Miami-Dade and Broward are his bread and butter, but Ive sold as far north as Volusia, as far west as Lee and Collier counties, and as far south as the Keys. I work the state, Im not franchised into a region, he smiles confidently. Thats the advantage of having his own brokerage. His most recent buyers closed in Port Saint Lucie, and his latest listing endeavor is a Multi-Family property in the heart of Miamis Historic Little Havana.

Im not a farmer, he says of the real estate tradition of focusing on a specific area, Im a conqueror.

Raised in Miami since age 2and studies at Boston University aside, South Florida has always been home. Im not the exception to the rule. Nobodys born here, he continues with precision and humor, Everyone came here fleeing the cold, prohibition, oppression, communism, state taxes, the law, the past something. Thats South Floridian history, its the South Florida way.

Im a city boy, and not a farmer in any capacity. smiles the Miamian, circling back.

J.R. grew up in the Brickell financial district, across the river from Downtown. My elementary school is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest in the county, he says of Southside Preparatory, located blocks from the Miami Circle archeological site. and the property next door was discovered to be the original Miami High Schoolhouse, in recent history. It has since been moved for preservation to Southside Park.

A perfect fit for a Realtor and Principal Broker, he has an enthusiastic love of South Floridian history and architecture. I was surrounded by it. Ive seen the city grow my entire life. I would visit my mothers office in the McCrorys building, thinking how beautiful and intricate the white tin ceilings were on the second floor, later finding find out that it had been a hotel in the early 1900s. His mother would later work at the old courthouse, and I remember how striking and ornate the painted ceilings were. I suppose Im always looking up.

J.R. studied Miami Beach Art Deco in his youth, it was part of a summer program to keep hyperactive gifted kids out of trouble. I loved all the playful detail; light and bright colors, porthole windows, the creativity and movement hooked me into appreciating architecture.

The Brickelllite attended the DASH School in the Miamis Design District, My concentration was Architecture, and I also took art history and design coursework. Afterward, I lived in Boston, where I fell in love with property conversions. Living in a brick loft conversion, or a church or schoolhouse conversion is my ultimate dream.

J.R. has worked in South Florida real estate for over 10 years. Its incredible how quickly time flies. I branched out on my own as an independent real estate broker almost 4 years ago. Its been the best venture and adventure. Being in Real Estate is a big part of my identity. My professional and personal life are often one in the same.

His favorite transactions include a historically designated 1920s Old Florida home on Everglades City island, a Miami Shores home with Art Nouveau detailing, an industrial condo in new Edgewater construction, and my latest obsession, my current Multi-Family listing in Little Havana. Its exciting to be part of something big, like were seeing in that area.

J.R. the Realtor is full of colorful stories, Ive gone to a last minute million-dollar walk-through in swim trunks. I signed a $700k historic home in shorts and sandals. Im very Floridian, very tropical that way, he says, You can have a tremendous work ethic, be brilliant at what you do, and do it in shorts. I knew that even before the pandemic.


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