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Dallas, Texas in on the gay realtors Dallas list of top cities to live in. 

One of the wealthiest communities in Dallas is also very well known as a gay-friendly community.  This is the neighborhood of Oak Lawn that began as an “activist” and counter-culture community in the sixties and became huge gay hub by the 1980s.  The main intersection of the Dallas Oakland area is the intersection of Throckmorton Street and Cedar Springs Road.  This area is located just north of the downtown area of Dallas and has everything to suit the LGBT community including art galleries, bars, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, gyms, theaters, boutiques and vintage clothing shops.

There is housing at a price that is affordable for everyone in Oaklawn. Gay realtors Dallas recommends investigating the southern part of the neighborhood, which at one point was known as “Little Mexico.”  This area contains luxury condos and glamorous high-rises.   There is still the occasional Mexican restaurant; this is one of the top gay neighborhoods in Dallas.

The Turtle Creek area of Dallas is also a very well known gay-friendly uptown neighborhood. This area is sometimes known as “the place to be” if you are LGBT in Dallas. There is a thriving night scene, great shopping and a supportive neighborhood full of townhomes, homes, apartments, condos and lofts.  If you are looking for an exciting life-style that is at the same time affordable then this is a great place to live.

Oakcliff is a newer gay-friendly enclave in Dallas that is on the edge of Stephens and Kessler Park. This is the up and coming neighborhood that has only been gentrifying for about a decade. It is estimated that fifty percent of the buildings in Oakcliff are gay-owned.  The street known as Bishop Arts in the area is the main gay strip.  Oakcliff is a wonderful place to live because it is in the hills and only five minutes away from the downtown. It is also a fun and quirky place to live with many interesting cafes and boutiques.  This is a great area of Dallas to live in if you have pets or want to embrace the outdoors frequently.

If you want to live in a more established area of Dallas with heritage architecture and a community of mature professionals then gay realtors Dallas might consider moving to Loryland. Loryland in Dallas is so populated with LGBT residents it is called “the gayborhood of Dallas.”  This community started blossoming about fifteen years ago. The homes here are quite large with many older trees on wide streets with very large lots. This particular gay-friendly area of Dallas is also close to airports and the higher end shopping malls that Dallas is known for.

Don’t forget to check out Oakland as a neighborhood, it has been a strong LGBT friendly neighborhood for over 35 years.

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