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Gay Reator thoughts on "Move Myself or Hire a Mover?"

When it comes to the question of hiring movers or doing it yourself, the answer is largely dependent on time, money, muscle and distance. Clearly, moving across town isn’t the same as moving across the country. A long distance move will require extensive forethought. Likewise, a move within New York City could quickly devolve into a nightmare if you try to do it yourself—crowded streets and cramped staircases make for a lot of beat-up knees and potentially broken backs. .

Which do you have more to spend—time or money?.

Unless you are moving out of an eight bedroom Tudor, a handful of friends, a lot of boxes, tape and hard work is all that is required to move anyone out. If you are taking this approach, presumably you are renting a truck. You should consult with your rental truck service about the capacity and limitations of different truck sizes. Many well established rental truck companies have online tools that will calculate truck size based on the dimensions of your home—square footage or how many beds and baths..

You should budget for fuel. This is especially true if you are making a long distance move, as gas is expensive. Organizations like the American Automotive Association (AAA) have helpful online fuel-cost calculators that you can program with different distances and will take into account gas prices in different companies. .

Once you have drawn up a do-it-yourself moving budget that includes rental cost, gas and other miscellaneous fees that you may incur (friends need to eat), you should call several moving companies for a quote. If money is the determining factor, then inquiring will give you your answer. .

Money isn’t an issue—my time is more important.

Moving companies can make moving a snap. Aside from the cost of manpower, your mover, one way or another, will likely assess your gas and other rental fees. .

Your best bet to guarantee the best experience with a moving company is to hire an outfit recommended by friends or certified by groups like or the Better Business Bureau..

And take the time to check customer feedback, get copies of the movers insurance and guarantees, etc. This is important in big cities where there are major moving days like October 1st. Movers have been known to overbook and back out at the last minute. .

A good moving company will move with the speed and agility of a small army. If you can get a good quote—or you are so lucky as to find a moving company that is cheaper than the cost associated with a DYI move—jump on it. Moving can be extremely stressful, and a moving company is a great way to get your things organized and out in a timely fashion. .

It should be noted that movers often work for tips as well as a salary. You should calculate a fairly sizable tip, 15-20%, on top of your moving quote. .

Deciding whether to hire a moving company or do it yourself is determined by your individual needs. If time is a total issue—say you are a starting a new job in a new city—you don’t want to overburden yourself. At the same time, money and necessity may dictate that you do it yourself. .

The professional Real Estate Agents at in the city you are moving to or from are always a great source for mover referrals ~ they and their clients deal with movers on a weekly basis, don’t be afraid to ask your agent for a referral to a mover, home inspector, mortgage professional and the like..