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Houston, Texas is a center for arts, culture, medical research and technology. It is the home of the Space Program and is known for it’s equestrian community and many wonderful golf courses.  Like many big cities in the United States, Houston has many neighborhoods with the more friendly LGBT neighborhoods being closer to the downtown. 

One of the most LGBT friendly areas in Houston is the area of Montrose. This is a mainly residential neighborhood that boasts beautifully renovated mansions, mid-century bungalows with big porches and cute little cottages.  The trees in the area are mature and there are many laws restricting the flow of traffic so that it is especially friendly to pedestrians, children and pets.

The Montrose area originally started out as a suburb that could be reached only by streetcar and then during the sixties and seventies became a center for hippie communes, head shops and artist studios. The area is still bohemian, but not as extreme and known for its numerous gay bars including the Bayou Landing which is the largest gay dance bar in the United States. Since the nineties the area has been renovated extensively but it is still home to many thrift, vintage and second had stores as well as a range of fine and ethnic restaurants.  The area has many attractions including The Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Arts Museum.

The downtown area of Houston in the Theater District is also very gay friendly. This district has the Alley Theatre, Jones Hall, and the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, and several other venues.  There are also two Chinatowns in the downtown and an area known as the Main Street Corridor, which is now where a lot of gay and lesbian nightlife happens.

The Southwest area of Houston is also starting to develop a visibly integrated gay and lesbian population.  Southwest Houston includes the areas of Alief, Meyerland, Sahrpstown and Westbury. The homes here tend to be mid-century, bungalow or cottage-like in style.  All of these areas are also extremely ethnically diverse. 

One of the most rapidly developing gay communities in the Southwest area is the Mahatma Gandhi District that is also casually known as “Little India”.  This area has cheaper housing prices and many Pakistani and Indian restaurants.

In West Central Houston there is an area known as Neartown, which is near Montrose. This is a very hip new area that is known for it’s vintage stores and street art.  It is also becoming a hot spot for gay and lesbian life.  This trendy neighborhood is also located near the Menil Collection and the University of Saint Thomas.

If you want to live in a condominium then plan on moving to the business district in the Midtown area. The Midtown area has many sky-high state of the art contemporary dwellings.

As Houston is such a large metropolis and the character and pricing in neighborhoods can vary greatly from area to area it is a good idea to get wise advice from a Houston gay realtor who has resided there for some time ~ choose your perfect agent at or call Toll Free 1.888.420.MOVE (6683).

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