Austin Gay City Guide: Making Music for the LGBTQ Community

If you’re looking for a progressive and inclusive city in the South, Austin is calling your name. The metropolis has an eclectic mix of artists, high-tech workers, college students, blue-collar, and a vibrant LGBTQ community.

A Brief History of Austin

Humans have resided in the area of Austin since 9200 B.C., with the earliest known inhabitants living in the ice age. During the early 1800s, pioneers began to settle along the Colorado River. The region went through conflict after conflict for over a hundred years.

After the mid-20th century, the city became one of Texas’ major metropolitan centers. In the 70s, Austin came on the music scene birthing legends and iconic venues alike. Today, it’s an incredibly diverse metropolis where you can sing your heart out and feel at peace.

Austin’s official slogan is the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

Stats on Austin

  • It’s one of the sunniest cities in America.
  • Austin has the only nude beach in Texas.
  • The city doesn’t have a professional sports team.
  • Austin has a museum dedicated to junk.
  • 20 million people visit Austin every year.

Here are some more fun facts about Austin.

The Austin Community

The Austin Outpost

The Austin Outpost looks at how they can help every member of the community live their best life. They are currently in the process of surveying and fundraising to build an LGBTQ community center that will meet the needs of every resident. Stay tuned! The project began in 2018.

Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1997, the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce is Central Texas’ home for LGBTQ and allied businesses and organizations. They work diligently to create a vibrant and prosperous economy strengthened by the participation of the diverse community.

Austin has Awesome Weather

The weather in Austin is incredibly unique. It is located in the middle of a transitional zone between the dry desert of the Southwest and the lush, green, and humid Southeast. This makes for interesting weather.

Austin has very long and hot summers and short and mild winters. It averages 34 inches of rainfall a year, with spring and fall being the wettest seasons.

LGBTQ Events in the City

What’s different about events in Austin is that it always infuses music into everything. This brings everyone together.

South by Southwest

An annual mix of music, film, and interactive media, there is no event like it on the planet. The festival lasts an entire week and is something everyone should attend at least once in life.

South by Southwest (SXSW) Rendezvous at TLC

This is a meet up for the LGBTQ community that’s held at the SXSW festival. It’s a fun-filled social hour of matchmaking, drinks, and great music.

Austin Gay Neighborhoods

Although all of the city is gay-friendly, there are some specific enclaves that attract the LGBTQ community. Here are just a few to take a peek at:

East Austin

This neighborhood is close to downtown and has been recently revitalized for the gay community. The area is home to a diverse collection of bars, boutiques, and restaurants. It is growing in popularity.

The median price for a home in the East Austin neighborhood is $425,000 and the average cost is $315 per square foot. Homes spend an average of 25 days on the market here and there are typically about 100 homes sold each month.

The area has mostly homes and condos, but it should be noted, since the neighborhood is growing in popularity, prices are going up.


The Clarksville neighborhood is located near 6th street, which is Austin’s hip and lively entertainment district. Although you’re right in the middle of a large city, the area still has a small-town feel.

The median price for a home in the Clarksville neighborhood is $392,000 and the average cost is $218 per square foot. Homes spend about 30 days on the market here.

In Clarksville, you’ll find unique shops, cool cafes, and popular restaurants. The shopping is also fabulous.

Downtown Austin

Just like any city, this is where you find the hustle and bustle. However, Austin has a very laid back and cool vibe. You won’t feel rushed like New York City. It is currently in a state of expansion with many new and exciting projects on the horizon.

The median price for a home in Downtown Austin is $520,000 and the average cost is $520 per square foot. Homes spend about 70 days on the market here and there are around 15 homes sold per month.

Keep in mind. There is a lot of new downtown housing but it’s selling fast. The longer you wait, the more the prices will go up.

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Parks and Recreation

Lady Bird Lake

A peaceful and serene river-like reservoir for paddling and walking. It’s a major recreation area for Austin residents where people bring all sorts of boats to lazily paddle in the springs. The park also features hiking and biking trails throughout.

Barton Springs Municipal Pool

This unique installation is like nothing else. It’s a 3-acre swimming pool filled entirely with natural spring water. Located on the grounds of Zilker Park, the pool is a popular venue that maintains an average temperature between 68-74 degrees year-round.

Arts and Entertainment

There is too much art to pinpoint just one thing in Austin. There are hundreds of galleries within city limits. Art Austin is a great resource that can guide any new resident to find every piece of art in the city. It even lists art-related events.

The Nightlife


Austin’s upscale gay bar draws a mixed and friendly crowd for dancing and weekly themes like bingo.

The Iron Bear

An LGBTQ hangout offering a DJ, pool, karaoke, and a delectable happy hour.

Austin is a wonderland for any lover of the arts. The music scene alone is unlike anything on the planet. The vibe of the city ebbs and flows in a cool and casual way that sets it apart from the rest of Texas. Any member of the LGBTQ community can find serenity with this jewel of the Wild West.