Gay Real Estate Houston on Selling the No Frills Home

In the world of gay real estate Houston a new trend has been noted. It seems that sometimes a home that is very plain and has no frills is selling faster then those that have been tricked out with pools, hot tubs, saunas, two kitchens and the like. 

It is not true of every neighborhood in the city but houses that are simpler, plainer and less adorned seem to be selling faster. The reason seems to be that buyers, especially younger ones, do not want to waste a lot of money caring for things like large patios, lush landscaping or gushing fountains in the front driveway.

In this day and age complexity can mean expense. This is probably why some people are avoiding buying a home with too much to take care of. People are more interested in living a balanced life with travel and entertainment outside the home, and making less money so they have less disposable income for taking care of an elaborate home.

Gay real estate Houston has noted that also many young couples just want a home that could be a stepping stone to the next one they may buy, if a growing family demands it. They just want a home that is going to be easy to maintain and easy to pay off!  

Fix and flippers who are buying with an eye to making money as property investors and house rehabbers may not be as attracted to a house that has layers of paint, a life-style element that is hard to get rid of (such as the whole thing done up like the set of Mad Men) or a lot of fixtures. The more dressed up the house is the more expensive it is going to be for the buyer to renovate it.

The no frills house does not have to be drab and have no perks. Adding lifestyle comforts like window coverings, a jetted tub or a new washer and dryer can help sell a house that has less personality.  Focus on appliances and practical upgrades but keep the walls as neutral as possible.

This means going a bit against the advice you may have heard before about staging a home. You may want to paint everything a neutral color. This makes it easier for the people buying your house to bring in their unique personality, or keep it relatively calm ~ the lifestyle they desire.

Sometimes a no-frills house can be easier to sell simply because it is easier for buyers to imagine making it their very own. 

Houses that appear to be “too lived in” or that somehow reflect too much of the previous owner’s personality, sometimes just do not sell well or fast.  Couple this with a trend towards minimalism and Gay real estate Houston says you will see why that no-frills home can sell quicker.

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